How to draw a eye

How to draw a eye


How to draw a eye

I am glad my name is not Helga. My name is May. I have always loved drawing, so creating eyes always feels pretty natural. Not sure where that is from either, but I'm glad it is something I enjoy.Okay, to start, draw the basic almond-shaped outline of the eye. Try to make the inner corner (next to the nose) lower than the outer corner. P.S, I'm very sorry the pictures hard to see, my scanner made Draw the crease of the upper eyelid, and the bottom one too. I'm not sure if its called the lower eyelid, but its the line under the eye.


We'll begin the drawing by lightly and loosely drawing the contour lines of the upper portion and lower portion of the shape of the eye, leaving open the location of the tear duct. We'll start with the "H" pencil with very little pressure. Within this shape, we'll draw the shape of the iris, pupil, and a shape for the strong highlight that overlaps the pupil slightly.Next, we'll begin the slow process of layering values, starting with the darkest values within the pupil. Care is taken to preserve the highlight as darker tones are developed. This highlight will create the illusion that the eye is wet, so it's very important to preserve this area. It's much harder to go back and erase out a highlight when working with graphite.

After darkening the values of the pupil and iris a bit further with the darkest graphite pencil, our attention now turns to the other areas within the eye. A gentle application of the "H" pencil is applied to the "white" of the eye on the right side. Remember, the eyeball is a sphere. This means that the values will be slightly darker on each edge of the eyeball. In this example, we see that the shadow is rather strong on the right side, since the light source is originating from the left.The contrast within the areas of skin texture is enhanced by progressively making the shapes a bit darker with applications made with the softer graphite pencils. With a slightly greater range of value, the texture of the skin becomes more realistic. As this happens, areas around the eye are also darkened, resulting in more contrast between the eye and the skin around it. (Source:thevirtualinstructor.com)



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