How to Do a Resume on a Mac OOR

How to Do a Resume on a Mac OOR

How to Do a Resume on a Mac


You can find here several resume templates for various jobs like education, social media, marketing, etc. Its templates are easily customizable and professional-looking; therefore, even a beginner-level candidate can create a resume for them. If you already have a professional image, clarify the vacancy you are applying for, and know what you will add to your resume. Then you can make your professionally designed resume in your mac system within 15 minutes. So, if you want to make your resume by taking an idea from premade resume templates, then you can consider Canva as well.


If you're using Pages, follow a very similar process to create your resume. Launch the application, choose from the resume templates listed along the left hand side of the page, and click "Choose." If you want another template, try the iWork Community website, which offers several additional templates for download. Pages will automatically put your name into the "Name" field, as well as the phone number, if you have one saved to your user account. Double-click on a section to highlight it, and then start typing your personal details to delete the generic information. Highlight sections to drag and move them, or even delete them altogether. When you are done, click "File," and "Save As." Pages will save the document as a PAGES document, unless you specify otherwise, and it will allow you to save a copy as a Word document by clicking the check box in the "Save As" window. To save the document as plain text, click "File," and then "Export," and then choose "Plain Text."

If you have extensive experience doing the work that the new position includes, use the more traditional, chronological resume format. That type of resume lists your most recent jobs near the top of the page in reverse chronological order. If you're applying for a job that you haven't done before – but for which you still have the skills to qualify – use a skills-based or "functional" resume, which highlights your best skills or accomplishments near the top of the page. You'll know what skills are best to list for an individual job by closely reading the job posting, and then pulling out the required or desired skills the employer wants that apply to you. In either case, make some notes about your most recent jobs, the duties you performed, and the skills required for the job. (Source: careertrend.com)


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