How to Describe Sorority on Resume OOR

How to Describe Sorority on Resume OOR

How to Describe Sorority on Resume


5. Objectives/Descriptors – You may notice that some people include a few “objectives” on their resumé. A chapter brother who offers resumé consultations advises to keep them general or don’t include them in a resumé. Objectives can help potential employers understand the career path you have in mind. In place of “objectives,” you might include some descriptors. Use adjectives, numbers, and experiences to describe your work ethic, talent, or interests. (ex: “Well-spoken and experienced sales professional with a passion for creating mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and their clients.”)


Though not many will understand the nuances of formal recruitment or the rules we follow, the conversations sorority women have and the ability to find quality candidates and showcase why people should join the sorority community, are priceless skills. Sorority women gain so many skills through the recruitment process. These skills to talk to anyone and engage in purposeful dialogue are needed in this day and age. Wikipedia defines recruitment as “the overall process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting and interviewing, suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organization.” Though you may not have thought you were doing this, you unknowingly did all of those things for your sorority and could continue to do that as an employee of a company. Knowing you have these personable skills will be very helpful for future employers to know you have.

Now that you have come up with strong bullet points that are applicable to your desired job, you just need to find the right place to add these bullet points. If your resume has a Leadership section and you held a position of some sort, include your experience there to emphasize that you were a leader. Otherwise, you can list your membership responsibilities under an Activities section. Don’t stress too much about where to include Greek life on your resume, as the headings don’t matter as much as the duties you had and skills you gained. (Source: kappadelta.org)


Whether you are applying for an internship or simply updating your resume, you can and should use Greek life to stand out. Employers will be impressed with your involvement if you show them that being a member required time-management, communication, leadership, etc. Furthermore, if you are thinking about running for a position in your Greek organization or even just going through the recruitment process, you can rest assured that being a leader in your sorority is a legitimate experience that will make you ready to enter the work force. I have learned so much as a leader of Kappa Delta, and I encourage you to challenge yourself by taking on a bigger role!

You do not have to be an officer in your chapter to include Greek life on your resume. Whether you were Chapter President or an active member, you have undoubtedly gained valuable skills from your Greek involvement in leadership, communication, service, time-management, etc. I personally started by listing all my duties as Chapter President and then back-tracked to when I was VP-operations and an active member at large. Reflecting on my different roles and recording all of my responsibilities gave me a long list that I could tailor to different jobs and employers. For positions that clearly required public speaking, I could talk about leading chapter meetings of 260 women as Chapter President. For other positions that required organizational or technical skills, I could talk about maintaining the database of member information as VP-operations. (Source: kappadelta.org)


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