How to Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance

How to Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance


If you own a Walmart gift card, it's essential to know its balance in order to maximize the value of your purchases.

There are three ways to check your gift card balance: online, in-store and by phone.

If you have an older Walmart gift card that does not contain a PIN code, you can obtain a new one with one at any Walmart store location.

How to check your Walmart gift card balance

Gift cards are an ideal way to express your affection for someone special, and Walmart has plenty of choices available. Choose from various denominations or customize your card with a message or photo for added personalization.

Walmart gift cards are a convenient way to purchase items at the store, saving both time and money in the long run. However, it's essential that you know the balance of your card before making any purchases.

Checking your Walmart gift card balance is easy - either online, by phone or in-store using a card reader. All you need to do is enter the card number and PIN (promotion code) to view the balance of your card.

If your Walmart gift card is an older model without a PIN number, you can still check its balance in-store by presenting it to a cashier. Alternatively, self-checkout kiosks located at most Walmart stores allow for this task as well.

Your Walmart gift card contains a 16-digit card number printed on the front and a four-digit PIN code located on the back. This PIN allows you to access your balance and verify that you are indeed the cardholder.

In addition to checking your Walmart gift card balance, you can use it for purchases at Walmart's website or any of their 11,650+ stores. Furthermore, Sam's Club accepts Walmart gift cards with a 10% service fee as well.

Once you have your card number, PIN and security code, checking your gift card balance on Walmart website is a snap. If you purchased an eGift card, the pin and card number will be included in the email confirmation you received.

Shopping online or in-store, knowing your gift card balance can help you avoid overspending and detect charges related issues. It's also wise to always have your Walmart gift card handy when making a purchase so as not to cause any embarrassment at checkout.


Walmart gift cards make purchasing easier by enabling you to check their balance online or over the phone. Reloading your card with additional funds if necessary helps ensure there's always enough money available on your card for purchases.

Walmart gift cards are an ideal way to show someone you care. They can be used for everything from clothes and accessories, to electronics and home appliances.

To check your Walmart gift card balance, visit the official website and enter your 16-digit card number along with 4-digit PIN code. Some older Walmart gift cards may have different PINs than others, so be sure to know which one applies before using it.

Walmart website will show the current balance on your gift card, along with a link to contact customer service for further inquiries. Alternatively, you can visit one of their physical locations to check your balance in person.

Walmart stores often feature kiosks where you can check the balance of your gift card, and some even provide mobile app-based check-in options. Usually located near customer service areas, these machines can also be found elsewhere throughout the store.

Walmart gift cards can be purchased at a discounted rate through sites like MyGiftCardsPlus, where you can buy in bulk and save up to 5% off their value.

Walmart gift cards can be used to pay for goods and services at any of their 11,650+ stores, as well as online. You can purchase a card for any amount between $5 and $500.

Gift cards usually feature a security measure that requires you to use a PIN number in order to verify your identity and access their balance. This helps safeguard against unauthorized use of your card. The PIN acts as a unique code that only you can access, helping keep it secure for years to come.

To protect your Walmart gift card, create an account on their website. After verifying your identity, you can log in and view your card's balance at any time. Plus, you can set up automatic email notifications to notify you when certain thresholds are reached with respect to balances on specific cards.


Checking your Walmart gift card balance is easy with many methods, both online and in-store. Doing so helps guarantee that there is enough money on the card before making a purchase.

You can check your Walmart gift card balance in-store by visiting the Customer Service desk in any Walmart store and providing them with your card details. After scanning the barcode on your card, they will tell you how much money is left on it.

To check your gift card balance in-store, you will need the 16-digit number and PIN. These can be found on either the back of the physical card or via email attachment with an e-gift card.

If you don't have your card, you can always call customer service and ask them to check it for you. They will be able to tell how much is left on your card and provide instructions on how to use it properly.

Walmart gift cards are great because they never expire and can be used to pay for purchases at any Walmart or Sam's Club location. Plus, you can use them at gas stations and even buy items with them on the Walmart app!

Walmart gift cards make saving money a breeze. They come in an assortment of denominations and can be used for almost any purchase - from clothes to household items - making them the ideal solution for those seeking to stretch their dollars. Walmart gift cards make excellent choices for anyone looking to stretch their dollars further.

Though many prefer to use their cards for online purchases, you can also pay with them in stores. Just be sure to keep them secure!

Be aware of the restrictions when using Walmart gift cards before you use them. For instance, if you use the card to pay for something that costs more than its value, the difference must be settled with another form of payment.

Additionally, gift cards cannot be reloaded. This is because Walmart wants to record their earnings as accurately as possible and does not permit customers to reload their cards again.


Walmart gift cards can be used to pay for purchases or reload it with additional funds, so knowing your balance can help avoid unexpected fees and charges. There are several ways to check your card balance, including online and by phone.

To check your Walmart gift card balance, dial the toll-free number located on the back. A customer support representative will verify your card number and PIN code to provide an updated balance.

You may also visit the store where you purchased the gift card to see if they have a kiosk or employee who can verify your balance for you. This process may take longer, but is free.

Once you've identified a location that can verify your balance, use your Walmart gift card to pay for purchases at that establishment. The Walmart Gift Card is accepted at over 11,650 locations nationwide.

Walmart gift cards come in two varieties. The first type is a plastic card that can be reloaded and used both online and in store, while the other type is digital - accessible through the Walmart app on smartphones to pay for purchases.

Walmart gift cards usually feature a 16-digit card number and 4-digit PIN code on the back, which can be entered online or by calling the toll-free number found on your card's back. These numbers must be entered at either retailer's website or by calling this toll-free number for assistance.

The PIN is a security measure designed to keep others from accessing your balance. If your Walmart gift card has been lost or stolen, contact the merchant right away and request a replacement card by providing its number and original purchase receipt at any Walmart store.

You can contact Walmart gift card customer service to reset your PIN if you're uncertain what it is or wish to add more money onto the card.

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