How to Build a Acting Resume With No Experience OOR

How to Build a Acting Resume With No Experience OOR

How to Build a Acting Resume With No Experience


Create separate resumes for each type of work you do: Eventually as you build up your credits, you can make separate resumes for separate types of work. Most actors know they can have a Film/TV Resume, a Theater Resume, and a Voiceover Resume, but an "outside the industry" way of thinking is this: create separate resumes for your different "types." If you are submitting for a cop role, create a resume specifically focused on all the cop and detective roles you've played. This will show casting directors you're super experienced in playing that kind of character!


Your skills section is the last part on your resume. You can afford to be a little creative here, but keep it professional— a casting director will briefly scan this to see if you have a relevant skill-set, but this section doesn’t weigh heavily in decisions. List skills like dialects, musical talents, dancing ability, or anything else you think might be relevant. Don’t list too much or you may appear unserious, desperate to distinguish yourself. Focus on analogous skills. Here’s an example:

It’s hard to overstate the importance of your acting headshot. The entertainment field is a visual field and your headshot might instantly open or close doors. Search thoroughly for a professional photographer who specializes in taking headshots for actors. This is not the appropriate situation for a selfie or a friend’s shot with his phone. Of course, it’s possible to make your own headshots, but imagine your headshot with a stack of others and how quickly it will be eliminated if it looks amateur. You want to be confident that yours looks professional. (Source:www.resumehelp.com))


A unique way to stand out from other actors (and use up some dreaded "white space") is to include noteworthy reviews or quotes from people you've worked with in the industry. You can list 2-3 simple one-sentence reviews at the very bottom of your resume (center-aligned), such as "John Doe was one of the most consistently on-time and professional actors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. – Jane Smith (Director, Bluefin Dolphins)"

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