How to Ask Someone to Pass Along Your Resume OOR

How to Ask Someone to Pass Along Your Resume OOR

How to Ask Someone to Pass Along Your Resume


If you have a good friend (or even an acquaintance) who you only speak with only every now and then, but he or she knows the hiring manager personally or can put you in touch with someone who does, then you may want to consider nurturing the relationship so that they can eventually make a connection for you. If you don’t contact this person often, you ask? Schaffer says not to let this deter you. “Even if it’s a ‘weak’ relationship, that should be no excuse not to contact them,” he explains. Schaffer says that it’s perfectly okay to ask for help from someone who doesn’t really know you at all — as long as it’s done in a respectful way.


Once you've identified a connection that might help you secure a job by forwarding your resume to someone, you can craft your request letter to send via mail or email. Beginning your message appropriately can make your letter sound professional and polite, so consider including any relevant or appropriate details, such as how you know the connection and something that may remind them of who you are or why you're contacting them. For instance, if they previously mentioned they have business relations with a company you're interested in working for, you may mention that you remembered this detail.

In the conclusion of your request letter, you can mention any last details that may be important for the connection to know. This may include contact information for you or the person you're trying to forward your resume to or any other requests you may have from the connection. In this component of your letter, you can also thank the connection for their time and consideration to forward your resume. You may also include a signature signoff to express professionalism, excitement about the potential job and gratitude. Here are some signoffs to consider using in your request letter: (Source:www.indeed.com))


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