How to Add Symbols in Resume OOR

How to Add Symbols in Resume OOR

How to Add Symbols in Resume


Most ATSs allow recruiters and hiring managers to view a resume in two ways: an “applicant profile,” which is the plain-text version of your resume that an ATS has parsed and organized, and a resume preview, which attempts to display the resume the same way it looks before it goes through the ATS. Resume icons can cause problems with both viewing modes. “I’ve seen icons break a resume’s formatting in the resume preview display, making for a more difficult reading experience,” Shields says. “They are also likely to cause parsing errors when an ATS attempts to transfer your resume into a digital applicant profile.”


This should include your name, your mailing address, your telephone number, and an email address. Try not to use bighotmamma@yahoo.com, okay? Preferably, use the email address that your ISP has provided you. Alternatively, go buy a domain name and get email hosting for it. This is relatively inexpensive. For $18 a year (as of writing this article), you can buy a domain name and have a 25MB email address at www.DynoNames.com. In business, Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses are seen as transient.

That’s why, in addition to presenting you in the best possible light, your resume also needs to quickly capture and hold the reader’s attention. And, given our visual propensity, using resume icons can help you accomplish this. Adding a few icons in key areas of your resume can make it stand out just a little more. And, when it’s your potential dream job on the line, every bit counts! (Source: cultivatedculture.com)


While resume icons can enhance a resume and help it stand out from more traditional formats, they aren't appropriate in all situations. If you are in a creative industry like graphic design, interior design or social media, they can make your resume more attractive. However, in other industries, such as finance or accounting, they can be distracting and even unprofessional. In these industries, it's best to go with a traditional resume format and leave off the resume icons.

Transparent background, Icon color: black, gray, green, dark blue. Use icons in your CV. Graphic icons in an interesting and understandable way present information such as skills, language skills, etc. A well-designed infographic is helpful in understanding more difficult issues. Why is it worth to use the infographic? (Source: www.coolfreecv.com)



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