How to Add Machine Learning in Resume OOR

How to Add Machine Learning in Resume OOR

How to Add Machine Learning in Resume


Time-series forecasting is a machine learning technique used very often in the industry. The use of past data to predict future sales has a large number of business use cases. The Kaggle Demand Forecasting dataset can be used to practice this project. This dataset has 5 years of sales data, and you will need to predict sales for the next three months. There are ten different stores listed in the dataset, and there are 50 items at each store. To predict sales, you can try out various methods — ARIMA, vector autoregression, or deep learning. One method you can use for this project is to measure the increase in sales for each month and record it. Then, build the model on the difference between the previous month and the present month sales. Taking into account factors like holidays and seasonality can improve the performance of your machine learning model.


Machine Learning and AI were heavily discussed at the recent Davos 2020. One message rang clear at the forum— AI, machine learning, deep learning, and data science specialists have increased exponentially in recent years. Machine learning has been radically changing our work landscape today. In fact, it is being touted as a tool that will help propel us into the future, transforming almost each industry it passes by along the way. Robotics and artificial intelligence will permeate almost every aspect of our daily lives by 2025, and also comes with huge implications for a range of industries such as health care, transportation and logistics, customer service, agriculture, finance, and home maintenance, among others. Moreover, the tech giant Accenture believes that AI technology can boost businesses’ productivity by 40%. If these don’t guarantee a brighter future, I don’t know what will. I hope this piece of news hypes machine learning engineers up.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, and data science specialists are professions that are representative of the 21st century. Today, whenever you drop them into conversations, you’re most likely to hear them being described as either the coming of the apocalypse or of new revelations, depending on the narrator. What’s certain though, is that AI can have a huge impact on the human race. Fact is, we’re heading towards a future wherein technology can supposedly understand us better than we do ourselves, and this is made possible by machine learning and AI. (Source: www.cakeresume.com)


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