How to Add Freelance Work to Resume Sample OOR

How to Add Freelance Work to Resume Sample OOR

How to Add Freelance Work to Resume Sample


A freelancer is also called as a freelance worker, the freelancers are hired by various sector on a long-term or short-term contract basis. Typical jobs of the freelancers include – web designing and web development, photography, freelance writers, editors, graphic arts, computer programming, and the list go endless. Freelancer takes up work on an independent basis from clients or companies and ensures that the work is completed on time. The major duties of these freelancers are – identifying and assessing client needs, researching on the project, and completing the project within the stipulated time.


The design of your resume should speak for your work! If you are a self-employed graphic designer ready to design a killer resume first, you should make sure that your resume's format should be clean and straightforward. Sure, putting freelance work experience in a resume is not easy, especially if your profession is more visual. However, a designer needs to explain the scope of work experience accurately. If you are working in designing fields other than graphic design, you can still use the template below as an example of a freelance designer resume.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned freelancer or a fresh starter; it is a fact that competition in the freelance job market is rising too. So what is the best way to stand out from crowds and differentiate yourself from millions of others? The answer is your resume! So how to prepare an eye-catching resume as a freelancer? Let's dive deep into the topic of how to list self-employment on a resume and understand the do's and don'ts together. In the article, you'll find template suggestions, tips, and resume examples. Here we go! (Source: rimuut.com)


Graphic and Web Designer & Illustrator with experience in project planning, scheduling and producing artistic and functional solutions for customers' communications needs through graphic and web design/web maintenance. Self-starter, organized, deadline-oriented and able to interact successfully at all levels with superior communication, presentation, and training skills. Extensive and diverse experience in data extraction, analysis/trending, user-friendly presentation as well as, career experience in management of people (managers, supervisors and operations staff in a multi-million dollar department of 100 people), resources, projects and programs focused on promoting quality, growth and customer satisfaction while improving processes and lowering costs.

Creating resumes can be tricky even if you have a straightforward career, it’s even harder for freelancers who work various projects. Not only do you have to grab the client's attention, pitch your skills, and prove that you're the best person for the job, you also have to make sure that the breadth of your experience makes you look accomplished, not scattershot. Our resume samples have been made to help you stand out from the crowd and have been trusted by over 3 million people. (Source: www.visualcv.com)


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