How to Add Freelance Experience in Resume OOR

How to Add Freelance Experience in Resume OOR

How to Add Freelance Experience in Resume


If you’re soliciting freelance rather than part-time work, flip the previous approach and outline your freelance experience on your resume first, followed by professional positions. This allows you to use the freelance resume in a new client pitch, backing your freelance experience with information about your traditional employment history. If your freelance work was done through your own business, classify it as such and provide an overview of the services you provided. Include a client list that includes all of the organizations you provided services for.


There are many reasons, such as preparing a proposal template or quote template for a new gig, why you may suddenly need to update your resume at some point during your freelance career. Maybe you’ve been freelancing on the side while you earn your degree, and now it’s time to enter the traditional workforce for a while. Maybe you decided that freelancing isn’t for you. Or, quite simple, maybe you need an updated resume to help you secure some more freelance contracts.

As a freelancer, the Most Proud Of section can help you show not only why you'd be a perfect fit for the company, but also your top strengths. You can share a story about overcoming hardship, learning an important life lesson, or just a triumph you had that means a lot to you. Either way, this is one of the best places to make your freelancer resume really stand out. (Source: enhancv.com)


It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned freelancer or a fresh starter; it is a fact that competition in the freelance job market is rising too. So what is the best way to stand out from crowds and differentiate yourself from millions of others? The answer is your resume! So how to prepare an eye-catching resume as a freelancer? Let's dive deep into the topic of how to list self-employment on a resume and understand the do's and don'ts together. In the article, you'll find template suggestions, tips, and resume examples. Here we go!

Clarity is the key! Add the accomplishments to your resume with bullet points and use Hemingway level simple wordings. If you are doing a job based on data, show the numbers related to your past achievements. Make sure you use a simple resume format with a simple font such as Arial, Helvetica, or Trebuchet. Download and save your resume as a PDF. You can always use platforms that can provide you freelance resume templates. (Source: rimuut.com)



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