How to Add Excel Skills in Resume OOR

How to Add Excel Skills in Resume OOR

How to Add Excel Skills in Resume


The most popular feature of Excel is its ability to analyze data. With it, you can quickly find patterns and trends, and compare values, which allows you to make better business decisions. By using the data and analysis, you can identify what areas you need to work on and what is working well and can improve it. And by using the right formulas, you are able to create your own custom Excel formulas to help make your life easier. It is the most used spreadsheet software that is available on the market. There are various ways in which you can use it to get a job.


If you worked with other programs using interfacing techniques from Excel, like importing or exporting data, then you should give examples of how you used this within your resume. Employers are always looking for applicants who are diverse in their knowledge of incorporating other programs and tools while using Excel. Interfacing is also an advanced skill that will indicate your level of knowledge. Telling how you interfaced Excel with other programs for your last job or project will tell employers you are highly qualified for the job.

Specify your knowledge of Microsoft Excel rather than broadly referring to the Microsoft Office Suite. Don’t say you have “advanced Excel skills” as that will mean different things to different people. Expand your abilities by including a few examples of the advanced functions you can use. Your examples should be important to the position and not basic or common functions. For example, you might say “Advanced in MS Excel including PivotTables, VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, and Data Tables”. When you specify your Excel skills, it is best to list this under the Additional section of your resume. (Source:www.linkedin.com))


6 years experienced Excel expert armed with a demonstrated history of cleaning, manipulating, and transforming data while ensuring compliance with the company's policies and quality standards. Adept at utilizing advanced filters and functions as part of enhancing the overall data quality while employing worksheet data and external resources to create & modify pivot tables and charts. Proficient in preparing presentations, recording journal entries, verifying balance sheets, and generating & evaluating reports while ensuring 100% accurate information to deliver top to deliver top-notch services. (Source:

Companies are looking for employees who will take these skills to the next level with the use of pivot tables, VLOOKUPs, and macros to facilitate daily business, depending on the role and industry. If your eyes instantly begin to glaze over with the mention of these integrated Microsoft capabilities, consider taking a quick class to brush up on your skills or play around in the programs during your free time to see how else they can be used. (Source: www.themuse.com)


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