How Much Does a Harley Davidson Livewire Weight?

How Much Does a Harley Davidson Livewire Weight?


How Much Does a Harley Davidson Livewire Weight?

how much does a harley davidson livewire weight

There are several ways to calculate the weight of your Harley Davidson livewire. Some of the most common methods are to use a scale or to read the distance between two points on the motorcycle. However, if you are not certain of which method is best for you, you may want to consult a trained mechanic.


Harley Davidson LiveWire is a premium-built electric motorcycle. It is powered by a 15.5 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery that provides 110 miles of riding range on a single charge. You can charge the bike on the road at fast-charging stations or at home using a 240-volt household supply.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire has a maximum speed of 115 mph. It takes an average of an hour to fully recharge. A full charge will last for about 70 miles on a highway and 70 miles in the city.

Harley-Davidson claims the LiveWire is the best-selling electric motorcycle in the U.S. and Canada. However, the price tag is pretty steep. Although the MSRP decreased from $29,799 to $21,999, it's still a lot to spend for an urban commuter.

On the other hand, a lithium battery is lighter and faster to start than a lead-acid one. Plus, it has a higher cranking power than the former. With this in mind, the LiveWire is the ideal option for those who want to commute on an electric bike.

If you're looking for a good, affordable bike to get you around town, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire could be the perfect choice. The company offers a wide selection of official accessories, from carbon single screens to levers and covers. In fact, it also comes with an alarm that warns you if it's been tampered with.

LiveWire also comes with four riding modes that you can adjust to suit your riding needs. For example, you can switch to a higher-powered mode when you're driving in a city or on a windy day.

As an added bonus, the LiveWire has a recharging cable that plugs into your 240-volt household supply. This allows you to charge the bike overnight at home.

Riding position

Harley-Davidson LiveWire is a sleek and high-tech electric motorcycle. Although it's meant for a younger audience, it still has the classic DNA of a Harley. The electric motor provides instant torque and acceleration. It's capable of accelerating from 60 to 80 mph in 1.9 seconds.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire is the first of its kind. The manufacturer claims that its rider-controlled modes allow you to customize the performance characteristics of your motorcycle. For instance, the motorcycle can be fitted with different levels of electronic intervention, which can affect how your bike responds to lift-off.

The LiveWire also boasts a number of other nifty features. One of these is the ability to switch between seven pre-set riding modes. This includes four standard modes and three more custom ones.

As you'd expect from a Harley, LiveWire comes with ABS, traction control, and mid-mount foot controls. All of these features combine to produce a bike that offers excellent handling, even at higher speeds.

In addition to its impressive features, the LiveWire also a has a well-sorted chassis. Harley-Davidson has a long history of building quality motorcycles, and LiveWire is no different.

The riding position on a Harley-Davidson LiveWire is quite different from a cruiser. While a cruiser requires the rider to sit upright, a sport position allows the rider to lean forward to stretch out.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire is a great choice for riders who want an attractive, low-maintenance, and affordable electric motorcycle. With its nifty handling and high-tech features, this is the ideal choice for an electric bike.

If you're looking for the best electric motorcycle on the market, you owe it to yourself to check out the Harley-Davidson LiveWire. You'll find plenty of fun and entertainment to be had with it.

Keeping the belt tension correct

There are many different factors to consider when keeping the belt tension on a Harley Davidson Livewire right. It's a very powerful machine, and you don't want to let it go too loose. Keeping it in check can help ensure its long life.

The first thing to remember is to keep track of your belt tension. You'll need to perform this test every 5,000 miles or so, but that's not hard to do.

Aside from that, you can keep an eye out for signs that the LiveWire is getting tampered with. It's a good idea to install an alarm, which will warn you when the LiveWire is being stolen.

If you're looking for a new motorcycle, you may be interested in checking out Harley Davidson's new LiveWire. It's the latest and most futuristic in the Harley lineup, and it's going to start rolling out in the United States in the coming months.

While the LiveWire is not the most comfortable bike to ride, it has the smoothest riding position of any Harley in production. And it's much cheaper to run than its gasoline-powered cousins. Having a motorcycle that can do 95 miles on a single charge is a big deal.

Another advantage of the LiveWire is the fact that you don't have to fill it with gas or change its oil. It's also not required to have spark plugs.

The LiveWire is powered by a 15.5 kWh high-voltage battery. That's enough to give you 146 miles of city range and a solid 95 miles of highway range.

You'll also need to make sure you regularly check the tyres. They're fitted with 180-section rear tyres and 120-section fronts, which should be in good nick.


Harley-Davidson's new electric motorcycle, LiveWire, is a great looking piece of machinery. It's comfortable, well-balanced and has excellent handling. But it's also expensive.

The price isn't the only reason LiveWire isn't selling well. For one thing, it's just not the right bike at the right time. A typical Harley-Davidson needs the right balance of gears and revs.

Harley-Davidson has been making touring models for years, so it has some experience in building electric bikes. In fact, Harley-Davidson claims its new Connect system is the first of its kind to use advanced chassis control and powertrain technology.

Using the H-D Connect app, you can remotely control your LiveWire. It provides stolen vehicle tracking and tamper alerts. Plus, you can customize your settings.

Harley-Davidson's Revelation(tm) PM Electric Motor generates 105 horsepower and 86 foot-pounds of torque. This translates to a top speed of 60 mph. That's just 3 seconds slower than a Harley-Davidson R1 but much faster than you'd expect from a two-wheeled motor.

LiveWire's throttle response is also impressive. After a few minutes of riding, you'll find yourself quickly getting the hang of it.

Like most bikes, LiveWire offers a wide range of speed and acceleration. The brakes are strong and reliable. They have a similar bite to traditional steel discs. And the saddle provides plenty of shock absorption.

LiveWire's weight is held low, resulting in a low centre of gravity. As a result, LiveWire handles like a bike designed for speed rather than weight.

You can get up to 100 miles per charge from a single charge. However, you'll need to charge the battery sparingly. The bike's range is good for a longer ride.


Harley-Davidson LiveWire is the first all-electric bike from the iconic American motorcycle maker. This new cruiser model is a unique mix of mechanical expression and cutting-edge tech. With its aggressive stance and evocative design, LiveWire blends a high-performance SHOWA(r) suspension, a water-cooled internal permanent magnet synchronous motor and corner-enhanced ABS.

The bike's handling is excellent, as is its throttle response. With the right setup, the LiveWire feels like a liter-sized sportbike. A little shove on the bars, and it's ready to go.

LiveWire also features a range of pre-programmed riding modes. These control throttle behavior, as well as regenerative braking. For example, Range mode uses plenty of regenerative braking to help extend the bike's range. Similarly, Sport mode provides a crisp throttle response.

As a result of the bike's weight, the centre of gravity is low. When turning, the front wheel follows longitudinal cracks and bump-steer, which reduces centrifugal mass. It's also stable, thanks to an aluminium beam chassis.

The Harley LiveWire also comes with Brembo Monoblock brakes, as well as a full-length rear Showa shock. Both systems are fully adjustable. In addition, the bike has lean-angle-sensitive ABS.

The LiveWire has four different riding modes that allow you to customize the bike's power delivery and traction control. You can also choose from a variety of battery capacities.

During the test ride, I rode everything from city streets to the mountains. The LiveWire's agility and handling were great, but its range wasn't quite as good as I would've liked.

The app on the Harley LiveWire is a real game changer. It eliminates the need to spend hours fiddling with settings.

LiveWire is available in the US at participating Harley-Davidson EV dealerships. A Special Edition T-shirt is also available, but is only representational.

Where Did Josh Jacobs Go to College?

where did josh jacobs go to college

If you've ever wondered where did Josh Jacobs go to college, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find all the information you need to know about his early education and career stats. You'll even find out how he got into the University of Alabama, and how his future prospects are looking.

Recruited by Alabama

Alabama has had an outstanding recruiting year thus far. It has landed all of the top five recruits in the state of Alabama. The most notable of the group is Barrett Lawrence. His commitment has set a new Crimson Tide record.

As of right now, Alabama has a class ranked number one nationally. It has three players in the top 15 in the nation. In fact, one of those players is likely to be the first player off the board at the 2023 NFL Draft.

One of the big questions abounds in the Crimson Tide's 2024 class. Will Alabama's coaching staff get a player who can play both the offense and the defense?

In the midst of a busy recruiting season, the Tide has taken an aggressive approach to filling needs on the roster. Over the last few weeks, the Tide has extended offers to over 30 prospects. Several of the recruits have visited the Crimson Tide campus.

Among them are two players that will make the trip to Tuscaloosa, even though their official visits are scheduled for later this month. One of them is a promising sophomore from Mississippi.

Another intriguing prospect is an athletic 6'7, 295-pound prospect from Louisiana. Formby will offer a combination of size and athleticism that should make him a welcome addition to the Tide's future.

Alabama has been on the lookout for a versatile defensive lineman. Versatile and highly-rated, Jordan Renaud has a commitment date in September. Interestingly, Alabama is considered the favorite to land Renaud, although Oklahoma and Ohio State are also in the mix.

Another ooh-worthy sign from the Crimson Tide's staff is the recruiting of Rushel Shell. Shell was rated third running back by ESPN in his senior class. He will visit Alabama and Texas A&M this weekend and is expected to take his decision soon.

There is also an impressive list of other players that have visited the Tide. From Georgia to Tennessee to Florida to North Carolina, all of these schools have been interested in the talented athlete from Anniston, Ala.

Drafted by the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders went in the direction of the offense with their first selection in this year's draft. But they have a big need at right tackle and have yet to develop depth at the wide receiver position.

Despite that, they took a number of other players with their picks. Some of the notable names include Dylan Parham, Rashan Gary and Amari Cooper. They also drafted a pair of defensive tackles.

While the Raiders made some solid choices, their selections lacked the star power of a team with the resources of Al Davis. As for the team's first pick in the draft, they made an odd move in 2007.

Instead of taking an edge rusher like Derrick Herring or a running back like Brian Burns, they picked up a pair of offensive linemen. Having one more lineman in the locker room will be nice, but they could've added a couple more.

There were a lot of other players that the Raiders took in the first round. For instance, they landed a very solid receiver in Henry Ruggs III. However, there are better options in the receiver department, and the Raiders had to settle for a solid run-blocking tight end.

While it's true that the Raiders didn't draft a great receiver, they did get a pretty good one in the fourth-round. They also added a decent defensive lineman in Rashan Gary, who has 24 sacks.

Another interesting selection is Zamir White. Despite being a bit of a surprise, the Georgia Bulldogs tailback has been productive for his college career. He's a strong route runner and has shown the ability to be decisive in the run game.

Overall, the Raiders have a lot of talented players. Several of these young players should contribute at varying levels this season. Still, the Raiders need to work on their offense and defense if they hope to compete this year.

Ultimately, the Raiders have an exciting young team, but there are a number of concerns that remain. They need to add more depth on the offensive line, improve their pass rush, and protect their quarterback, Derek Carr.

Career stats

Josh Jacobs is a talented running back in the NFL who is making a splash with the Oakland Raiders. He was drafted in the first round by the Raiders in the 2019 NFL draft.

Jacobs carries the ball with good power and balance, but he isn't a breakaway threat. Instead, he runs through contact. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as he's been a productive runner for the Raiders in recent years.

In addition to his rushing and receiving ability, Jacobs also has a good knack for scoring. His 9 rushing touchdowns ranked eighth among RBs with at least 30 targets this season.

Jacobs has handled a 69% carry share this season and has averaged eight touches per game. This is a good sign for the Oakland Raiders, as the team hasn't been able to get the ball into the hands of their top RB in quite some time.

During the Week 16 loss to the Steelers, Jacobs had 44 yards on 15 carries. However, he wasn't able to produce a touchdown for the second straight week.

In Week 8 against New Orleans, Jacobs had 43 yards on four carries. While he was unable to score, he did catch a six-yard pass for his only target of the game.

Jacobs is expected to be a lead ball carrier for the Raiders in 2021. With Denzelle Good back from an ACL injury, the Raiders should be able to keep their offensive line healthy and make the most of their run game.

Throughout his rookie season, he rushed for over a thousand yards and scored five touchdowns. But the Raiders declined his fifth-year option.

Despite missing three games due to injury, Jacobs finished with a career-high nine rushing touchdowns this season. He should be a top-five RB in fantasy leagues in 2020, though he may struggle to reach 300 touches again.

After being held to 50 total yards in Week 16, Jacobs will face the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17. Fortunately for the Raiders, the 49ers have been one of the worst matchups for running backs this season.

Future prospects

The future prospects of Josh Jacobs are intriguing. He's got a great combination of size and skill. His passing and rushing ability make him a solid Fantasy option.

In his first three seasons, Jacobs has rushed for 1,220 yards and caught 107 passes. If he maintains his 4.3 yards per carry in his fourth year, he'll have an impressive season.

As a rookie, he had a solid 4.8 yards per carry average. However, his 872-yard season was his worst. And, he didn't score in eight of his 15 games.

His catches have increased in the last two years. Last year, he caught 54 passes for 348 yards and nine touchdowns. That puts him in the top five in the league in both categories.

In his fifth year, he should see more work in the passing game. This will give him the opportunity to continue producing top-five returns. But, this is a risk. He could get hurt.

Jacobs' contract expires after the 2023 NFL season. He'll be eligible to sign with a team on the free agent market. However, the Raiders will likely be hesitant to move him for a second-round pick.

Instead, they want to use the first two years of their new regime to build their offensive foundation. This will put them in a better position to lead more often. A core group of players, including quarterback Derek Carr and running back Davante Adams, should help them do just that.

The Raiders would likely have to pay a franchise tag of $3 million more than they would under the fifth-year option. However, they should get their compensatory draft pick back. They also may have more money to spend on other players, such as linebackers or cornerbacks.

The Raiders might be able to extend Jacobs before the start of the new league year. Depending on the Raiders' offense, they might be able to keep him for another season or two.

Regardless of whether he signs a deal or gets hurt, it's clear that Jacobs has a lot to offer. He should be a very good Fantasy option for all formats.

Where Did Josh Jacobs Go to College?

where did josh jacobs go to college

If you have a favorite sports player and want to know where they went to college, you've come to the right place. This article will tell you what the career stats are for a particular athlete, and what he or she plans to do next.

High school career

Josh Jacobs was a high school football star at McLain High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He had a monster high school career with 5,372 rushing yards and 58 rushing touchdowns. During his senior year, he was named the Most Valuable Player of the SEC Championship Game and played in the National Championship Game.

After his first full season as a starter, Jacobs became a key part of the Oakland Raiders' offense. He started from day one and set a team record with 1,150 rushing yards as a rookie.

With over 1,000 yards rushing this season, Jacobs is tied for third in the NFL with 10 rushing touchdowns. This is his third 1,000-yard campaign in his career. In addition to his rushing success, he has scored eight touchdowns in nine games this year.

The Oakland Raiders selected Jacobs in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft with the 24th overall pick. Jacobs is considered to be a superstar in the NFL and is the team's lead ball carrier.

His rushing totals this season have exceeded those of any other Raiders player in the first two seasons of his NFL career. He has rushed for over 100 yards in six different games this season.

In his junior season, Jacobs averaged 300 rushing yards per game, while scoring five touchdowns. Against the Seattle Seahawks, he ran for two touchdowns.

During his sophomore year, he had a strong performance, but also suffered a broken ankle. However, he did play through the injury for the majority of the season.

He has since recovered and was named to the Pro Bowl. As a result, he's become a goal line option for the Raiders. He has been a key part of their turnaround. Besides his performance in the NFL, Jacobs has also done commercials for KIA and Nike.

At the end of his college career, Jacobs ranked second in the country in rushing with 571 receiving yards. He tallied 56 rushing touchdowns during his four-year career at the University of Alabama.

Jacobs is a good example of how anyone can rise to the top. He has shown that even if you have a rough upbringing, you can overcome it.

Career stats

With the 24th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders selected running back Josh Jacobs. As a sophomore, he was an impact player on both the ground and in the passing game. He led the SEC in rushing, and was named the SEC Championship Game MVP.

In his first season in the NFL, he finished with 1,150 yards and seven touchdowns. This marked the first time an Oakland Raiders rookie has reached the 1,000-yard mark. Since then, he has added seven more rushing scores and nine more receiving touchdowns.

In Week 16, he was held to just 50 total yards. That came after he averaged 80.4 yds per game. His target share was 12%. During his five-game streak of 100+ yds per game, he handled fewer than 20 touches in three of them.

In Week 7, he had a chest contusion in the win over the Eagles. After the game, he was suspended for Week 8. A week later, he sat out Week 15. Over the course of the next four games, he did not have a rushing score.

Over the final five games of the season, he was able to take advantage of Kenyan Drake's absence. Among RBs with at least 30 targets, he tied for fourth in red-zone carries.

While he may not be a top-five back, he should still be treated as an RB1 in Week 16. The Pittsburgh Steelers run defense ranks eighth in the league. They also have an offensive line that will give him a hard time. But if the Steelers can score in bunches, it should help Jacobs stay on the field.

Overall, he has become one of the top young running backs in the NFL. He has a good balance and he runs through contact.

When he is healthy, he has the ability to fill a three-down role, or serve as a goal-line option. He can also help improve the efficiency of the offense as a whole. However, he does not have the speed to break through the line and he lacks elusiveness.

Josh Jacobs is expected to play for the Raiders in 2020, and he is likely to lead the club in rushing. In his last 14 games, he has produced as a mid-range RB2. Unless he gets injured, he should remain in this role.

Injuries have sapped his production

Injuries have taken a toll on Raiders running back Josh Jacobs, but he's still playing through them. After a grueling Week 5 matchup against Pittsburgh, the 24-year-old ran his way to another spectacular performance. He gained a game-high 86 yards, including a 68-yard touchdown run, in overtime against the Seahawks.

The Raiders haven't been afraid to give Jacobs the ball in games. However, his workload has been trimmed recently. His carries have been limited to around 40 yards in the last two weeks. Despite that, he's still one of the most productive running backs in the NFL.

While Jacobs has missed three games with toe and ankle injuries, he's played through the pain in the past. It's no surprise that he's ranked as the top running back in fantasy football, averaging a solid 18.6 carries and 3.8 targets per game over the last five weeks.

For this week's game against the Rams, he's expected to be able to play. However, the Raiders haven't said if they'll use a brace or not. If they're unsure, it's likely that he'll get some more testing on his pinky.

Meanwhile, Jayon Brown has a broken hand and Tyler Hall has a back injury. That means there's a lot of work to do for the offense before the season is over.

Even with the Raiders' recent struggles, they remain in the thick of the AFC playoff race. Their victory against the Chargers a few weeks ago is a great example. They got great play out of Davante Adams, but Jacobs was also a big part of the success.

As a result, Jacobs should continue to be a factor in the passing game. But he may not have his usual number of carries.

While the Raiders are still in the midst of a rebuilding process, their offensive line isn't far off from a championship-caliber unit. They still need more from Jacobs, though.

And if they're going to rely on the speedy receiver, they need to make sure he's healthy. This was a problem with Jacobs when he was first drafted.

As long as he continues to stay on the field, he should continue to be a key part of the Raiders' offense.

Future plans

The future plans of Josh Jacobs have been one of the most intriguing situations in the NFL. His contract year, combined with his strong season, has added to the speculation. While the Raiders have made no moves to trade him, he will be a free agent at the end of the year.

Before the season started, he was ranked as the eighth best running back in the league. However, he finished as the third-best behind Saquon Barkley and Nick Chubb.

In the first two seasons, he has averaged over 1,000 yards rushing. He is also leading the league in yards from scrimmage with 105.4 per game. If he continues his pace, he will finish the season with over 310 yards.

During the offseason, Jacobs worked on improving his route-running. The coaching staff wanted to see how he would handle being a three-down running back in the NFL.

Since then, he has been receiving increased passing opportunities. During Week 4, he rushed for 143 yards against the Broncos.

In Week 6, he ran 20 times for 143 yards against Lax Vegas. Despite an injury in Week 14, Jacobs popped his finger back into place and finished the game with 27 carries for 99 yards.

The Raiders declined his fifth-year option. The team could have picked up a $4 million bonus if he was chosen to remain on the roster. Nonetheless, the decision gave the Raiders a lot of financial flexibility for the 2023 season.

The Raiders can use their cap space to invest in cornerbacks, linebackers, and other positions. They will also have to deal with a potential loss of their second-best offensive weapon. With Jacobs set to become a free agent at the end of the season, it will be interesting to watch his future in Las Vegas.

If he chooses to stay, the Raiders should be able to extend his contract before the new league year. If they choose not to, he will likely be tempted to leave in free agency.

Whether he stays or goes, Jacobs has been a force multiplier in the McDaniels offense. With the emergence of Ameer Abdullah, Hunter Renfrow, and Brandon Bolden, the Raiders could have a different type of lead back next season.

Where Did Josh Jacobs Go to College?

where did josh jacobs go to college

The University of Alabama is the largest public university in the state of Alabama. It was established in 1820 and opened its doors to students in 1831. Since then, it has grown from a small institution to the largest public research university in the entire state of Alabama.

High school career

One of the youngest running backs in the NFL, Josh Jacobs is an up-and-coming star for the Raiders. In his two seasons with the team, Jacobs has set franchise records for rushing yards in each of those years. He is currently the league leader in scrimmage yards this season, and is on track to break the record for rushing yards set by Marcus Allen in 1985.

When he was just a kid, Jacobs was a homeless high schooler who didn't have a home of his own. His father had just moved out of his apartment, and his family lived in his father's car. This was a very tough time for his family.

As he grew, his parents separated. But his father was able to find a job and moved the family into a new house. During the summer before eighth grade, Jacobs spent his days sleeping in his dad's car, while his mother slept in his apartment.

After his freshman year, Jacobs had a strong start, rushing for a combined 567 yards and five touchdowns in his first eight games. He also caught four passes for 46 yards and one touchdown.

After his junior year, Jacobs went on to be a highly-regarded prospect, receiving offers from multiple schools, including Alabama, Tennessee, and Maryland. His performance on the field helped him earn a National Championship berth with the Crimson Tide. The following season, he earned a spot in the Pro Bowl, and was named to the AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Despite his rough childhood, Jacobs had a promising career, rushing for 5,372 yards and 56 touchdowns in high school. He graduated from McLain High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and went on to play college football at Alabama. In his final season, he finished no lower than the 12th spot in the nation in both rushing and receiving yardage.

Jacobs was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. He signed a four-year, $11.9 million rookie contract. Jacobs is expected to become a free agent in the 2023 offseason. Although he had been offered a fourth-year option, the Raiders decided not to pick it up.

Since signing the contract, Jacobs has been a busy man. He has rushed for 700 rushing yards in nine games this season, including a 123-yard game in the season-opening win over Chicago Bears. He has also had two top-10 fantasy weeks. And this month, he's capped a three-game winning streak with a 86-yard walk-off score in overtime in a 40-34 victory over New Orleans Saints.

He has also been featured in commercials for Nike and Kia. On Super Bowl Sunday, he had a spot in a Kia commercial. Also, he was a part of the Raiders' "Breaking Through" campaign, in which they shared stories of other athletes who had overcome adversity.


Josh Jacobs has been one of the most productive running backs in the NFL this year. Despite missing a few games early in the season, the Raiders have benefited from his rushing abilities. He has produced a number of impressive numbers this season, including an RB2 ranking in PPR scoring and a rushing grade ranking in the top 10 in the Pro Football Focus rankings.

In his second year in the NFL, Jacobs played a relatively similar role to his first. He was a top ten fantasy performer in PPR scoring, averaging 3.67 yards per carry. His nine rushing touchdowns were also the eighth most in the league. Moreover, he added 54 receptions on 64 targets for 348 yards and a touchdown. However, his overall efficiency didn't match up with his stats.

Jacobs has missed two games so far in the season, and he has also been injured in other games. The Week 7 win over the Eagles was his first game back since he sustained a chest contusion. While that didn't sound too serious, it did hinder his performance.

In his last five games, he's produced two more rushing TDs, totaling a career-high 9. And while he has only rushed for a combined 73 yards on 19 carries, he's still averaging over three yards per carry.

But that doesn't mean that Jacobs' status isn't in doubt. After all, the Raiders have a short turnaround this week. As a result, Jacobs will need to practice fully in order to avoid being classified as inactive for the Week 15 matchup against the Patriots.

Luckily, the Raiders have a pretty strong line to lean on when it comes to protecting their runner. They are 29th in the league in pass blocking grades according to Football Outsiders' Adjusted Line Yards, and they are expected to return Denzelle Good from an ACL injury. That should keep the offensive line in shape for another season. Hopefully, the rest of the team can continue to improve the efficiency of their offense.

While there is no way to know for sure, it looks like the Raiders are in for a rough ride. While they are still in the playoff hunt, their loss to the Rams has taken a toll on their momentum. If the team doesn't take advantage of its remaining opportunities, there will be nothing to be proud of.

One of the most interesting things to watch is how the Raiders' offense stacks up against the New England Patriots. This is especially true considering that the Patriots are led by former NFL head coach Bill Belichick, and have a defense that is one of the best in the league. Not to mention, the Patriots have the hottest offense in the NFL at the moment.

If the Raiders can rely on Jacobs to produce another big game, their chances of making the playoffs will increase. The fact that he isn't 100% should only add to his value this week.

Career highlights

Running back Josh Jacobs has had a great start to his NFL career. He's rushed for over a hundred yards in four of his first six games. His 229 yards in a win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday are the most rushing yards of his career. In addition, he scored a touchdown in overtime. That's not always the case with running backs.

This year, Jacobs has already broken three franchise records. Among other things, he became the first Raiders rookie to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season, and he's tied for the most rushing yards by a rookie in the league this season.

Those numbers don't come easy, however. After being picked by the Raiders in the first round of the draft, Jacobs has had to deal with injuries. In Week 16, he had 15 carries for 44 yards against the Steelers. Then, he suffered a hand injury in Week 14 against the Rams. For the remainder of the season, he's been listed as questionable. Fortunately, the Raiders have declined his fifth-year option, meaning he will be free to sign with another team in 2020. However, he should still be able to play.

If he can practice fully on Friday, he should be able to avoid his designation. But if he doesn't, he'll probably be placed on the injury report for the game against the Patriots. Of course, the Patriots are not a great matchup for running backs, so he should be able to stay on the field.

Moreover, his 303 scrimmage yards in a single game are the eighth-most in the NFL. Only Jim Brown, Earl Campbell and Terrell Davis have racked up more such numbers. Similarly, he also became the first rookie in Raiders history to record a game with a rushing touchdown.

He's also made some impressive strides in his passing game. Through the first 12 games of the season, he's accumulated 729 all-purpose yards. It's the second-best total by a Raiders running back in the past decade, trailing only Adrian Peterson.

In his sophomore season, he had only one rushing touchdown. He also had a mediocre 43-yard reception in a loss to the Saints.

He's been a key component of the Raiders' backfield throughout the season. As a result, he's had a high volume role in the offense. On the bright side, he's accumulated 2,715 scrimmage yards in his freshman and sophomore seasons. He also has 56 rushing touchdowns. He's currently on track to break his own rookie rushing record.

While he's been held to under 100 yards rushing in each of the last six games, he has averaged 5.4 yards per attempt. Compared to his 4.6 yards per carry last season, that's a massive improvement.

As a result of his success in the running game, Jacobs has been a big part of the Raiders' success over the past few seasons. Last season, he accounted for eight touchdowns and 700 rushing yards in nine games.

Where Did Nick Bosa Go to College?

where did nick bosa go to college

If you've ever wondered where did Nick Bosa go to college, you've come to the right place. In this article, you'll find out where he went and what he studied there. You'll also learn a little about his personal life and his political opinion.

Ohio State

If you've been watching the Ohio State football team play this season, you may have noticed a couple of changes. One of those is the addition of Nick Bosa. As an Ohio State junior, the defensive end has been a force to be reckoned with. He leads the team in tackles and has been credited with three pass breakups.

But now, Bosa has decided to leave the school. His decision was made public Tuesday. The junior plans to leave the university for the NFL draft.

While the decision to leave the school won't be entirely surprising, the news of Bosa's departure may cause some Ohio State fans to wonder whether the Buckeyes are still in position to compete for a national championship. In fact, the team hasn't been ranked among the top 10 since Bosa went down with a "core muscle injury" in September.

It's not clear how long it will take for Bosa to recover. Since he hasn't played a single snap since his injury, it's unclear whether he'll be able to return to the field in time to help the Buckeyes reach the College Football Playoff.

Before Bosa was injured, he was projected as the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft. He was also ranked by Scout, Rivals, and 247Sports as a top-five recruit.

With his departure, Jonathon Cooper, Chase Young, and Jashon Cornell will be the primary defensive ends for the Buckeyes. They will likely share the spotlight with a number of younger players who are also gaining experience.

Joey Bosa has left the program, but his younger brother Nick will not. That's because he's headed to the NFL.

It's no secret that Nick Bosa is the best edge rusher in the country. After all, he's followed in the footsteps of his older brother, who was a sack machine in 2014.

Early life

Nick Bosa is a professional football player who plays for the San Francisco 49ers. He played college football at Ohio State University.

He is an American football player who is known as a defensive end. He is currently a starter on the 49ers. His jersey number is 97. During his first year in the NFL, he led all rookies in sacks with 14.5 for a loss. In addition, he had seven sacks for loss and 40 solo tackles.

During his sophomore year at Ohio State, he became a starter on the defensive line. He recorded two pass breakups and eight quarterback hurries. In his senior year, he had seven sacks for losses and three forced fumbles.

Before he was drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft, he was a high school star. He was an all-state, four-year starter at St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

When he was a freshman at Ohio State, he started in all thirteen games. During his sophomore year, he was named to the All-Big Ten First-team Defensive Line.

Bosa was a five-star recruit and was considered one of the best players in his class. After being a first-round pick in the NFL Draft, he earned a $33.6 million contract that was extended through 2023.

When he joined the 49ers, he received a $22 million signing bonus. He also earned his salary from endorsements with Nike and Electronic Arts. It was estimated that he would earn around $22.9 million by 2020.

Throughout his time in the NFL, he has been a part of two Pro Bowl teams. He was also a unanimous selection to the first-team All-Big Ten team.

He has a younger brother named Joey. His elder brother plays for the Los Angeles Chargers as an outside linebacker.

College career

Nick Bosa has had an impressive college career. He has played in four seasons as a starter and has had 128 tackles in 42 games. His career started at Ohio State.

In his freshman season, he made the team as a five-star recruit. In his sophomore year, he earned First Team All-Big Ten honors.

He sat out his junior season with a core muscle injury. The injury was more serious than initially reported. It required surgery. Urban Meyer viewed the injury as "hopeful."

When the injury ended his junior season, Joey Bosa decided to forego his senior year. Instead, he focused on preparation for the NFL draft. Ahead of the 2019 draft, he was expected to be the first overall pick.

In a Week 1 game against the Buccaneers, he had four solo tackles, including one sack. After a fumble, he recovered it. In a Week 5 game against the Oregon State Beavers, he had five tackles and a forced fumble.

Bosa led the Buckeyes in sacks and tackles for loss and finished second in the Big Ten in total sacks. During his sophomore year, he was named to the PFWA's All-Rookie team and the Smith-Brown All-Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Bosa had a big year in his rookie season, recording 15.5 sacks, 21 tackles for loss and a career-high 14 tackles. He also led the league in pass breakups. That season, he was also named to the Pro Bowl.

Before the draft, he was considered the top defensive end in the draft class. Scout ranked him the eighth best player, and he had interviews with a number of teams, including the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants.

NFL career

Nick Bosa is a former Ohio State football player. He was selected as the third overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers. The following year, he was selected as the second overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. In the latter, he helped the 49ers to reach the NFC Championship game and Super Bowl.

Before going to college, Bosa was recruited by Ohio State University as a five-star recruit. He was named a first-team All-Big Ten player in his sophomore season. As a junior, he was a unanimous First-team All-Big Ten player, and he received the Smith-Brown Defensive Lineman of the Year award.

Joey Bosa was a four-year starter at Ohio State. As a senior, he had 106 tackles and three forced fumbles. A member of the Buckeyes' defensive line, he had nine sacks and two pass deflections.

After a solid start to his professional career, he suffered a torn ACL in Week 2 of the 2020 season. Fortunately, he was able to play in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame, but he was ejected for his actions. Afterwards, he returned to the field on September 12.

In his rookie season, Bosa finished with 15.5 sacks. His first sack came against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Following that, he earned the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. With an impressive rookie season behind him, Bosa signed a four-year contract with the 49ers worth $33.5 million.

While he is one of the league's most sought-after edge rushers, Bosa has a long list of controversy to his name. Not only does he have controversial social media posts, but he also has political opinions that are sometimes out of place.

Political opinions

Nick Bosa has become a controversial figure in the NFL. He has drawn a lot of attention for his political opinions. The San Francisco 49ers picked him second overall in the draft on Thursday. Although he was expected to be a top two selection, his social media use has gotten him into hot water.

According to a report by Outkick the Coverage's Clay Travis, Nick Bosa has been scrubbing his Twitter account of pro-Trump and other political posts. However, he has not been entirely receptive to his tweets.

In the months leading up to the draft, Bosa made the decision to tone down his political messages. Some of his earliest tweets included references to President Trump and the national anthem. Aside from the occasional retweet, the majority of his political messages have been deleted.

On the positive side, Bosa has been able to tone down his political views in recent interviews. The San Francisco 49ers' decision-makers are confident that the player's online presence won't be a problem.

In other words, he is a player with big talent and an excellent future. He has the potential to be an All-Pro, and he will be a great player for years to come. But his lack of political conviction is jarring.

Nick Bosa has a big future ahead of him, and he's got the platform to spread his political views. However, it will be difficult for him to get the support of the majority of San Francisco fans.

While Bosa's political opinions will likely have little impact on his draft prospects, they could prove to be problematic in the long run. For instance, his right-wing beliefs won't go over well with liberal fans.

Why Does T.Y Hilton Go by TY?

why does ty hilton go by ty

If you're a fan of the Indianapolis Colts, you might be wondering why does T.Y Hilton go by TY? After all, he's a very versatile player who can play several different positions. But is it really necessary for him to go by that name?

TY Hilton is a true jack-of-all-trades

If you've been following the NFL lately, you might have seen some talk about a possible deal between the Dallas Cowboys and wide receiver T.Y. Hilton. Although it's not quite a lock, the two sides are close enough that it could be a feasibly done in the next month or two.

The former Cowboys receiver is a jack of all trades. He has played for the Colts for the last decade and has been a part of four Pro Bowls. He is also a great leader in the wide receiver room.

While he is a proven veteran, he's not playing well at the moment. Hilton hasn't surpassed 70 yards in a game in over four seasons. In fact, he's only had three games over 70 in his career.

He also hasn't caught the ball on a touchdown in the last four years, and hasn't beaten out Cedrick Wilson for the starting job in the absence of the injured Gallup. It's a bummer for a team that is 10-3 and only a couple of games away from a playoff berth.

A restructured contract mid-season should give the former Indianapolis Colts a new lease on life. Hilton will receive $600,000 for the remainder of the regular season, plus a playoff incentive bonus. His salary is set at $8 million in 2021. However, his dead cap hit will be $2.3 million in 2022.

Hilton's net worth is estimated at $6 million by 2021. The average NFL player is a little over $350,000, which makes him a rather attractive free agent target.

Despite the rumors, Hilton is not in negotiations with the Indianapolis Colts for a long-term deal. Unless the Colts come to an agreement, Hilton will become a free agent in the offseason. That means he'll have to take the plunge and make a decision about his future before he's eligible for an extension.

The Colts have two decisions to make in the offseason. They can go with Carson Wentz and keep Hilton, or they can move on and go after Odell Beckham Jr. or another potential franchise quarterback.

T.Y. Hilton's real name is Eugene

Hilton is an American professional football player. He was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft. A two-sport athlete, he attended Florida International University where he was a four-year starter.

Hilton set a number of FIU school records, including a career record of 24 receiving touchdowns. In the 2010 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, Hilton returned a kickoff for a touchdown. That same year, he earned All-Sun Belt Conference first team honors at wide receiver.

After four years in college, Hilton was named the Sun Belt Player of the Year. He was also selected to the Pro Bowl. This was the first of many career Pro Bowl appearances.

Hilton finished his senior year with 7,853 yards of total offense. He was a starter on the Golden Panthers' offense every season. His 57 receptions for 632 yards and five touchdowns led the team.

During his time at FIU, he was named the Sun Belt's Offensive Player of the Year. He was the first wide receiver to lead the league in all-purpose yards in a single season.

In 2009, Hilton had a 96-yard kickoff return against Alabama. He also had a 38-yard touchdown pass to Junior Mertile. Despite losing to the FAU Owls mid-season, he set a school record of 448 total yards in a game.

As a sophomore, he earned his first scholarship offer from Purdue. The program and head coach Jeff Brohm extended his scholarship offer.

While playing in high school, he earned First Team All-Dade honors for both sports. During his junior and senior years, he was also a First Team All-Dade selection.

In his rookie year, he had four games where he reached the 100-yard receiving mark. Hilton was also named to the PFWA All-Rookie Team.

Hilton was selected to the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career on December 23. In 2016, he set the NFL record for receptions in a season, with 1,448. Also that year, he tied his personal best in touchdown receptions with seven.

Hilton has earned an estimated net worth of $1.8 million. He has a wife and two children.

T.Y. Hilton is a dangerous player

Hilton is one of the most dangerous playmakers in the NFL. He is a great deep threat, a decoy, and a threat to throw the ball in the air. In addition to his ability to create separation from defenders, he can also make plays with his legs.

Despite a career that has been plagued by injuries, Hilton is still a threat. As a result, he should be considered in most fantasy leagues. Aside from Stefon Diggs, Hilton is among the top five WRs in fantasy points scored.

Hilton has a good chance of making it to Week 8 of the season. His chemistry with new quarterback Philip Rivers should help his chances. However, he is not as attractive as other options in the Titans' offense.

He had a nice day against the Seahawks on Sunday. Although he caught only four passes, Hilton hauled in 80 yards and a touchdown. Fortunately for Hilton, his drop rate has been improved this year.

One of the biggest problems with Hilton last season was his consistency in intermediate routes. His drop rate was 79th out of 82 receivers. This could be an area to improve.

When healthy, Hilton is an elusive deep threat. That being said, Hilton hasn't been a model of good health in the past two seasons. His last four seasons have seen him miss at least four games a year. During the early part of this year, he was unable to practice.

If he can return to his previous form, Hilton will be a great fantasy option for the rest of the season. However, if he continues to struggle, his case for a new contract may not be as strong.

Hilton has missed three consecutive games with a calf injury. Even if he is able to play this week against the Steelers, his health will be a concern. At least until he is fully healthy, though.

His speed is a huge factor in his success, but he hasn't run a 40-yard dash under four seconds. That's not good news for the Titans, especially since he has played through ankle sprains.

T.Y. Hilton will continue to grow and become the next great receiver in Indianapolis

Hilton was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft. He's since made himself one of the NFL's elite receivers. Over the last decade, Hilton has hauled in 631 receptions for 9,691 yards, and 53 touchdowns.

This year, Hilton is one of the few players in the league who is more than 309 yards away from joining the club's all-time receiving yards list. In addition to his impressive numbers, he's a proven deep threat. His speed and elusiveness should continue to propel him to success in the future.

Hilton is a quiet, low-key player, but he's also a leader of the Colts' rookies. When he came back to the field after missing the 2017 season, Andrew Luck singled him out.

Hilton is now a fixture in the Colts' offensive lineup, and his presence has given the team an extra boost. Hilton is the franchise's leading receiver, but he's not yet at his prime. However, he is a capable deep threat, and as long as Luck is the starting quarterback, he'll be in the mix.

Last year, Hilton had a career-low 23 catches for 331 yards. Hilton was also limited to 10 games in 2021 because of injuries. While he was healthy, he caught three touchdowns. That's more than he's managed in any of the last three seasons.

Hilton has had three seasons with at least 800 yards, but hasn't done that since 2018. Nevertheless, he's still a proven deep threat, and as long as Luck remains the starting quarterback, he'll be a big part of the Colts' offense.

As for Hilton's future, he could still return to the Colts. It's not a sure thing, but his new contract with the Cowboys will give him enough money to stay healthy. He'll receive a minimum of $600,000 guaranteed for the rest of the regular season, as well as $700,000 in playoff incentives.

If he continues to get healthier, however, Hilton should prove to be a reliable, veteran deep threat for a team that's currently 10-3. And if Hilton can provide a voice to the younger wideouts, the Colts will be thankful.

What Team is T-Y Hilton on 2022?

what team is t y hilton on 2022

If you're wondering what team T-Y Hilton will play for in the 2022 NFL season, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the major contenders. We'll cover the Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Texans, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Dallas Cowboys

The former NFL player and four-time Pro Bowler has spent the past ten seasons with the Indianapolis Colts. However, he was released from his contract after the 2021 season.

After his release, Hilton was free to sign with any other team. As a result, he was linked to the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas was seeking to improve their receiving depth and took a chance on Hilton. His experience, speed and blocking skills will be a welcome addition to the Cowboys' receiving corps. He will also add an extra wrinkle to the Cowboys rushing attack.

In his career, Hilton has 631 receptions for 9,691 yards and 53 touchdowns. Hilton also finished with a career-high 14.5% DVOA in 2018.

Despite the fact that he was injured twice in the last three years, he still produced at a high level. Hilton caught 23 passes and 331 yards in 10 games for the Colts last year.

Hilton was a third-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. He was considered a Pro Bowler in his sophomore and junior seasons.

However, his stats have been on the decline over the past three seasons. Hilton was limited to only ten games due to injury in 2021.

Hilton has had a lot of trouble staying on the field over the last few seasons. He has missed 16 games in the past two years while under contract.

While Hilton has yet to announce his decision on whether or not he is retiring, he is said to be considering it. Nevertheless, he has said publicly that he wants to stay active.

Hilton signed with the Dallas Cowboys on Monday. This will give the Cowboys a dependable big play threat to complement Dak Prescott. If Hilton is healthy, he will be a key component in Dallas' receiving attack.

A veteran player and a good route runner, Hilton has the ability to make plays in the open field or exploit zone coverages. There aren't many receivers in the NFL with more yards per reception than Hilton.

Hilton will be an important factor in the Dallas Cowboys' upcoming matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. This game has huge implications in the NFC East and NFC Conference.

Indianapolis Colts

TY Hilton has been with the Indianapolis Colts for 10 seasons. He has played in 143 games (121 starts) and has 631 receptions for 9,691 yards, ranking third on the Colts' all-time receiving yards list. In his career, Hilton has averaged 15.4 yards per catch.

The Colts are not the only team in the NFL to have a strong connection with TY Hilton. The Dallas Cowboys have been in contact with him in recent weeks.

Although there hasn't been much news about his future, Hilton has expressed some interest in staying in the NFL. The veteran is a four-time Pro Bowler who has accumulated over $75 million in his career.

At this point, it's unclear if he wants to return to the Colts or if he will retire. Hilton's health has been an issue in recent years.

During his 10-year career with the Colts, he had 10 injuries, including a neck injury in 2012. However, he recovered physically and mentally.

Despite this, his production has dipped in the last three years. Nevertheless, he remains a quality depth player. With a young group of backups, Hilton could still play a role behind them.

It's possible that a new team will sign him before the start of the season. Hilton has been a fan favorite in Indianapolis, but the organization is not desperate at wide receiver. Moreover, there are several other teams that would be a great fit for him.

There is also a chance that the Colts will offer him a multi-year deal, which would give him a long-term role with the team. This would likely be a rotational role, however.

The Colts' wideouts are young, but there is hope that they can develop into an effective unit. One of them, Michael Pittman Jr., tallied a 1,000-yard season in his second NFL season.

Injuries are a given. Despite his age, Hilton is still a quality presence on the Colts' roster. And, his history with the team is something that the team would want to keep.

Whether Hilton returns or not, he has still played his best football in the past year. His six touchdowns in 2016 helped him become the league's leading receiver with 1,448 yards.

Atlanta Falcons

Hilton is a veteran wide receiver free agent with an impressive resume. He's a four-time Pro Bowler, and he was the NFL's top receiving yardage leader in 2016. But his numbers have gone down over the past three seasons.

In fact, Hilton only played in 10 games last season due to injury. It's no surprise that he's considered to be in the mix for the top wide receiver job with Michael Pittman, Jr., and second-round pick Alec Pierce.

Hilton isn't going to be a top-of-the-line target in the future, but he could be a valuable situational deep threat. He can make plays downfield, and he's a solid blocker.

There are a number of free agent receivers in the market, including Julio Jones and Odell Beckham, Jr. If Atlanta's front office is able to get the right deal done, they might be able to bring one of them back.

One interesting option is former Atlanta Falcons receiver Terrell Jones. Jones has eight79 receptions for 13,330 yards and 61 touchdowns in his 10-year career.

Another free agent receiver worth considering is Kyle Lazard. Lazard is a 6-foot-five receiver who has been productive in two seasons. However, he's been an injury-riddled 2021.

The Falcons have some intriguing options in the free agency and NFL draft. Some are re-signings, others are signings on the cheap, and a few are speculative signings.

One other receiver who's likely to be an option is Sammy Watkins, who has a lot of experience on the Clemson team that drafted him. This is the first time he's played for a fifth team, and he could be a good mentor for the Falcons' receivers in the coming years.

Another player who could be an interesting option for the Falcons is Christian Kirk. Kirk has produced in a loaded receiving corps in Arizona. His explosiveness and hands could be a boon to a team with an offensive line that needs to improve.

Other notable names are Cole Beasley, Olamide Zaccheaus, and Tajae Sharpe. Unless they decide to trade for a seasoned veteran like Hilton, they aren't going to have much in the way of depth at wide receiver.

Houston Texans

In the last 10 seasons, TY Hilton has played for the Indianapolis Colts. He has three touchdowns in those games.

The former Pro Bowler is set to become an unrestricted free agent on March 16. While Hilton isn't super public about his decision, the receiver isn't completely sure what he wants to do. A reunion with the Colts might be in the cards, but he's also looking at other options.

It's no secret that the Colts are in need of help at the wide receiver position. They're a young team, and one of their top receivers, Michael Pittman Jr., has been placed on the concussion protocol after Week 1.

Several teams have expressed interest in signing Hilton. The Texans, Jaguars, and Titans are all in the market for a veteran receiver. If they sign him before the start of the season, he could be a useful long-term solution.

Hilton has dealt with injuries in his last two seasons. He missed five weeks of the 2021 campaign due to a neck injury. However, he still ranked third in the league in receptions (9,360) and fourth in yards per game (14.5).

Although he's been injured the last few years, he's said he intends to play in 2022. His contract is up after the 2021 season, so the Colts might be looking at other options.

Hilton's stats have fallen over the last three seasons, and he hasn't been active in a regular NFL game since January 9 of this year. But he's still in the running for a wide receiver spot with the Cowboys.

Considering Hilton's track record, he could be a valuable outside pairing opposite Pittman. He's still a savvy player, and would provide a veteran leadership figure to the Cowboys' roster.

At 31, Hilton could still be an important part of the Colts' passing attack. Though his receiving production has declined, he still has something left in the tank.

If he can return to form, he could be a valuable asset to the Texans. Currently, they're 17th in yards per reception (12.6) this season, but he's proven he can do more in a matchup.

How to Be a Hilton Honors Member

how to be a hilton honors member

If you are interested in being a Hilton Honors member, there are several steps you can take to do so. You will be able to find out how to pool points with friends, how to use your points for experiences and more.

Earning points

As a Hilton Honors member, you can earn points when you stay at hotels and resorts owned by the company. The number of points you can earn varies based on your status. Typically, you can earn up to two million points a year.

You can also redeem your Hilton Honors points to get free stays. To redeem your points, you'll need to have a minimum of 1,000 points in your account. There are a variety of ways to earn your points, including through promotional offers, earning with your credit card, and pooling.

Members can pool their points with up to 10 other members. Points pooling allows you to transfer points to another member and earn extra points. For example, if you have a hotel room with a partner, you can each contribute a certain amount of points to the pool.

Hilton Honors members can exchange their points with other members in a similar way. They can send a maximum of 500,000 points to other members a year, and they can receive up to 2 million in a calendar year.

If you are an Honors Gold or Diamond member, you can earn an additional point for every dollar you spend. You can also use your Hilton Honors points to book suites and other room types. This is a great way to save money on your travel.

You can also earn points through hotel and credit card partnerships. For instance, you can get a free continental breakfast in foreign countries when you accumulate enough Marriott Rewards points. Another program you may be interested in is the Hilton Event Planner Program.

If you are a Hilton Honors member, you can get more out of your stays by using your points to purchase a Priority Pass membership. When you purchase a membership, you'll receive a set number of bonus points for every $1 you spend at Hilton-branded hotels.

Hilton Honors also partners with the American Express Membership Rewards program, which lets you transfer points to your Hilton Honors account. In return, you'll receive an 80% bonus on the base points.

Pooling points with others

Points pooling is a way of combining points to make the best use of your points. Hilton Honors offers this option for members who want to get the most out of their credit card points. They allow members to pool their points with others, making it easier to redeem them for a hotel stay or other experience.

One of the first things that Hilton Honors introduced to their program was a point pooling feature. Pooling of points is a great way to consolidate points, especially if you are a member of multiple accounts. This can help you maximize your points and earn faster complimentary hotel nights.

The simplest form of pooling points is simply transferring points from one account to another. However, many loyalty programs have complicated transfer processes. Transfers can sometimes fail for no apparent reason.

There are some limitations to point transfers, such as a maximum of six transfers in a year. Additionally, points must be earned before they can be transferred. Those with more than 2 million points can only send or receive up to 500,000 points at a time.

Points pooling is a good option for those who want to take advantage of a high-end hotel. Points can be combined for larger hotel stays or even honeymoons. For instance, a Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas hotel costs 228,000 points. By pooling points, you could book a four-night stay.

Points can also be transferred to spouses. You can also take advantage of Hilton's "Free Night on Award Bookings" if you have a Hilton Honors business credit card. If you don't have a credit card, you can buy Hilton points at an exchange rate that is controlled by Hilton.

You can also create a points pool and invite friends and family to join. After entering their email addresses, you can choose to send them an invitation. Once they accept, you will be notified of the points transfer.

To use the point pooling function of the Hilton Honors, you will first need to open an account. Then, you can log in and go to the point pooling page.

Expiration date of points

As a Hilton Honors member, you may wonder about the expiration date of your points. This program allows you to earn points on your stays at Hilton properties. These points can be redeemed with a Password. The program also offers other perks to its members. For example, you can take advantage of the "transfer" option to transfer your points to a friend.

You'll also need to satisfy certain requirements before you can reach your next level of membership. For instance, you'll need to have at least 1,000 points in your account. If you don't have enough points, you can purchase them to keep the program active.

You can also donate your points to a good cause. Lastly, you can make use of the Hilton Honors dining program.

Although the expiration date of your Hilton Honors points may be a little confusing, you'll be glad to know that it's not the end of the world. A Hilton customer service agent can help you restore points in the event that they expire. In general, Hilton will keep your points active for 24 months.

Hilton is a hotel chain with more than 5,200 properties worldwide. You can stay at any one of these hotels for an effective price. It's not hard to see why so many travelers opt to stay at Hilton when they're on the road.

One of the most attractive features of the Hilton program is the number of ways to keep your points alive. For example, if you travel frequently, you can use a Hilton credit card to save money on your airfare. That savings can add up to $3,500 over the course of two years.

Another interesting point is that Hilton Honors has changed its points expiration policy. Before, your points would expire after 15 months of inactivity. Fortunately, this has been extended to 24 months.

The new expiration date of your Hilton Honors points is just one of many guest-friendly announcements made by the company. Along with the extension, the company has also updated its terms of service. With these changes, you can look forward to a new set of benefits.

Using points for experiences

Hilton Honors members can use their points for experiences at Hilton hotels all over the world. These unique experiences range from spa treatments to fine dining, concerts, sporting events, and much more. Some experiences require travel, while others can be paid for with cash. The exact cost will depend on the experience and the location.

The best way to find out which experiences are available is to visit the Hilton Honors Experiences site. This website lists the most popular experiences and gives users the ability to filter them by type and number of points. You can also bid on some experiences.

Hilton Honors offers many auctions, including ones where you can bid on tickets to concerts and sporting events. Past auctions have included tickets to Pink, Ariana Grande, and the Indy 500.

For many, the best use of Hilton Honors points is to book a stay at a hotel. The Hilton portfolio includes Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hampton by Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton, and Embassy Suites by Hilton. If you are looking for a hotel room, you can search for award rates from the Hilton Honors homepage and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete your reservation.

Another popular method of using Hilton Honors points is to book a room online. Hilton partners with Amazon, and customers can use their points to cover the cost of a purchase on the online retailer's site.

In addition to these two methods of using Hilton Honors points, there are other ways to use your points. You can transfer them to airline partners, book car rentals, and shop online.

If you have a Hilton credit card, you can earn Hilton Honors points with every purchase. You can earn additional points by eating at select dining partners. To access the dining program, you'll need to link your debit or credit card to your Hilton Honors account.

Hilton also offers a curated list of experiences that can be redeemed with your points. These include activities in Asia, Europe, and North Asia. There are some events that are sold out, so you may want to check the Hilton Honors Experiences site before you decide to make a purchase.

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