How Much Does A Dialysis Patient Care Technician Make

How Much Does A Dialysis Patient Care Technician Make

Patient Care Technician Resume

Are you a Patient Care Technician with 2+ years experience?


Compassionate and competent certified patient care technician / assistant (CPCT/A) with 4+ years of experience providing patients with top care and assisting with their everyday necessities. Assigned to assist 15+ patients per week, both in the rehabilitation center as well as at home. Seeking to leverage knowledge of basic medical assisting, phlebotomy, EKG, and essential nursing procedures to become the next PCT at Reiner’s Rehabilitation Resort.

A Patient Care Technician will provide clinical and non-clinical services to the patients. In a medical setting, the Patient Care Technician Resume mentions these duties and tasks to be carried out on daily basis – providing quality care to patients, measuring vital signs like temperature, body weight and height for recording purpose; maintaining patient information, providing patient information about post follow-ups and other treatment processes, providing administrative support to the healthcare unit, and assisting patients in the admission and discharge process. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


We are looking for a qualified and skilled patient care technician to join our healthcare organization. The ideal candidate will have a background in care and nursing, with a compassionate nature and drive to improve the lives of others. The PCT will be responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of our patients and assisting patients with their daily and therapeutic tasks. This may include monitoring vital signs, collecting samples, or assisting the patient in movement. The position also requires administering medications and helping patients with life skills such as eating, bathing, and dressing.

Performs the UPMC nursing core nursing assistant responsibilities (blood glucose, weights, vital signs, I&O, specimen collections and Foley care) AND at least 4 of the following BU identified tasks: phlebotomy, 12 lead EKG, simple dressing, Foley catheter removal, point of care testing, bladder scan, straight catheter, or IV catheter removal. Provides patient care including assisting with patient procedures and activities of daily living. Assists with physical, respiratory and cardiopulmonary therapies. Provides feedback to the RN regarding patient care and reports changes in patient status (Source: www.velvetjobs.com)


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