How Man Cups of Stuffing in a Quart

How Man Cups of Stuffing in a Quart

How Man Cups of Stuffing in a Quart

Having the wrong amount of stuffing on a turkey may turn your turkey into a man-sized feast. How many cups of stuffing per quart? That’s what we wanted to know.


Feeding Your Family and Friends at thanksgiving with stuffing and food is always fun, but it can also be a challenge – just how do I calculate how much stuffing per guest?

What about store-bought stuffing – The average box of store-bought stuffing mix will serve about 6 people. Or another way of saying this is for every six guests (or family) you will need to buy one box of stuffing. (Source: onepotdishrecipe.com)


A basic stuffing contains breadcrumbs, onion that is finely chopped, a herb like sage plus salt and pepper. Then to bind the basic stuffing together butter and egg are used. That is it for the most basic and easy stuffing you can make. However, there really is both an art and science to making a good stuffing for a turkey or a chicken. A good homemade stuffing using fresh herbs and special dry bread (cubed bread) can really bring flavor to your stuffed turkey.

Sometimes, you might not know exactly how many people you need to feed. Your family members or friends, or your kids’ soccer team. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to make sure that if they are a bit more hungry than the average family then a great way to make the turkey roast go further is to bake and make some extra stuffing. (Source: onepotdishrecipe.com)


This extra stuffing can be made in a casserole dish in the oven. You can also use a crock pot (crock pot stuffing is really delicious) slow cooker or at a pinch wrap it in a baking sheet of aluminum foil and put it in the oven and bake at roasting temperature.

If you have too much cornbread and food – just budget of 1/4 cup of stuffing per person for light eaters – or if you have a frozen turkey and can not pre stuff it – wrap it in aluminum foil and cook the stuffing separately. (Source: onepotdishrecipe.com)


Here is what I do when I do not have enough stuffing to go around. I take the recipe beyond the basic, classic recipe that often will include croutons or bread cubes, some onion, diced celery, chicken seasoning, salt, butter, and chicken stock. You can then and make it into a round roll of stuffing delight or add a southern cornbread dressing to the mix for that extra flavor that will wow my big group. With stuffing, there are so many ways you can enhance the flavor and even texture. Italian bread tends to have a more chewy texture – try that -or replacing the chicken stock with a homemade dressing recipe can really add zing.

This is also the same as how much stuffing do I need for a 23 lb turkey? – You will need stuffing for 14 people. – You can check the chart above also if you have slightly more or less people for your family reunion at thanksgiving – by for 14 people you will need 7 cups of stuffing or 3.5 boxes of store-bought stuffing. (Source: onepotdishrecipe.com)


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