How Do You Write Mba on a Resume OOR

How Do You Write Mba on a Resume OOR

How Do You Write Mba on a Resume


Volunteer experience is not mandatory but is highly desirable for an MBA applicant. It can be a great way to prove your passion in a particular area and also to gain measurable leadership skills and collaboration experience. The key here is to link between your volunteer experiences and measurable business impact. So rather than just saying “Volunteered at Adult Literacy Awareness Society”, you should try and highlight what you achieved there, for example “As a volunteer at the Adult Literacy Awareness Society, created a system to leverage cross-platform user data to improve community outreach by 30%”.


Rather than beginning your resume with a list of employment history, start with your education, licenses, skills, and qualifications. By placing your focus on these attributes, you may pique the hiring manager’s interest before he or she notes your lack of direct work experience. When it comes to the job history section, however, don’t be afraid to list your former jobs that might not be 100% related. Every job you hold has the potential to offer transferable skills to a new and different workplace. What did you learn at jobs A, B, and C that will help you in job D? Also list any relevant volunteer work in its own section, as this may help make up for a lack of paid experience.

The education section of a resume establishes your foundational knowledge of a particular industry, academic discipline, or occupation. On an MBA resume, you should include all higher education and degrees you have received, including the concentration of your MBA program, if applicable. If you are currently enrolled in school, also include any pending degrees. Consider leaving graduation dates off in order to avoid age discrimination. Listing your GPA is a personal choice; if you receive magna or summa cum laude, you may want to showcase that achievement. (Source: www.onlinemba.com)


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