Hospital Resume Format Pdf OOR

Hospital Resume Format Pdf OOR

Hospital Resume Format Pdf


Staff Nurse – Geriatric: In this specialty Staff Nurses provide medical care to patients of old age. Explain the scope of your role in terms of diagnostic testing, administering medications, developing care plans, and treatment protocols for your patients. Your direct involvement with physician examinations, monitoring medical equipment and machines during operations and procedures, would be of interest to hiring managers. From an admin perspective, mention the fact that you write progress reports and update medical records of your patients and the frequency in which you do them


Staff nurses require specific state licensing and certifications especially those who hold the title of a registered nurse. Licensing is prescribed by the state in question and may also require Staff Nurses to maintain their licensing/credential status. This is done by participating in 20 to 30 hours of continuing professional development with courses and training programs. Staff Nurses are also required to pass industry exams, prep programs and state-approved internships (applicable for newbies). Make sure you include all courses, programs, licensing, and accreditations obtained by completion date, level passed, institution, and member identification.

Next on the resume agenda is the scope of your daily activities. If you are more of a generalist Staff Nurse, you can provide information about what a typical day (or night) looks like as a nursing professional. Be specific about times, schedules, and frequencies. For instance; meeting patients and assigning them to the appropriate wards, assisting with the completion of indemnity forms, doing hourly rounds to take vitals and assisting with physical and emotional prepping for pending operations. If you are more specialized, let’s say a theatre staff nurse, prospective employers would want to know how you prep the operating theatre, your knowledge and familiarity with the different types of surgical instruments and also how adept you are at interpreting date from operating theatre equipment like blood pressure or heart rate monitors. (Source: www.resumeviking.com)


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