Hospital Cleaning Resume Sample OOR

Hospital Cleaning Resume Sample OOR

Hospital Cleaning Resume Sample


A Hospital Housekeeper works in a hospital and other health facilities and undertakes the duty of maintaining a sterile environment in and around the facility. The job description entails maintaining a clean and germ-free environment and keeping the areas free from germs, and diseases. Other daily work activities are listed on the Hospital Housekeeper Resume as – responding to emergencies in relation to cleaning hospital environment, cleaning and wiping windows, floors; disposing of wastes in wastebaskets; dusting furniture as well as equipment; collecting dirty clothes for washing, wiping out blood and other body fluids and then disinfecting the area of contacts; and using various types of cleaning equipment to clean the surface and equipment.


The key to writing a winning cleaner resume is to make your potential employers realize how much they need you over all the other cleaners and cleaning services out there. To make yourself stand out, detail your skill set down to the smallest specialty because you never know who might need perfectly polished silver or the help of someone who knows how to get water marks off wooden tables. This is the one place it's perfectly all right to brag, so don't be modest.

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Hospital housekeeping jobs can be toilsome but rewarding. It is motivating to know that you are contributing to a safe and hygienic environment for patients who are in need. On your housekeeping resume, you want to emphasize your reliability and specific cleaning skills. When looking for a hospital housekeeping position, expect that a high school diploma or GED may be required and possibly some previous cleaning experience. You'll likely encounter a lot of patients and employees on each shift, so it's a job well-suited for someone who likes people and being active.

Finally, include a section on your resume where you inform your future employer of your educational background. Note the name of your school and, if you graduated, what year you finished your education. If you completed a GED instead, make note of that. If you have any licenses or continuing education beyond high school or even college, include that in the section as well. Although these courses may not apply directly to housekeeping, they will show your future employer that you find it valuable to continue improving yourself. (Source:work.chron.com))


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