Hive Internal Vs External Table

Hive Internal Vs External Table


Whether you are trying to decide between a Hive Internal or External Table, there are a few things to keep in mind. These include data location, replication policy, and syntax.


Creating a Hive table can be confusing. It's important to know the difference between an internal and an external table. These types of tables are created by Hive and affect data management.

An internal table is used for data that is not being loaded into the warehouse. It can be used for temporary tables or for data that needs to be updated. These types of tables are like normal database tables.

An external table is used when data is stored in a remote location. These types of tables can point to the original data location, or they can point to a folder within the HDFS filesystem. They are similar to BigQuery tables.

An external table can be used by other clients. They can also be used by other Hadoop utilities such as spark. It's important to note that the data in an external table is managed externally.

An external table can be created by selecting the appropriate PARTITION_TYPE = USER_SPECIFIED parameter. You can also specify the number of buckets. The bucket column ordering is optional. It can be a string literal, a PARQUET, or an ascending or descending order. It's important to note that an external table cannot support ACID properties.

An internal table can also support ACID properties. However, you should use caution when dropping an internal table. You should also ensure that a backup is created of your data. If you drop an internal table, all of the data in the table will be lost.

An internal table should not be used for critical data. If the data is not important, an external table is a better option. For example, it would not make sense to keep multiple copies of a large dataset.

Data location

Using an external Hive table is a good idea in most real-world situations. It prevents accidental loss of data.

An external table is a file that describes the metadata of an external file. It is also useful for accessing data stored in a remote location in HDFS. Unlike an internal table, an external table can be used by a client that is not hive.

Depending on the type of data stored in an external table, the data may or may not be cached. It is important to note that this is only the case for managed tables.

In contrast, an external table does not allow for any update or delete operations. However, an external table can be used to perform select operations. Moreover, an external table can be used to create a background on tables.

An external Hive table is an alternative to using an internal table. An external table can store data in any location in HDFS. An external table can be used to access data stored in Azure Storage Volumes or other external HDFS locations.

It is important to note that the data on an external table cannot be retrieved in an ACID-compliant way. In contrast, data on an internal table is stored internally in a warehouse directory. It is also important to note that the data on an internal table can be deleted. However, it will be lost if the internal table is dropped.

An external table can be created in the warehouse directory and specified in the LOCATION property of the table. An external table can also be restored by creating a new table that points to the original data location.

Depending on the type of data, an external table can support primitive data types, such as array, struct, and map. In addition, an external table can support cluster and materialized views.

Replication policy

Depending on your requirements, you might want to replicate external or internal Hive tables. Using an internal table means that you'll be migrating your data from one Hive cluster to another. On the other hand, external tables allow you to access your data from outside the Hive environment. This can help you improve performance and manage data storage more efficiently.

You can replicate external tables using the same commands you use for internal tables. You'll also need to create a destination cluster. You can use the CDP CLI to create HDFS replication policies for your external tables.

You can use the Describe command to see what information Hive has about the table you're replicating. You can also use the SHOW TRANSACTIONS command to see what transactions are open.

When replicating external tables, you must create the table in the correct HDFS path. This is important because Hive expects you to manage files in this scenario. If the table is in a different path, you'll need to update your replication schedule.

You can also specify your data file format options at the external table level. These options take precedence over stage level settings. You can configure the named file format and the bucket count to determine the data file format.

If you plan to use the BDR tool, you must include your external tables in the replication schedule. Failing to do so will prevent BDR from generating a diff report. In addition, BDR will fail to run the diff report when you're trying to restore data.

You can also enable statistics on external tables. The statistics_enabled session property can be used to enable statistics for a table. If you do not have this property, you will need to enable it by creating a custom script.

Reactivating policies after upgrading from DLM 1.4.0 to 1.5.0

Upon upgrading your DLM from version 1.4.0 to 1.5.0, your system may enter a state of suspended animation. If so, you may want to consider reactivating your system before re-loading it from the RAM to a new Boot Location. This is a recommended procedure to prevent upgrade related hiccups.

When re-activating the system, you will see a welcome message on the screen that explains the process. You will need to choose between Automatic and Manual. Unless you have internet access, you may want to choose Manual.

The aforementioned system re-loading procedure may cause a Failover event on an Active HA mode BIG-IP system. In addition to rolling back to the previous Boot Location, you may want to perform a complete restart. You may also want to re-activate your license. If you're lucky, you may see a brief period of traffic processing on the re-loaded configuration.

In summary, reactivating your DLM entails an unattended reload of your system's saved config from RAM. The process will also verify the license's service check date. The aforementioned re-load may be the most time consuming part of the upgrade process. However, reactivating the system is a worthwhile endeavor.

The aforementioned re-load may also trigger a more expensive Failover event on an Active HA mode BIG-IP system. For these reasons, F5 strongly recommends re-activating your system before performing an upgrade. Fortunately, this is an easy process. After re-activating the system, you are ready to upgrade. You can then follow the upgrade steps outlined in the following table. Upon completion, you may need to re-load the system's main configuration file. This will ensure your BIG-IP system is ready for its next adventure. If you're unsure which steps to take, check out F5's upgrade preparation guide.

Removing tables from the metastore

Performing a DROP TABLE on an external table removes the table and all its data from the Hive Metastore. This is similar to the way that Hive manages internal tables. However, it does not remove data from the Hive file system. This is done through a special procedure.

Before performing a DROP TABLE on an external table, you need to configure the table so that the data is deleted along with the table. This is done by configuring the PARTITION_TYPE = USER_SPECIFIED parameter. Depending on the type of data stored in the table, you can either remove all partitions or selectively remove them.

You can also perform a DROP DATABASE on an external table. However, the DROP DATABASE command includes several optional clauses that you can add to change the behavior of the statement. For example, you can add a case-sensitive argument, which is a true or false value that changes the behavior of the USE statement.

DROP TABLE is also useful for removing a table from the Hive Metastore. It also performs a soft deletion in the trash folder. The IF EXISTS clause will check if the table exists before dropping it. This method is not recommended for all tables, as it may leave data in the Hive database.

If you do not want to perform a DROP TABLE on an existing table, you can also use the USE statement. This statement will switch to the default database. However, this method also leaves the existing database intact.

You can also use the HCAT_CACHE_SYNC stored procedure to sync the Hive metastore with the Big SQL catalog. This feature is not available in all releases of Big SQL. However, it is the default in releases after 4.2. The stored procedure is triggered by the HCAT_SYNC_OBJECTS call.

Hive SQL Create, Load, Insert, and Show

Hive SQL Create Load Insert  Show

Creating, loading, inserting, and showing data using Hive SQL is easy. But there are some things to know before you start. Using the correct terminology will make your job easier.

Select clause without FROM

Adding data to a Hive table can be done by using the SELECT clause. The SELECT clause allows you to define the columns that will be included in the result of your query. It is a powerful and efficient way to insert data into a Hive table.

The select clause is used in conjunction with the INSERT INTO command. The query should specify the output format and the number of rows to be returned. In addition, the table must have a WHERE condition. The OR operator can be used to combine the WHERE clause with the select clause. The PARTITION optional clause can be used to specify a partition.

The select clause can also be used to aggregate multiple columns. If you specify the aggregate function, it will perform calculations across all the columns in the group. In addition, the alias can be used to distinguish between columns with the same name in different tables.

If you have a large database, joins may be inefficient. However, you can use a SORTED BY clause to optimize certain queries. This will sort the rows based on the value of a column.

Hive has a variety of built-in functions. These include math functions, date functions, and string functions. In addition to converting strings to Timestamps, these functions also extract parts of the Timestamp.

You can also use functions to compute the grouping key. The advance DateTime column is an example of this. In the example, the city column is set to Delhi. The DateTime column is used to sort rows.

Hive also supports a number of built-in functions. These include the CLUSTERED BY clause, which optimizes certain queries.

If you need to remove duplicate rows from a result set, you can use the DISTINCT option. The ALL option is similar to the DISTINCT option.

Multiple insert clauses

INSERT and INSERT OVERWRITE are two ways to load data into a Hive table. The first is a pure copy/move operation, while the second is a more complex one that actually replaces existing data in the table. The SELECT clause is also an effective way to insert data into a Hive table.

The INSERT statement can load data into a single table, a partitioned table, or a partitioned table with a Bucket. The insert statement uses map-reduce sections to optimize the load process. Hive performs ACID operations automatically. The Hive platform is a key to fast inserts.

The SELECT statement, like the INSERT statement, is not an if...else construct. It is a more general statement that enables you to copy records from a table or from a parent table, to a target table. You can also include a PARTITION clause to specify a partition. If a partitioned table has not been created, the operation will fail.

The ROW FORMAT DELIMITED statement is not supported by Hive. This means that you can only use this operation if you have a SEQUENCEFILE or TEXTFILE. You can also specify a DELIMITED escape character.

Similarly, the ROW FORMAT SERDE can only be used if you have a TEXTFILE. The ROW FORMAT DELIMITED command also specifies a null character, which is useful for a column without a value. You can also include an AS keyword if you are creating a new column.

The SELECT statement is a good example of the Hive platform's ability to perform a number of different operations. The SELECT statement uses common table expressions and can include other operators such as a WHERE condition. In Hive version 1.3.1 or 2.0, you can also use the PARTITION clause to insert records into a Hive partitioned table.


Using indexes in Hive SQL, you can improve the speed of queries. Indexes also provide a way to search through large data sets.

Indexes are usually used in WHERE clauses. The Hive index class handler specifies the type of index and the distributed file system directory where the index data will be stored. The class handler also specifies the delimiter for structure fields. This delimiter is the value that is used to separate array items in the index.

Indexes in Hive can be used for external views. These views will filter the data from the table before it is stored in the Hive table. They are also useful when end-users do not want to see all the data in the base table. This type of view abstracts away the complexity and simplifies the query.

You can also create materialized views in Hive. With materialized views, the same results can be achieved as if you had added a column to the table. However, the added cost is processing time and additional disk space.

You can also create internal tables in Hive. These tables are like ordinary database tables. However, you must be careful when you drop them. You will no longer receive data from the column that you removed. You will still get the data from the other columns in the table.

You can create a temporary table in Hive. These tables store intermediate data, and are usually created at run time. However, they cannot be used to create partitions. This is because Hive doesn't support CHAR datatype.

You can load data from a file into a Hive table. Data must be in the CSV file format, and header lines are required. You can also use the Fill-in operation to fill in empty fields. This operation iterates through the referenced records, filling in the empty fields.


Depending on the nature of your data set, partitioning can be a useful strategy. This is especially true when you are trying to handle large amounts of data in distributed storage. It also helps to reduce the cost of queries.

Partitions in Hive are a great way to distribute data horizontally and efficiently. They can also be used to quickly execute queries. But before you begin, you should know a few things about partitions in Hive.

Partitioning is the process of dividing data into smaller pieces, known as partitions, which are then stored in a database or file system. There are two main kinds of partitioning. One is static, and the other is dynamic.

Static partitioning allows you to define a table with multiple partition keys. Each partition is stored in a directory on the HDFS.

Dynamic partitioning, on the other hand, is more of a strategic approach to loading data. It creates partitions based on the values of a column in the table. It eliminates the need to pass values in manually. However, it also takes more time to load data than a static partition. For this reason, it is best suited for large data sets that are distributed across multiple nodes.

The first step is to determine the name of the partition you are going to insert into. Then, move the data file into the partition. You can then use the OVERWRITE command to overwrite the contents of the table.

The PARTITIONED BY clause is used to define the columns that make up a partitioned table. For instance, you may want to partition a table by state. The state column is not actually part of the data in the table, but is a virtual column.

O'Reilly learning platform for Hive SQL

Whether you're a seasoned data scientist, an aspiring Big Data analyst or a newbie, O'Reilly's learning platform for Hive SQL Create| Load| Insert gives you a comprehensive introduction to the data warehouse tool. You'll learn how to build queries in Hive and write Hive scripts to perform complex transformations. The book also offers an example-driven introduction to HiveQL.

Hive is a scalable data warehouse tool that uses SQL for executing SQL-like queries and MapReduce for processing large data sets. It's built on top of the Hadoop ecosystem, and it can work with many file formats. It offers programmatic access through JDBC, Thrift, and ODBC. It also has a simple Web GUI.

Hive is often used for batch operations. It's especially useful when the data is relatively static, and doesn't change frequently.

Hive can also run MapReduce jobs in the backend. It can output query results to files. It also supports metadata storage. It can generate complex transformations with temporary tables. It has a Web GUI, and it can be accessed from the command line.

Hive has a number of limitations, however. It can have significant latency because of the size of its data sets. And it doesn't have the same features as an OLAP tool.

However, Hive makes it easier to port SQL-based applications to Hadoop. You can write SQL-like queries and implicitly convert them into MapReduce jobs. You can also create tables in Hive. Hive can be used with NoSQL databases like DynamoDB.

Hive uses a Java Database Connectivity Interface (JDBC) and a Web GUI. You can also use ODBC to programmatically access Hive. You can also use MapReduce Java API to perform certain data manipulation constructs.

Hive can also perform complex transformations using nested queries. Hive also supports user-defined functions.

Apache Hive Introduction & Architecture

Apache Hive Introduction  Architecture

Developing and deploying an Apache Hive solution is a great option for a company looking to store and process big data. Hive offers a scalable, high performance, high availability solution for all types of data. It supports multiple databases and has an execution engine, structured query language, and metastore to simplify the development of queries.

Structured query language

Using Apache Hive, you can query data stored in a Hadoop cluster. The language used by Hive is called Hive Query Language (HQL). It is similar to SQL in that it provides a programming model and data operation operators.

Apache Hive is a highly flexible and cost effective tool for data analysis. It is used by data scientists, engineers and analysts alike. The most common use for Hive is for batch processing ETL jobs. However, it is also used for disaster recovery.

Hive can handle more clusters of data than a traditional database. It is also scalable. It supports tables up to 300PB in ORC format. It also offers an extensive scientific programming package in Python.

Hive's most important feature is its scalability. Its architecture is composed of four main components. They are the external interface, the application-programming interface, the metastore and the database.

The external interface consists of a web user interface and a command line interface. The application-programming interface comprises JDBC and ODBC.

The metastore enables you to persist your Hive metadata. It also performs validation of your relational schema. Lastly, the database releases data that you request. This is the shortest list of data operations that Hive supports.

The "insert" statement writes data to a table. The "update" statement modifies values already written to Hive. It is also possible to delete data from a table.

The "MERGE" statement is a great way to streamline data capture operations. It meets the ACID standard. However, you will be happy to know that it can also be used to target specific subsets of table data.

The "ASC" and "DESC" instruction enables you to sort data in ascending and descending order, respectively.


Using Apache Hive, you can easily read and analyze big data. This open source framework has been developed to optimize scalability and fault-tolerance. Its main function is to process large volumes of data in parallel. It is capable of supporting MapReduce jobs.

Hive supports a number of different file formats. This includes text files, JSON, Avro, and Parquet. It also comes with built-in connectors for Apache ORC and Apache Parquet. It can also extend with connectors for other formats.

Hive's SQL can be extended by user defined table functions. This allows users to perform data cleansing and filtering. Hive also supports user-defined aggregates. These functions can be used to enhance performance and make it easier to build data warehousing frameworks.

Hive uses a SQL-like interface, which makes it easier for developers with RDBMS backgrounds to build data warehousing frameworks. Hive also supports nine data types. It can also handle complex data efficiently.

Hive is used to process data in batch and real-time. It is not designed for online transaction processing workloads. It is also not suitable for frequent data updates. It is better suited for data warehousing and regular reporting of data.

Hive can process billions of records on a distributed storage system. It can also be used to load subsets of big data from HDFS. It does not support duplicate files. It also has a directory structure that improves query performance.

Hive is also capable of performing adhoc-querying. It has built-in connectors for Apache Parquet, Apache ORC, and text files. It can also be used with data-mining tools. It is also capable of performing data encapsulation. It also includes a Processing framework, which helps to execute data warehousing jobs.

Support for multiple databases

Whether you are building a big data analytics pipeline or developing an ad-hoc query, it's important to understand how Apache Hive supports multiple databases. Apache Hive is a data warehouse tool that runs jobs on a Hadoop cluster and stores data in HDFS. The data is accessed through HiveQL, a SQL-like language that supports advanced functionality such as multi-table inserts and schema manipulation.

Hive supports data integration via data connectors, which are top-level objects in Hive. A data connector defines properties required to connect to a datasource. This allows users to map remote databases to Hive.

In Apache Hive, a database is essentially a catalog of tables. Each table has a corresponding HDFS directory. Each directory is associated with a group. Each group is associated with a group owner. Each owner is assigned permissions on the directory and files within the directory. If an object is deleted, data is also removed from the directory.

A Hive database can be created on-the-fly, or the user can create it in advance. Creating a Hive database before running a job can be useful, for example, to avoid table name collisions. However, this approach can be tedious.

An alternative is to use external tables. External tables have retained data, but the metadata is not stored in the hive metastore. If the table is mapped, the data is retrieved at runtime.

A table can be mapped to multiple databases with a data connector. A data connector is a top-level object in Hive that defines properties required to connect to a datasource. An example of a data connector is Oracle. The connector contains default credentials for the remote datasource. The connectors have a closed enumerated set type, which means that Hive can determine which driver class to use.


Using Apache Hive Metastore, an organization can create an object store. This object store is stored in a relational database such as PostgreSQL. This store holds the metadata that is used to describe the structure and location of objects.

Hive Metastore is an object store, and it stores metadata for objects created in Apache Hive. The metadata helps the driver to track the status and progress of data sets. In addition, the metadata is used to typecheck query trees.

The Metastore database is separated from the Hive process, and stored in a backend RDBMS. The main reason for storing metadata in a relational database is queriability. However, the main disadvantage of using a separate data store is synchronization issues and scalability.

Hive Metastore is used by Hive and Impala servers. Hive uses the Metastore to store the structure of object storage, which it then uses to map objects to tables. In addition, it also stores information about the objects that are created in Hive.

Hive's metadata architecture is similar to the entity-attribute-value representation of objects. Hive metadata is stored in a relational database, and the metadata is used to describe the objects.

In addition to Hive, other data applications can use the API to map objects to tables. The Metastore service provides a Thrift interface, which is used to access the metadata.

Hive Metastore is used in Apache Spark. In addition, Spark uses a Remote Metastore Server. The Remote Metastore Server connects to the underlying relational database.

A Remote Metastore Server uses the Thrift protocol. This protocol was developed by Facebook to meet the needs of its Big Data ecosystem. It supports dynamically typed languages.

Execution engine

Using Apache Hive, you can process huge amounts of data and perform various types of operations on it. Hive supports SQL commands and custom-based scripts. You can also submit a query to the hive via its user interface. Then, the hive will translate the query into a MapReduce job. The MapReduce job will split the data into chunks and perform map-reduce tasks. This process is used to perform analytical processing in near real-time.

Apache Hive has a WebHCat component that allows users to perform Hive metadata operations via HTTP. This component also helps in Hadoop jobs.

Using Hive, you can perform different types of operations on data, like summarization and Adhoc queries. You can also use the HQL language to write queries. The HQL language is very similar to SQL.

Hive also has a metastore, which is an RDBMS that stores metadata information about the objects and tables in Hive. This information includes the serializer, deserializer, and type information for columns. It also helps in data discovery. The metastore is a very important component of the Hive architecture.

The Hive compiler uses metadata stored in the metastore to generate an execution plan. It also uses the metastore to execute metadata operations. In addition to this, the Hive optimizer performs transformation operations to improve the efficiency of a query. It is also possible to add custom properties to the query.

The Hive query compiler performs semantic analysis on the query expression and generates an execution plan. The plan is a DAG, which is a sequence of stages. It also has a textual explain plan, which is a descriptive line diagram that explains the plan. This can help developers to better understand how the query optimizer works.

Senegal Vs Pases Bajos 0-2

515 NOW PLAYING  Watch later Add to queue Senegal vs Pases Bajos 02

0:2 - Pases Bajos. Senegal's goal was scored by Issa Souma, who got on the end of a cross from Samir Kabir. It was Senegal's second goal in the match. The win means they've now scored a total of four goals in the last two matches.


Taking place in Qatar, the Senegal vs. Paises Bajos match will be seen on Spanish and Argentine televisions. It is the first competitive match of the 2022 World Cup. Both teams are trying to make it to the tournament and both generate plenty of chances to score.

The match was played at the Al Thumama Stadium, which is located in Qatar. The match was played in front of a considerable number of empty seats. The match was accompanied by a good atmosphere of both teams and their fans. The match was broadcast by DSports and will be shown on the DSports channel, which can be viewed on DirecTV. The match was also broadcast on the Spanish television channel, which is known as 'Blue To Go Video Everywhere'.

The match was played in front of a large number of fans, both from the home country of Senegal and from Paises Bajos. Both teams are known for their offensive football and they generate many chances to score. The match was played to the rhythm of the drums and the dancing of the Senegal fans. The match is a World Cup qualifier, and the Senegal team will have to play without their star player, Sadio Mane. The loss of Mane clearly felt in the match.

The match was dominated by Senegal. They played a good match, but they were still missing the swagger of their star player, Sadio Mane. The loss of Mane will mean that they will have to replace him with a new player. The team will also need to replace Memphis Depay, who is missing the game due to injury. The former Real Madrid and Barcelona player is currently sidelined with a muscular injury.

The match was accompanied by a large number of empty seats, and the match was accompanied by a good atmosphere of both teams and their fans. The match was played to the rhythm of the drums and the dancing of the Senegal fans. The match was broadcast by DSports and will be shown on the DSports channel, which can be viewed on DirecTV. The match was also broadcast on the Spanish television channel, which is known as 'Blue To Go Video Everywhere'.

The match was played in front of a large number of fans, both from the home country of Senegal and from Paises Bajos. Both teams are known for their offensive football and they generate many chances to score. The match was played to the rhythm of the drums and the dancing of the Senegal fans. The match is a World Cup qualifier, and the Senegal team will have to play without their star player, Sadio Mane. The loss of Mane will mean that they will have to replace him with a new player.


Despite being without its leading scorer Sadio Mane, Senegal faced a tough task when it faced Paises Bajos 0-2 in its first group match of the Qatar 2022 World Cup on Monday. The match was played at the Hanoi National Stadium and will decide which team joins the USA and Wales in the Round of 16. Both teams will be looking to join Ecuador on the leaderboard.

Senegal has been playing excellent football in the first half. Their attacks have come at a fair rate and the team has also given the Dutch defenders a lot to do. However, it was still a case of keeping their goalkeeper Andries Noppert on his toes. Fortunately for Senegal, it wasn't too long before they managed to break through. In the 41st minute, Abdou Diallo launched a cross to Pape Gueye, who failed to connect with the cross.

Senegal kept the Netherlands on the back foot for much of the first half, and they managed to keep their goalkeeper Andries Noppert busy. However, it wasn't until the 82nd minute that they broke the tie. Davy Klaassen scored a rebound after Mendy had saved a shot from Memphis Depay. The Dutch defender had already been involved in a couple of shots in the first half.

In the second half, Depay was relegated to the bench. The Netherlands had an early chance in the second half, when Virgil van Dijk headed over a cross from Gakpo. But the Netherlands' backline didn't make any major mistakes. There were no serious fouls in the second half, and Depay avoided a lot of chances to shoot. He did manage to launch a line-drive pass past Senegal's backline, and Mendy had to parry the shot. But he could have had a much more dangerous shot if his shot had come at a better angle.

The Netherlands were underwhelming. Despite that, the team managed to win against a team that is not even close to the level of competition they will face in the finals. However, the team could do better against teams that are not as strong.

After the first half, Senegal began to create a lot of peligro and tried to mount a comeback. They managed to get four shots on goal. They also had two chances that were saved by Noppert. The Dutch defender was also able to make some crucial saves in the first half, as Mendy tipped a low shot from Pape Gueye and then repelled a dangerous shot from Pape Gueye.

In the second half, Depay and Klaassen each had chances. Depay was able to turn a rebound after Mendy saved a shot from Mendy, and Klaassen was able to head in the rebound. The Dutch defender also had a chance in the last minute of the game, when he had a chance to score a goal, but missed the shot.


Considering the fact that the Senegal vs. Netherlands match was the first ODI match played in Qatar 2022, one might be inclined to ask whether the match is a good one or a bad one. Although it was a close match, it did not produce any major surprises. However, the Netherlands managed to fight back.

The first half was a real battle with a lot of situations on both sides. In fact, it was the only half of the game that produced a goal. That goal came from Davy Klaassen. He scored after his team rebuffed Memphis Depay. He made a great pass to Cody Gakpo, who scored the goal from the resulting gol.

The first half was played at the Al-Thumama Stadium. The stadium is located in Al-Thumama, Tunisia. It hosted the Copa del Mundo. It is not known if the stadium has a television broadcast, but it was legal to watch the match online.

Although the Netherlands had the better of the play in the first half, Senegal showed great vertigo. The Dutch team had a clear advantage in technical skills. However, Senegal's players showed that they could be dangerous as well.

Despite the fact that they failed to score a goal in the first half, the Netherlands' defense was good enough to prevent Senegal from passing the ball to the back. The Dutch were also able to hold possession for most of the match. It is a good sign for Van Gaal's team, since they managed to advance to the second round of qualifying. It also means that they have a better chance of reaching Group A in the Mundial Qatar 2022.

The second half was played at the same venue, but the playing surface was different. The Dutch were able to control the ball, and they were able to make several opportunities to score. In fact, they were close to their first goal. However, they managed to make it to the final five minutes. The first goal came from Cody Gakpo, who was able to capitalize on a long pass from Frenkie De Jong. The second goal came from Davy Klaassen, who rebuffed Memphis Depay.

The match ended with a two-a-zero scoreline for the Netherlands. However, it was not a fair or balanced match. The Netherlands had the best chances of scoring, but they failed to do so. On the other hand, Senegal had the best chances of avoiding a defeat. Their best chances were the shots that were deviated from the goal line, and the ones that were missed. They also made a lot of errors.

One of the most important events in the match was the remate between the Dutch and Senegal. In this remate, Memphis Depay fought back with Davy Klaassen. In the end, Depay remarked that the remate was the most important thing that happened in the match.

Senegal Celebrates Day of Fonio As Food Insecurity Looms

Senegal Celebrates Day of Fonio as Food Insecurity Looms  VOANews

Thousands of people in Senegal are celebrating the day of fonio, a grain that is important to the country's economy. The crop thrives in drier soil and is a key source of food for people. But in recent years, fonio farmers have been hit by food insecurity and other challenges.

Sadio Mane could miss the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Despite having a good start to his career with Liverpool, Sadio Mane is set to miss multiple games in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. His injury, which was revealed in a Bundesliga game against Werder Bremen, is a huge blow to Senegal, who were favored to win the African Cup of Nations and advance to the group stages.

The Senegal Football Federation said that Mane was set to miss "the first games" of the tournament. This was a bit of a red herring because Mane has already missed the last two games of the Bundesliga season.

Despite Senegal's impressive squad, Mane is one of the most important players in the squad. He was a key part of the team that reached the final of the Africa Cup of Nations and helped guide them to a 2021 title. He was also considered a major contender for the Ballon d'Or.

The Senegal federation hoped that Mane would be able to get back in the swing of things in time for the World Cup. However, the injury was discovered in the final game of the season against Werder Bremen.

Mane was forced off early in the game. He has now undergone surgery to repair his injured right fibula. Although the surgery was performed in Innsbruck, Germany, and the recovery process is expected to take a few weeks, he will return to club action in the near future.

Although Mane is a good player, the injury is a major setback for Senegal and it will be difficult to overcome. The African champions will face the Netherlands and Ecuador in their group, and they will need him to have a big impact on their campaign in Qatar.

Climate change is disrupting livelihoods for millions of people in Africa

Across Africa, climate change is threatening livelihoods and food security. Flooding, droughts, and shifts in rainfall magnitude are disrupting agriculture and increasing competition for scarce water sources. These changes are also putting people and livestock at risk.

Climate change is also a contributing factor to conflicts and poverty. Long-running conflicts in Africa are driving millions of people to the fringes of survival. Combined with economic downturns, the current food crisis demands urgent humanitarian aid.

Climate change also threatens the livelihoods of millions of farmers. Gradual changes are destroying crops and pastures. People and livestock are also facing increased competition for scarce resources.

Climate change also affects the health of people. Extreme air pollution, water pollution, and malnutrition are all linked to climate change. It is also linked to an increase in disease. The World Health Organization reports that climate change is linked to an increase in malaria and diarrhea.

In the Sahel region, one of the fastest growing displacement crises in the world, more than three million people have fled their homes. The region has seen the fastest rise in the number of people needing emergency food assistance. In sub-Saharan Africa, 114 million people are facing severe food insecurity. This is the highest number of acutely food insecure people ever reported.

In West and Central Africa, agriculture contributes 30 to 50 percent of GDP. However, the agricultural sector is unable to feed the increasing population. The rising costs of producing food are putting the livelihoods of millions of farmers at risk. In addition, climate change is affecting water sources, biodiversity, and soil health.

In sub-Saharan Africa, agriculture is the primary source of income for more than half of the population. But the region is facing its worst food crisis in 40 years. The food system is off-track, resulting in a triple burden of malnutrition.

Fonio thrives in drier soil

During the month of July, Senegal celebrates Fonio Day. It is a day when peasants in the country celebrate the birth of fonio, an important grain that is eaten like porridge or couscous. The day also signals a celebration of the country's rich crop diversity.

The country is a hub for African sorghum, fonio, African cowpea, and African yam. As a result, there is a growing emphasis on the production and consumption of these grains. This is important for Senegalese food security and the climate.

The Senegalese Association of Peasant Seed Producers (ASPSP) has been around for more than a decade. It is composed of local federations of peasants. This group has been active in the agricultural and seed-related arenas, from seed saving and marketing to the establishment of agrifood processing units. Its members come from all over Senegal.

It is also the country's largest agroecology NGO. The association belongs to the National Federation of Organic Agriculture. It is involved in all aspects of agroecology, from training farmers to promoting sustainable development.

The ASPSP has been able to strengthen ties between participating organisations. In the past, most of these organisations were dispersed over the country, but now they have centralized their operations in Dakar. Agroecology is an effective way to boost local economies. In addition, it is an effective way to combat climate change. The country has been afflicted by drought and floods over the past decades. These have exacerbated food insecurity amongst the poor and deprived. In addition, there is a growing emphasis on the use of locally grown grains in the diets of the poor.

Aside from the many agroecology NGOs, there are two NGOs that have played a pioneering role in agroecology in Senegal. One is ENDA-Pronat and the other is Agrecole Afrique.

Social distancing measures in place

Taking a page from the social science playbook, many governments are taking action to strengthen social safety nets. While it might be a while before we see the return on our investment, it is a worthwhile endeavor to think about the right questions to ask before jumping into the deep end. For example, what does it take to implement a social safety plan? The answer to that question is an informed, data-driven decision. The best place to start is with a comprehensive assessment of the current landscape, with a focus on the strengths and weaknesses of existing programs. What is most important is ensuring that these programs are responsive and deliver results. In particular, a clear understanding of the population and their needs is essential for improving outcomes and improving the quality of life. This includes ensuring that the government and the people are accountable and transparent.

A review of the literature found that the best way to improve the effectiveness of these programs is to provide clear guidelines and clear communication. This includes educating the public on the most appropriate and effective methods of interacting with the program and their assigned representatives. This could include a formal policy framework and a well-defined set of objectives for program evaluation and implementation. It is also important to consider the social and physical environment of the program, as well as the population of program participants. In particular, this means a holistic approach to program design and implementation, including identification of and remedial action for those with inadequate social networks and inadequate personal support.

Growing fonio

Throughout West Africa, people have been growing fonio for more than 5,000 years. The small grain, native to the region, is a staple food that thrives in poor, sandy soils. It is drought-resistant, high in protein and amino acids, and gluten-free.

As food insecurity looms in Africa, Senegal is focusing on grain production. In particular, fonio production has tripled since 1990. However, farmers are still struggling to produce enough grain at export quality.

In an effort to increase fonio production, French non-governmental organization SOS Sahel is working with a network of farmers. They are focusing on food security, nutrition, and improving land. SOS Sahel aims to increase fonio production by 900 tonnes by 2024.

To make fonio affordable for farmers, researchers at SOS Sahel are applying modern seed selection techniques. They are also testing different harvesting techniques. They will apply their findings to training sessions for farmers. They have also worked with women, who have learned the principles of collective decision making.

Another initiative by SOS Sahel is to create an open, transparent supply chain for fonio. Farmers who sell their fonio to a buyer, such as Yolele, will bypass intermediaries, which will ensure that farmers make a fair income.

To process fonio, farmers have to hand crack the hull. They then process the grain by washing it. These methods are labor-intensive. New technologies have mechanized dehulling and threshing.

Aissatou Ndiaye grows fonio on 50 hectares of land near Kedougou. She has been able to benefit from the assistance of NGOs and financing. She also imports fonio from neighboring countries. She is concerned about the impact of new interest in fonio on the local population.

Watch Senegal Vs Netherlands Live Online

LIVE Soccer fans in a Dakar fan zone watch Senegal v Netherlands

Across Africa, soccer fans are gathering in fan zones to watch their favorite teams play games. The Dutch and Senegalese are scheduled to play today, and many fans are looking forward to seeing their team in action. If you want to watch the game, you can find live coverage on Sling TV, FuboTV and Hulu+ Live TV.

Match preview

Considering that the Fifa World Cup is kicking off in the Senegalese capital, football is a big deal in our fair city. While a majority of the population is a footloose and fancy free, there is still a plethora of footy fanatics out there. Some of the best aren't shy about sharing the spotlight with the rest of us. After all, who knows who will pounce on the first fistful of balls. Of course, you could be in for a major tiff as well, such as those in the opposition. So, which team should you pick for your next gaff? It's a matter of preference and your budget, of course. One thing is certain, the winner is going to be a hard choice. The other ten will be a close second.

Sling TV

Streaming is a convenient way to watch World Cup soccer matches online. There are many different services to choose from. Some are free, while others require a subscription. You can watch the games on your desktop or mobile device. Some may even be able to stream the match to your TV through your computer.

Senegal's national football team competes in the Confederation of African Football, or CAF. They have reached the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup twice, and reached the semifinals in the Africa Cup of Nations. The Lions of Teranga are coached by Aliou Cisse.

Senegal's vs. Netherlands game will be on Fox Sports in the US, while Telemundo will televise the match in Spanish. You can also catch the match on Sling TV, which offers complete English broadcasts. The Sling TV site will let you sign up and add your desired package.

Other streaming services include YouTube TV, which provides live and on demand content from a variety of sources. The site is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can even sign up for a free trial.

Another option is to visit the site of beIN Sports, a network that broadcasts live soccer matches from around the world. The site offers a channel finder tool that will tell you where you can watch the match.

If you are looking for a free alternative to a cable subscription, you may want to consider Hulu with Live TV. This streaming service will let you watch live sports games, as well as news events. If you have a compatible device, you can add it to your Roku or other smart TV.

Hulu + Live TV

Streaming services are a great way to watch soccer games from around the world. They allow you to watch on your computer, mobile device, or TV. They also offer on-demand content, so you can replay games you missed. You can also subscribe to a streaming service and get access to a large library of shows and movies.

There are several options available to watch Senegal soccer games. For example, DIRECTV subscribers can watch the games on the Soccer channel. For those who don't have a cable subscription, there are some free trial offers that can get you started.

Another option is to subscribe to a streaming service, like fuboTV. This service offers extensive coverage of soccer games from around the world. Those who subscribe to fuboTV will get access to Fox, S4C, STV, and the Fox Network.

Alternatively, you can watch the Senegal soccer games on YouTube TV. This subscription service is available on the App Store, Google Play, and on Chromecast. With YouTube TV, you can watch live TV from the major U.S. networks, including Fox, ESPN, and NBC.

The Netherlands are coming off a 2-0 victory over reigning African champions, Senegal. Netherlands head coach Louis van Gaal is hopeful that his team can beat the squad that reached the 2014 World Cup final.

Senegal will be without star forward Sadio Mane, who is still recovering from an injury he sustained while playing for Bayern Munich. He was expected to make a full recovery in time for the tournament in Qatar. However, head coach Aliou Cisse has said that he'll need to replace the injured player.


Streaming services are a great way to watch live sports on your computer or mobile device. Some services, such as FuboTV and Peacock, offer extensive coverage of soccer matches from around the world.

Senegal v Netherlands will be the first-ever international football match between the two countries. The match will take place at the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha. The kickoff time is 11 a.m. EST, and the match will be broadcast on Fox in English.

Fans in Senegal can watch this game on television. Several television channels will offer live coverage of the game.

Senegal has been a strong team in recent years. They won the Africa Cup of Nations earlier this year, and are a serious contender for the World Cup in 2022. They will be without superstar Sadio Mane, who has suffered a leg injury. The national team is also missing star striker Memphis Depay.

Fans can watch Senegal v Netherlands live stream on several streaming services. Streaming services will allow you to watch the game on your computer or mobile device, while radio stations will provide live commentary.

Senegal is a country in West Africa, and borders Guinea-Bissau to the west, Mauritania to the north, and Mali to the east. It has a population of about 16 million people. Its official language is French. There are a number of other languages spoken in the country.

Origins of Europe's soccer success

Throughout the world, soccer is a big business. The rich and powerful teams have long been thought to generate the bulk of sport's revenue. However, the recent Super League announcement raised many eyebrows. The news leaked well before its official announcement.

European clubs were shocked when the world's richest soccer league announced plans to group the best teams in one competition. The league, dubbed the Super League, would be based in Europe.

The announcement raised hopes that Europe could once again dominate the sport. Previously, the best teams in Britain and Germany dominated the continent's club football. They had been able to keep players from other countries. But as more and more soccer associations emerged, the European majority within FIFA diminished.

The Super League was an unexpected alliance between two teams that wanted to remain on good terms with European soccer's governing body. They were Juventus and Liverpool. The pair were eager to join the league. They would be joined by Atletico Madrid.

The announcement sparked an immediate public outcry in Britain. The teams were surrounded by fans outside the stadiums. But the protests were short lived. The teams were eventually banned from the league indefinitely.

The announcement reverberated around the world. European clubs rushed to prepare a counterattack against the Super League. They drafted a joint communique. They were pressed for time. Some were afraid they could be punished by European soccer's governing body.

Up next

Thousands of fans gather in a fan zone in Dakar, Senegal to watch the Senegal vs Netherlands group stage World Cup match. Many feel that Senegal is the best African team ever to take part in the World Cup.

The Senegal national football team is managed by the Senegalese Football Federation. They are members of FIFA and the Confederation of African Football. The Confederation controls regulations for African association football and prize money.

Louis van Gaal is the Dutch manager at the World Cup. He will be glad of the result.

The first half of the game saw little from the two teams. The Dutch were lacking creativity and the Senegal defenders stood strong. The Senegal midfielders created some chances but their attempts were well-judged by the Dutch defenders.

The first goal came from Cody Gapko. He was greeted by a slap on the back. His pull back was missed by Steven Bergwijn in front of goal. Van Dijk then had a chance to head the ball in. But he failed to keep the header down on the corner.

Frenkie de Jong was the only other Dutch player to have an opportunity to score in the first half. But his cross was headed back by the Senegal defender.

The Senegal defenders also held strong during the first half. They tried to push forward in the second half but they were unable to make any clear chances.

Senegal Vs Netherlands Highlights

Senegal vs Netherlands Highlights  2022 FIFA World Cup

Having qualified for the next FIFA World Cup in Russia, Senegal have been working hard on their team. Senegal's young stars, including Cody Gakpo and Abdou Diallo, have already been catching the eye of European clubs. They are currently on the national team and will play against the Netherlands in the first round of the World Cup in Russia on Thursday.

RB Leipzig center-back Abdou Diallo starts for Senegal

RB Leipzig center-back Abdou Diallo is set to start in Senegal's World Cup 2022 qualifier against the Netherlands. This is despite having a knee injury. A knee injury is a serious injury and isn't something a player recovers from quickly. Diallo has not recovered from the injury. He played only half of Senegal's last match and has not played a league match since the end of the season.

Cisse has selected eight central midfielders in his squad. The midfield is an area where the battle will be won. Cisse will need to use his stop-shotting and calmness of mind to keep the Netherlands quiet. He will also need to be wary of the Dutch forwards.

Senegal's defence has been poor in the past eight World Cup qualifiers. In that time, they conceded five goals. That includes two in the final AFCON game. That means Cisse will need to make sure his players don't let the Dutch get close to goal.

The left side of the back four is a tough area for Senegal. They have a number of candidates, including Ismail Jakobs and Nicolas Jackson. However, Bamba Dieng is likely to win the left-wing position.

The centre-back is also a vital player for Senegal. They have a de facto captain in Kalidou Koulibaly. His experience and fierceness in the centre of defence will be key. He played eight years with Napoli, and is also a Chelsea player.

Impact Diallo is a good central defender, but he has not played a league game since the end of the season. He is not guaranteed to start against the Netherlands, but he should be back by the end of the week. It's unclear how long he will be able to play before the World Cup. He may benefit from a mid-season fitness camp.

RB Leipzig's Abdou Diallo is a good option for Senegal. He has played for both Paris Saint-Germain and RB Leipzig in the past. He has scored goals and is an established presence in the Senegal side. He will be a key player at the World Cup.

Cody Gakpo is reportedly being watched by most of Europe's major clubs

During the summer transfer window, Cody Gakpo was heavily linked with Leeds United. Leeds were in a position to sign him but were unable to close the deal. Since the summer, Cody has been attracting the attention of several major European clubs. Among them are Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal. He is also being chased by Southampton and Newcastle.

Cody Gakpo has been a sensational performer for PSV Eindhoven this season. He has a goal ratio of 1.79 goals per 90 minutes, making him one of the best goal scorers in the Dutch top-flight. He has also helped PSV challenge for the Eredivisie title. He was the Eredivisie Player of the Year last season, and is considered by many to be one of the best young forwards in Europe. He is a tall and powerful player, and can easily find space. He is also a creative player, and has scored 13 assists in 20 appearances this season. He has also been called up to the Netherlands national team, and has scored twice against FC Emmen.

Manchester United are reportedly in the market for a new striker, and have been keeping tabs on Cody Gakpo. The 23-year-old is currently the top scorer in the Eredivisie, and his form has attracted the attention of several clubs. The Reds have held preliminary talks with Gakpo, and are making final preparations to make a move.

Gakpo is reportedly open to moving abroad, but has yet to make a decision about where he will be playing next season. In the meantime, Gakpo is still on PSV's books, and the Dutch club is likely to be forced to sell him in order to increase their finances. The asking price could be raised, however, depending on the player's form.

Cody Gakpo is also a target for Manchester City. According to a report in The Sun, Gakpo is also being considered by Milan, and Tottenham have also been approached by Milan about signing him. He has a contract that expires in 2026, and his future is unclear.

It is thought that Gakpo has also been watched closely by Liverpool, who have a number of attacking players on their books, but he may not make it to the club before the January transfer window.

Senegal's Mendy is gripped by nerves since the summer

Despite being a World Cup outsider, Senegal are still considered the best team from Africa. They beat Egypt 1-0 in a shootout to win the African Cup of Nations. Their squad boasts a strong European contingent. They have also shown their quality throughout the tournament.

The Senegalese players applauded Mendy after he arrived at the team hotel. He was named the best goalkeeper at the tournament. He has been on the radar for a number of clubs. He was also named UEFA Champions League and Africa Cup of Nations Goalkeeper of the season.

He has been a regular in Chelsea's starting line-up. He was called up in June for international duty with Senegal. The World Cup could be his last chance to play. He will most likely be replaced by Kepa Arrizabalaga. Petr Cech, Chelsea's technical director, explained why he decided to make the change.

Senegal were missing the influential Sadio Mane. He was expected to make an appearance in the opening credits of ITV's World Cup coverage. He is now out with a calf injury. But he is expected to be ready to play in the round of 16.

The Dutch were also without Abdou Diallo, who has a fractured leg, and were without Memphis Depay, who was sent off in the last match against Portugal. But Andries Noppert made an impressive debut. He made three fine saves in the first half. In the second half, Senegal improved their possession. They had a half-chance to score, but they failed to take it. They were also outnumbered by the Dutch fans in the stadium.

The Netherlands are four/6 to win against Senegal, while Senegal are nine/2 to win. The game could prove pivotal in Group A. Despite being a World Cup outsider, Senegal are expected to progress through the group stage. Hopefully, they can continue to improve and give Africa its first World Cup semifinalist.

Several players have been tipped for the World Cup. Chelsea's Kalidou Koulibaly is one of them. He is expected to make an appearance in the round of 16. Mendy, meanwhile, has not had a great season.

Senegal's Bamba Dieng is on for Senegal

Ligue 1 club Marseille forward Bamba Dieng is currently on international duty with Senegal. The 22-year-old showed off his talent in a 2-0 win over Monaco in Marseille.

Dieng's goalscoring ability has earned him a place in Senegal's World Cup squad. Having made his debut for the national team in 2021, Dieng was a key player in Senegal's 2021 Africa Cup of Nations victory.

The Senegalese striker has scored eight goals in 36 matches for Marseille last season. He showed his quality in the Monaco-Olympique match, scoring two goals.

Senegal have an enviable attacking lineup. They have three quality strikers, a midfielder, and a goalkeeper. Their dribblers will try to get into dangerous areas and draw fouls. The centre-backs have good passing and vision, and they are comfortable under pressure.

Senegal's deep-lying players are crucial to their progression into the final third. They break lines through passing and dribbling, and they can find wingers in dangerous areas. Their build-ups often include full-backs pushing high, and the centre-backs splitting wide of the goalkeeper.

Senegal are a dangerous team to watch, with their fast pace and raw power. However, their shot accuracy is low. The team wastes shots frequently. They tend to attack the wing when in deep areas.

Senegal are likely to have different front lines at different stages of the tournament. They have a strong track record in penalty kicks. They have the potential to reach the last four at the World Cup.

Bamba Dieng has the potential to be an out-and-out striker for Senegal, and it may be a good time for him to get his career back on track. His contract situation with Marseille is tricky, though. He could be loaned for five million euros.

Senegal's World Cup squad is currently made up of players who play in Ligue 1. However, there are some players in the squad who will be unavailable due to injury. In the event that a player suffers an injury, Senegal can replace him before the start of the tournament.

Injuries may well prevent Senegal from reaching the last four of the World Cup. However, the team is still in a good position to qualify for the quarterfinals.

LAKERS Vs Boston Celtics - Amazing Surprise!


Whether or not you're a sports fan, you have to be aware of the fact that this week the LAKERS will be playing the Boston Celtics. This is a game that could be pivotal in the team's ability to compete in the Western Conference. It's also going to be a great battle of two of the most talented teams in the NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics

Despite being a bit of a shell of their former selves, the Los Angeles Lakers ended their week on a high note. They won their third game of the season and have now won two of their last three. Despite a lackluster performance against the Clippers, the Lakers are still two games out of first place in the West.

The Lakers have three days off before they host the Celtics on Tuesday. However, the team will likely not make the playoffs.

In the playoffs, a team's record doesn't mean as much as it does in the regular season. This is why the Lakers should be looking at acquiring young talent to build around in the future. If they aren't able to add free agents to their roster, they should keep the first-round pick they acquired from Houston. That way, they have a player to build around and the draft will help them entice star free agents in the future.

The Lakers have a nice young core of players, but the current roster isn't going to get them where they need to go. The team will need to add key free agents in the coming seasons to compete with the Boston Celtics and other top contenders. The Lakers will also need to be patient when building a championship roster. This isn't the same as undergoing a transformation like the Miami Heat did in 2010.

The Lakers will need to take the time to build their young core of players around a potential superstar. The Lakers also need to improve their free-throw shooting. They went 13-21 in the loss. They should also improve their defense against players with good shot making abilities.

Loss to Clippers

Despite a strong start, the Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Los Angeles Clippers 105-102 on Monday night. The Clippers had won seven of their last eight games and were coming off a win over Denver Nuggets on Christmas night.

The Lakers' first-half shooting was poor, and they also had poor free-throw line percentages. However, they did create a bit of an opening with a run midway through the second quarter. LeBron James drilled a 3-pointer and then drained a back-to-back 3s. The Clippers pushed the lead to 11-8, and they were on track to start the game on a positive note.

The Lakers picked up in the second quarter, but they couldn't keep up with the Clippers on defense. LeBron James tried to save the ball from Robert Covington, and the Clippers challenged the call to determine whether James was out of bounds.

The Clippers' defense was poor, and they didn't do enough on the glass. The Lakers had two big chances before halftime. The first came when LeBron James tried to save the ball. However, he fell hard and it went out of bounds. The second came when James was subbed out midway through the third quarter.

The Clippers fought back with an 18-2 run, but the Lakers' second unit had trouble closing the quarter. They turned the ball over six times in the fourth quarter.

Loss to Spurs

Despite a strong start to the NBA season, the San Antonio Spurs lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Phoenix Suns. That set up a second round matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Spurs won the first two games at home, but lost the next two in Los Angeles.

In Game 3, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was interviewed by the media. He said that he is not disappointed with the season and that he was proud of his young team for hanging in there. He added that he hopes they will be back as contenders next year.

Gregg Popovich is 73 years old. He had his first coaching job at Kansas and took the Spurs to the ABA finals in 1990. The Spurs failed to make the NBA conference finals in 1995. However, Popovich coached the team to the best regular season record in the Western Conference in 2010-11. He was 61-21, finishing ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks and the Sacramento Kings.

The Spurs' biggest win of the season came against the Bulls. They hit five of six three-pointers. Besides, the Spurs' turnovers led to 38 three-point attempts for the Bulls.

The Spurs had the best first quarter of any team this season, and they made 16 three-pointers. The Spurs led 43-29 at the half. They led 65-46 after three quarters.

The Spurs went into the fourth quarter with a 35-point lead. However, the Pacers cut the lead to five points before the end of the quarter.

Loss to Phoenix

Having lost seven straight, the Lakers had to win against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night in order to stay in the hunt for the Play-In Tournament. Unfortunately, they fell short by a score of 119-115.

The Suns, on the other hand, have been the best team in the NBA all season long. They are a league-best 63-16, and have a seven-game lead over the Lakers in the Western Conference.

The Lakers were able to pull within four points early in the second quarter, but the Suns opened the quarter with a 29-9 run. They ended the quarter with a 19-point lead. The Lakers cut the lead to just three points late in the quarter, but the Suns responded with an 18-4 run to take a 63-58 lead into the half.

Deandre Ayton was a huge part of the Suns' victory, as he scored 23 points and dominated the low post. He finished the night 6-of-9 from behind the arc.

Dwayne Bacon was also impressive in his limited minutes, scoring 11 points and finishing with two rebounds. He also went 5-of-7 from the free-throw line.

The Suns have won all six games they've played this season, and are a 7.5-game favorite to win the West. They are also the best team in the NBA, and have been in the playoffs for two straight seasons.

The Lakers lost in their second meeting with the Suns this season, a 121-110 defeat. In last year's playoffs, the Lakers held a 2-1 series lead. However, the Suns have won three straight after falling behind 2-1.

Loss to Houston

Defending champs the Los Angeles Lakers were handed their ninth consecutive loss on the road by the Houston Rockets. They are now only one-and-a-half games behind the New Orleans Pelicans in the Western Conference standings.

The Lakers had a strong start in the first quarter, outscoring the Rockets 16-8. LeBron James had a triple-double with 23 points, 12 assists, and 14 rebounds. The Lakers hit 6 of their first 10 3-point attempts.

Despite a strong start, the Lakers could not close out the game. The Rockets were too quick for them. Houston shot 51% from the field and hit 17 three pointers.

The Lakers missed a number of triple-double worthy shots. LeBron James had a 9 of 26 shooting performance. He also had five turnovers. LeBron James also said that the "sight-moments" were not that impressive.

The Rockets were able to outscore the Lakers 19-10 in overtime. Houston started the overtime period on a 13-0 run. Despite the best efforts of the Lakers, the Rockets were able to pull away.

The Lakers had the chance to win in the fourth quarter, but they could not pull off the win. With 17 seconds to go, James missed an off-balance shot in the lane. Westbrook also missed a shot with a minute to go.

Despite the loss, the Lakers still have a decent shot at making the playoffs. They have an opportunity to beat the Washington Wizards on Friday. The Lakers are a solid 9th in the Western Conference standings.

Worst-case scenario

Getting your hands on the latest and greatest incarnation of the Internet can do your wallet a solid, as well as your online reputation. This is one of the reasons you should be on the look out if you are considering a night out on the town. After all, how can you say no to a drink? While we're at it, how about a nice bottle of red? After all, what's a good night out on the town without a glass of booze in the house. Those fancy schmoos are bound to be a bit jaded after a boogie at the best venue in town? While the best night out of town will undoubtedly prove to be a dampener on a Saturday night, what's a nice night out on the town on a Sunday afternoon? This is a good time to consider your options. Getting the best night out on town should be a cinch, but the sexing night out on a Sunday is an entirely different story.

How to Destroy an NBA Career With the Tragic Lonzo Ball Story

How to Destroy an NBA Career The Tragic Lonzo Ball Story

Having been an NBA player for several years, I know all too well how hard it can be to break into the league and how important it is to develop a strong foundation. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. I've seen plenty of players, and even coaches, make the mistake of focusing on their own strengths too much, which ends up hurting them.

About Lonzo Ball

Depending on your inclination towards basketball, you may have been curious about how to destroy an NBA career with the Lonzo Ball story. You may not have heard of him, but you've probably seen him on TV or on social media. He's been in the spotlight since his high school days and has been a part of multiple NBA offseason trades, including the one to the Chicago Bulls in 2021.

Ball has a knack for making big plays and displaying versatility. Aside from the point guard role, he's also been an effective defender. He's also displayed a semblance of a jumpshot. And, he's played professionally in Lithuania with Prienai. He's certainly a bright young talent, and the Bulls are giving him a chance to redeem himself this season.

As for the actual number of games Ball will see this season, we're not sure. His injury list is fairly long, and his knee and shoulder problems have not mellowed over time. He may not be ready to return this year, but the Bulls are giving him a chance anyway. They're also giving him the chance to showcase his talents in the coming years.

Lonzo Ball is one of the biggest names in the game, and he's not even the only Ball on the court. He's got two younger brothers, LaMelo and LiAngelo. The two younger Ball brothers are also among the top 10 players in their respective age groups in the country. And, while LiAngelo may be the bigger ball of twine, he's also the most likely to be selected in the NBA draft. So, if you're looking to sign one of the Ball brothers, you better be ready to pay.

While there are no guarantees that Lonzo Ball will make it to training camp in time, the Bulls are giving him the chance to prove that he's worthy of the starting point guard spot. Hopefully, they'll be able to take the next step and make a real playoff run this season. The rest of us will have to wait. It may take another year or two, but Lonzo Ball is a name you'll want to keep in mind.

His NBA career

During his first year in the NBA, Lonzo Ball had a promising career, but he has also had some ups and downs. He has missed significant time during every season of his career. His box score statistics are down due to a decrease in minutes played. He has also struggled to step up in the absence of veteran point guard Rajon Rondo.

He had a successful junior year, averaging 25 points per game and earning consensus first-team All-American honors. He led his high school team to the national championship game. Lonzo also earned national honors as Mr. Basketball USA.

He played for Chino Hills High School in Chino Hills, California. Lonzo led his team to a 35-0 record during the senior season. He also earned a spot on the McDonald's All-American Game team. During his senior year, he led the team in assists, rebounds, and scoring. He also earned Naismith College Player of the Year honors. He also earned a scholarship to UCLA.

In his second year, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers. He averaged 17.6 points, 9.4 assists, and 5.3 rebounds per game. Lonzo also played in the NBA Summer League. He averaged 16.3 points and 9.3 assists in the Summer League. He also had 11 rebounds against the Dallas Mavericks. His averages for the summer league were 1.0 block per game and 7.7 rebounds per game.

In his second season, Lonzo Ball was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans. He played in the team's opening game, against the Detroit Pistons. In that game, he scored 12 points. He also had nine assists and five steals. He also had seven three-pointers in the game. He also averaged 14.6 points per game in the Pelicans' second game. He also earned $8,174,363 in salary during the season.

After the Pelicans traded him, Lonzo Ball joined the Chicago Bulls for the upcoming season. He will be a part of the team that has a fan base of over 20 million on Instagram. He is also a rapper and has released several songs. He also has a four-year-old daughter named Zoey Christina Ball.

His family

Having Lonzo Ball's name in the headlines for so many reasons has caused him to be a hot topic among basketball fans. But did you know that this young basketball star is also the subject of a reality show?

LaVar Ball is Lonzo's father. He has been the driving force behind the Big Baller Brand. The company has garnered a following of over 20 million on Instagram.

The Big Baller Brand was created to honor the Ball family's three athletic sons. Lonzo Ball started playing professionally using the company's gear. His younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, have been drafted with the second and second overall picks, respectively. The three brothers have a combined fan base of millions and have appeared in the reality show "Ball in the Family."

In the first two months of the NBA season, Lonzo Ball averaged nine assists and two blocks per game. However, he was averaging 32 percent shooting from the field. This was not the best start for a rookie. In fact, he was the worst player in the NBA for taking at least 10 shots per game.

Lonzo's father, LaVar Ball, is a hands-on father who has shaped his children's personalities. He also has a reputation for being an enabler. He has clashed with coaches and other athletes. He has also made it a point to talk to his son before each game. However, he has also been accused of having a negative effect on his son.

Lonzo Ball's career has been a rocky one. He has suffered from a variety of injuries during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. The team gave him a three-year contract but then he became out of contract in March of 2019. He is also on the receiving end of trade rumors. He is scheduled to play for the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2020 NBA season.

The Ball Family Saga is a complicated story with a lot of give-me-a-breaks. It's a fun ride, but it's also a potential tragedy. Lonzo Ball's basketball career is not over yet, but he needs to get his dad out of his head.

His legacy

Whether you're a basketball fan or not, you can't ignore the story of Lonzo Ball, who is about to start his third season in the NBA. He's already made headlines for all the wrong reasons. But there are a few things you should know about him before you start judging him.

Lonzo Ball played college basketball for UCLA, where he became the school's all-time leader in assists. He also led the nation in assists in his freshman season. In addition, Lonzo earned a number of consensus first-team All-American honors. During his junior season, he helped UCLA to a 31-5 record and was named one of the preseason Wooden Award watch lists. In addition, he was named a McDonald's All-American Game participant.

During Lonzo's first two seasons in the NBA, he had knee and shoulder injuries that limited his ability to play. He also had a tough time shooting the ball. In addition, he was unable to play for much of his second season due to an ankle injury. But in his third season, Lonzo Ball became the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double. He also broke UCLA's record for assists in a single season. He was also named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team.

Lonzo Ball was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers with the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft. But before he was able to put his name on the court, he was criticized for his sexually suggestive comments towards ESPN reporter Molly Qerim on live television.

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