High School Calculator Online Free OR

High School Calculator Online Free OR

High School Calculator Online Free


The high school calculator is an in-between device between a slide rule, a calculator, and an abacus. In this context, it is a device more sophisticated than a slide rule and less complex than a calculator.


Graphing Calculator X Has a Formidable Reputation of Being the FREE Alternative to Heavy Complex Hardware Calculators. It Is Suitable for All Types of Users, Whether They Are Looking to Carry Out Basic or Complex Mathematics; It Is Equipped With a Powerful MATH CORE Advocated by MATH DISPLAY Support, Which Increases Its Functionality by Leaps and Bounds, Making It an Ideal Choice for Engineers, Math Students Etc. It Comes With an in Depth User Manual and Tutorial to Answer Any Questions You Have, Regarding the App and to Help You Further Understand the World of Advanced Mathematics.

I am always forgetting things at home/leaving them places, so I don’t trust myself to get the $100+ calculator (which is so clunky!) This is amazing! It’s just what I need and works very well. I haven’t updated to the paid version yet but I plan to do that in the near future. Something I love about it is that I can type out the numbers I want to put in the calculator on my iPad keyboard (I’m one of those people who uses an iPad instead of a laptop, with a keyboard attachment and everything) which is like the most amazing thing ever! I didn’t expect it to do that but it’s a nice surprise! (Source: apps.apple.com)


Support for screen readers. Fully supporting keyboard navigation, the calculators communicate with screen readers, which voice additional cues to indicate a student’s location within an expression or within a graph (numerator or denominator, superscript or subscript, baseline, points on the graph, etc.). Paired with a refreshable braille display, these features offer students who use braille the same opportunity as their peers to access an online calculator.

apps.apple.com)I paid 29 dollars to have this forever. And compared to playing 100$ for a real one that’s a pretty good deal. bUt, I’ve run into some issues with the calculator. Specifically when solving lengthy equations, it never carries the negative through the problem. For example, if I were to put in -3•4 I would get -12, but then I multiply my answer by 8, (-12•8) and it would give me positive 96, rather than -96. This has caused a few issues on some assignments for me but once I figured out what was happening it was pretty easy to continue. I also have a hard time looking at graphs when I graph them. I’ll put my equations into the Y= and it will graph fine, but I can never see the full graph, and because of that I can’t find the intersections and all that. Other than that it works pretty good, I just try to use it for the more basic stuff that my phone’s calculator can’t do. (Source:



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