Hawn Levy Related to Dan Levy

Hawn Levy Related to Dan Levy

Eugene Levy Wife:

Eugene Levy Wife

If you’ve ever watched as one of these guy–Horrible Bosses, Office Christmas Party, The Hangover, or what have you–the attractive woman is always the wife. But Lucy-Armani-wearing-glasses-without-a-dress-wearing-wife might not appear as often in action-comedies in the future, as social media-age relationships have been destabilized.


Eugene Levy CM (born December 17, 1946) is a Canadian actor and comedian. From 1976 until 1984, he appeared in the Canadian television sketch comedy series SCTV. He has also appeared in the American Pie series of films and the Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek. He often plays flustered and unconventional figures. He is a regular collaborator of actor-director Christopher Guest, appearing in and co-writing four of his films, commencing with Waiting for Guffman (1996).From 2015 to 2020, he starred as Johnny Rose in Schitt's Creek, a comedy series that he co-created with his son and co-star Dan Levy. In 2019 and 2020, he was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, which he won in 2020. Levy has won multiple accolades throughout his career including four Primetime Emmy Awards and a Grammy Award.The 1972–1973 Toronto production of the hit musical Godspell opened at the Royal Alexandra Theatre and was intended to be a run of a few dozen performances for a subscription audience. The cast was drawn entirely from local performers, instead of a touring cast. The Toronto production launched the careers of many actors, including Levy, Victor Garber, Andrea Martin, Gilda Radner, Dave Thomas, and Martin Short, as well as the show's musical director, Paul Shaffer.

Though he has been the "above the title" star in only two films, Armed and Dangerous (1986) and The Man (2005), he has featured prominently in many films. He is the co-writer and frequent cast member of Christopher Guest’s mockumentary features, particularly A Mighty Wind, where his sympathetic performance as emotionally unstable folksinger Mitch Cohen won kudos; his accolades included a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Musical or Comedy and the prestigious New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor. In the 1980s and 1990s, he appeared in Splash, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Club Paradise, Stay Tuned, Multiplicity, Serendipity and other comedies. Levy was the creator of Maniac Mansion, a television sitcom based on the LucasArts video game of the same name. He was also seriously considered for the role of Toby Ziegler on The West Wing, a role that went to actor Richard Schiff. Eugene and his wife Debbie Divine have married for over 30 years. The couple’s son is 14 years old, and their daughter is 12. On-screen, Eugene is known for play arrogant, deadpan characters. Outside of his comedy roles in films like A Mighty Wind (2003) and American Pie (1999). Eugene has portrayed severe characters in films like Along Came Polly (2004). As an actor and comedian who has appeared in movies since 1978. When he cast as a bit player on SCTV, Eugene doesn’t just know how to make people laugh; he also knows how to make his marriage work. The Levys have three children — Sarah and eight-year-old twins Adam and Harrison. Mrs Levy is busy with other ventures as well. She has produced some independent films (sometimes alongside her husband), including The Shape of Things, Looking for Leonard Nimoy and Standing on Fishes: The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg, in addition to writing for magazines such as Elle Decor. Mr Levy, meanwhile, has been nominate for two Oscars. One each for best supporting actor in 2003’s A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration. He also lends his voice to numerous animated series, including Bob’s Burgers, with Dan Mintz. And yes — you guessed it — Mrs Levy works on that show too. (Source: complextime.com)



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