Halloween los angeles

Halloween los angeles

Halloween los Angeles

There is no doubt that the city of los angeles is famous for its nightlife. But as the weather turns, it’s time to get in the halloween spirit. There are plenty of spooky activities and places to explore this month with your friends. Here are just a few of the things we like to do every time Halloween rolls around. Keep in mind, these events are not intended for children under the age of 13.


Basically the granddaddy of LA’s obsession with Halloween, HHN feels just a bit tamer this year, although maybe that’s just because our anxiety’s been at 11 for the past year and a half. This theme park with rides and experiences that pay homage to classic Hollywood films gets outfitted with terrifying mazes that bring horror movies and TV shows like The Exorcist and AMC’s The Walking Dead to life. Perhaps as a nod to our last year of quarantine, this year’s theme is “Never Go Alone” and the special effects in the mazes are incredible, per usual: Regan actually floats in The Exorcist maze, you can smell the “meat” in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the walls in The Haunting of Hill House are literally full of ghosts. VIP here is totally worth it: without the upgrade, the lines are the scariest thing you’ll see all night.

If Halloween Horror Nights are the granddaddy of Halloween, Delusion is its gold standard: the ultra-interactive “haunted plays” have become deeply embedded into LA’s Halloween culture. Since that sort of interaction was obviously impossible in the height of COVID last year, creator Jon Braver’s doubled down on the participatory elements this year—be prepared to explore haunted attics, get down on your knees to squirm through crawl spaces, and maybe even have some firearms training when you hit this year’s edition, which returns to the attraction’s haunted house roots by taking over a century-old Victorian mansion (and its entire grounds) in Pomona. The VIP add-on is worth it if you’re especially into the storytelling or still spooked by crowds: it’s an intimate add-on with only four people allowed in at a time. (Source: www.thrillist.com)


Witchy Architecture Tours: A team of architectural preservationists has come up with a free, family-friendly driving tour of L.A. “witches’ houses,” including castles, cottages and other structures fit for a fairytale or ghost story. The list will be posted as a free download Oct. 13 by Friends of Residential Treasures: LA (FORT: LA), and this year’s itinerary covers five structures chosen by actor Amber Benson (who co-starred in the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) including buildings in Hollywood, Los Feliz and West Hollywood. The group has also recorded actors reading bits of “Grimms’ Fairy Tale” passages, so you can listen while you drive. fortla.org

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