Growing ginger in virginia

Growing ginger in virginia

Growing ginger in virginia

Since the ginger root is quite large, it can tolerate some drought in its growing environment. This is the problem – too much moisture can cause the ginger root to rot. Herbs are usually grouped with flowers, vegetables and pretty much anything else, but I think they share some traits we find important. Everything's going to die eventually, but it's that process that generates relationships and a level of connection. Our zen gardeners in Virginia seem to have a special knack for this.



I went to a African restaurant about 2 months ago in Providence and ordered some Oxtail when the owner asked me to try some of this green juice. I love trying new different things and I am hooked since that day . A little pricey at $3.00 a cup but me being a cook figured out the ingredients and have made probably 10 gallons of it since and friends and family love it and its so simple to make once you get the amounts of each ingredient correct …….. I hope you all love it as much as I do: 6 cucumbers,ginger root about the size of a lemon or more if you like a stronger ginger taste, cold water enough to fill 2 gallon jugs after you seperate the mix of cucumbers and ginger, also a sweetner could be sugar, sugar in the raw, equal,sweet and low…… cut up skin and all both the cucumber and ginger and put it in the blender, or food processor.Once its done you could if you don’t like the pulp squeeze it out or strain into bowl I love it so I leave it in.Next split it into 2 one gallon jugs and fill it with cold filtered water.Now as for the sweetner you could either add say 2 packs of equal to a 12 oz. glass add ice then pour juice in or you could add 1/2 cup or cup depending on your taste I shop at BJs so I buy equal in a big bag for baking so it works out well for me. Before each serving shake your bottle to mix because it does seperate when its sits in the fridge. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do and now for protein in each gallon I have added a half cup of Hemp powder which is great if I feel a little hungry before a meal it holds me over ,,,,, let me know if you like it or like me now Im loving it thanks Sherry

I also had a couple of ginger roots that I purchased from a local grocery store and I put them in a glass bowl on my counter and several wks later I thought what did I do with that ginger that I bought and found it in the bowl I had put it in wks earlier and I was shocked to see one of the roots had a small greenish shoot sprouting from it, I immediately stuck it in a pot of dirt, and it did good for awhile, but I think I didn’t water it correctly, because it began looking pretty puny and eventually died… I was so sad that I had let it die, but wasn’t sure what I did wrong, I even thought that maybe it died because it was in a pot indoors, so I’m thrilled to see this article on growing ginger! I definitely use a lot of ginger in mid summer when making elderberry syrup, I add ginger to my syrup… Thank you also for the recipe for the ginger drink, def trying it this week…. (Source: newengland.com)



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