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A lusher and greener lawn plays a vital role in enhancing the curb appeal of a property and leaves a positive impression on the onlookers. But an overgrown grass gives an unsightly appearance to the landscape. A regular grass cutting can make the lawn look better as well as boost grass growth. Most of the homeowners are not able to find enough time for regular grass cutting and mowing. Additionally, it is a high risk chore for anyone inexperienced handling the lawnmower. And that’s exactly where Eden comes into the picture. Hiring our professional grass cutting services will facilitate you to achieve a perfect lawn with an elegant appearance. Our Team of professionals not just mow the lawn but also give it a finishing touch of edging and trimming.

Aerating your lawn adds air to the soil so that air, fertilizer, and water can reach the roots of your grass. If you’ve never aerated your lawn before, you’ll likely need to invest in or rent a plug or spike aerator. As a general rule, plug aerators are more effective if you have an extremely compacted lawn, while spike aerators are better for naturally looser soil. If you aren’t sure which is right for your lawn, you can always consult with someone at your local home and garden center. You’ll only need to aerate your soil once every few years to add air without damaging grass roots. Most people aerate in the spring and/or fall to help their grass survive the most extreme conditions of the year. Moisten (but don’t soak) your lawn first, then use your aerator tool on your entire yard for a healthy, lush lawn. Once you’ve determined the type of grass seed you need, spread the seed on any patchy areas of your lawn that have been damaged by pets, children, furniture, or winter salting. Check the recommendations on the bag to avoid overseeding, and avoid areas that are already growing well. Seeding healthy areas won’t give you a thick, beautiful lawn, but it can make the grass tough and more work to mow. (Source: www.skh.com)




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