Google Search Resumes FROM

Google Search Resumes FROM

Google Search Resumes FROM

People often think of search engines as only being able to find things online, but a welder can also use their search engine to find the best candidates for a job opening. When it comes to recruiting, searching the best candidates is a fairly overlooked SEO strategy.



To urgently fill positions and avoid the often lengthy period it takes to post a job, and screen and interview candidates, consider searching a resume database and contacting candidates directly. Below, we have rounded up the best free resume search sites that allow employers to search for resumes according to the industry and location.

When it comes to evaluating the integrity of a free resume database, the first thing to look for is a “created on” date that will let you know when the resume was posted. This indicates whether the jobseeker was looking for work in 2017 or in 2007. Second, the free resume database should be high-volume, with thousands, if not millions, of resumes available for viewing at any given time. And, finally, finding a database that ensures relevancy matching will ensure that even rookie recruiters can find the best candidates – fast! (Source: www.mightyrecruiter.com)


Based on George Boole’s mathematical theory in which all variables are either ‘true’ or ‘false’, Boolean search on Google is one of the best sourcing tools for recruiters. The definition of Boolean search is that it’s a type of search that allows users to combine keywords with operators such as AND, NOT and OR to produce more relevant results.

It’s best to localize your search, if you’re only looking for candidates from a specific area. For example, if your target zip code is ‘02210’ in Boston MA, with the use of an application you can track all zip codes in a 20-mile radius. Then, add the zip code range (from low to high) to your Boolean search to narrow down your results. It’s important to include the area as well, so that Google understands your numbers are zip codes. (Source: resources.workable.com)


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