Good Resume Examples Australia OR

Good Resume Examples Australia OR

Good Resume Examples Australia


Easily getting past the interview stage – that’s the goal for many job seekers. And for this, Australians are well-equipped. This is thanks to the varied nation’s work culture, with each region or city having work styles and expectations that differ from one another. That said, Australian-style resumes are one of the most common, so finding examples that you can use to apply for your job or internship role is a piece of cake!



Australia CV Photo: As a rule of thumb, it is best not to include a photo in your Australian CV. If you intend to host your resume online, or if you are in a creative industry where visuals are highly valued, then an image may be an asset. Be sure to do your research, however - if the company you are applying to isn’t expecting a photo, it can hurt your chances. As Australian HR and recruitment consultant Karalyn Brown says, “When you put your photo on your resume you are inviting a recruiter with their own set of prejudices, to consider how you look along with what you may have achieved.”

Australia CV Personal Information: The only personal information required for an Australian resume is your contact information - your name, address, phone number, mobile number and email address (which should be some variation of your name - keep it professional: firstname.lastname@example.com or something similar). Any other personal information such as age, marital status, and number of children is not relevant to your experience or job performance and should not be included. (Source: www.visualcv.com)



State your professional experience and ambitions simply and clearly. For example, ‘I am a highly experienced sales assistant keen to acquire new skills and opportunities.’ Then briefly list what experience you have amassed in the retail sector – managing others, driving sales etc. If you don’t have any real experience in the area, try to make a statement that highlights your ambition and passion for the industry, as well as what skills you think you can bring to the job.

Retailers hire people based on their professional skills, so this section is usually pushed higher. List your technical skills in bullet points, such as familiarity with computer spreadsheet programs like Excel, which is commonly used in retail. Next, list any professional certificates you may have, such as TAFE diplomas, certificates, or management level experience from previous jobs in the retail sector. (Source: www.training.com.au)


To craft a polished document of your own, it is essential to do research and gather as many professional resume examples as you can, including administration resume examples. Many leading figures from business, politics, sport and the arts have their resumes available online. Linkedin gives quick and easy access to the resumes of scores of big names, including Google’s Larry Page and Tesla’s Elon Musk.

A professional resume often goes into deeper detail about a person’s education and qualifications than other fields. This reflects the emphasis placed on education by sectors considered as part of the professional sphere. A professional resume should cater to this by listing all relevant education experiences, degrees and qualifications, even those that are ongoing. For example, a person may have graduated with a degree in Economics, and also list that they have completed further education modules from a business school. (Source: www.training.com.au)

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