Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia OR

Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia OR

Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia


Prepare for the thrilling, real-life, behind-the-venetian-blinds adventure of a lifetime — Six Flags Over Georgia. When you’re riding the roller coaster and approaching the steep incline, you’ll know that the Goliath isn’t the only roarin’ ride in town, because you’ll hear the laughter and scenery flyin’ past you.

Roller Coaster

Goliath is a steel roller coaster located at the Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park in Cobb County, Georgia. The Hyper Coaster model manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard climbs to a height of 200 feet (61 m) and reaches a maximum speed of 70 mph (110 km/h). Prior to its construction, the Great Gasp and Looping Starship attractions were removed to make room for Goliath, which opened to the public on April 1, 2006. It ranked as the fourth-best new ride of 2006 in the annual Golden Ticket Awards publication from Amusement Today and the ninth-best steel roller coaster overall, with its peak ranking of fourth occurring in 2009 and 2011.

On September 1, 2005, the park officially announced Goliath, a $20,000,000 steel Hyper Coaster. By the end of the 2005 season, the rides Great Gasp and Looping Starship were closed and removed from the park to make room for the new roller coaster. Foundations for Goliath's supports began to be poured in September 2005. In early October, track began to arrive at the park; erection of the supports and track began soon after. In November and December, construction on the lift hill was complete. In March 2006, Goliath's trains were delivered to the park. After construction on the track and testing was complete, the roller coaster opened to the public on April 1, 2006. (Source: sixflags.fandom.com)


After being dispatched from the station, the train makes a left hand turn towards the 200-ft chain lift hill. Once at the top, the train drops back down 170 feet reaching a maximum speed of 70 mph. Following the drop, the train goes over the first of its camelback hills over the road, where the train experiences the ride's tallest drop at 175 feet. As the train exits the park boundaries, it enters a banked left turn then its second camelback hill with a 129-ft drop. Next, the train rises back up and enters a 540-degree downward helix before passing through a set of trim brakes and going over the third camelback hill, this time with a 118-ft drop. The train then enters a horseshoe leading back into the park, followed by the final three camelback hills with three drop heights of 79-ft, 56-ft, and 48-ft, each lower than the previous one. Following a banked left turn, the train makes a quick drop before entering the final brake run leading back to the station. One cycle of the ride lasts about three and a half minutes.

Goliath operates with two steel and fiberglass trains. Each train has nine cars which can seat four riders in a single row, for a total of 36 riders per train; each seat has its own individual lap-bar restraint. This configuration allows the ride to achieve a theoretical hourly capacity of 1,220 riders per hour. The structure of the trains are painted orange and teal, with matching colored restraints and seats. (Source: kids.kiddle.co)



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