Golden retriever rescue toronto

Golden retriever rescue toronto

Golden retriever rescue toronto

Get your golden shelter from a golden retriever rescue 2018! Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs that also know how to have fun. This is a loving type of dog and all golden retriever lovers would be happy with a dog from one of these rescues.Golden Rescue is one of the largest single breed rescue groups in Canada. We work hard to ensure that every Golden who enters our program is placed with a safe and loving forever family. We believe Rescue has no borders. Since 1990, Golden Rescue has found homes for abandoned, unwanted or displaced Golden Retrievers throughout Canada.


Some people have asked us what the situation is in Egypt as it relates to dog rescue and how and why Golden Rescue got involved. We thought the best way to describe the Egypt dilemma is to give you a first-hand account of the journey to Cairo that we, Jane Riddell and Viive Tamm, Golden Rescue board members, took so... Our awesome volunteers are behind everything we do – Golden Rescue is run entirely by volunteers. You’ll meet wonderful people and Goldens with an amazing bond of love. We welcome new volunteers of all ages, and we are always open to new ideas!

Adopting a rescued Golden Retriever could be one of the most rewarding things you do in life! It’s also a big decision with many considerations. It’s a long-term commitment requiring the support and help of all members of your family. You’ll find that your Golden will quickly become an inseparable member of your family.A Golden Retriever has a dense, straight or wavy outer water-repellent coat, which sheds heavily twice annually and lightly throughout the year. Groom a Golden Retriever weekly to maintain the double coat and control shedding.Source:www.petfinder.com)


Some dogs have medical conditions ranging from ear infections to being heartworm positive; some are fearful due to their prior living conditions; all are seeking a stable place to adjust to their new situations. Stay tuned as these dogs complete their journeys through foster care and become ready for their forever homes.

Below are our current Long Term Care dogs. These dogs are not available for adoption, however please click on their picture to learn more about them and consider making a donation towards As Good as Gold’s veterinary expenses. MUST HAVES IN A FOREVER HOME: ANOTHER DOG THAT CAN BE A MENTOR, A FENCED IN YARD Mini Golden Doodle,... (Source: www.asgoodasgold.org)



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