Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs


Ginnie Springs

This sounds like a fun place to visit, right? But where is it? Is it in the US? In Italy? We're not entirely sure. We've done our best to figure it out, but Ginnie Springs is a quintessential example of an undiscovered, spectacular place that you'll love after your visit.



A beautiful display of Florida’s natural beauty, Ginnie Springs is the perfect spot for an outdoor adventure with some of the clearest springs in the state. From tubing to snorkeling and adventurous diving excursions, this picturesque spring produces nearly 80 million gallons of water daily and is the ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon canoeing up a river, exploring scenic nature trails and setting up a picnic.

The Ginnie Spring is a large, bowl-shaped depression, where a 150-foot long run connects to the Santa Fe River. The highlight for divers here is the Ginnie Cavern, where its highly reflective limestone, unique geological formations and amphitheater-sized area makes for a memorable underwater exploration. Those who want to dive in the 50-foot deep Devil’s Spring should look up when they’re at the bottom, as it’s said that its crystal clear waters allow you to count the leaves on the canopy of trees above you. (Source: www.tripstodiscover.com)


A spokeswoman for Nestlé Waters North America, which buys the water and runs the bottling plant, said it “will continue to take great care” to make sure the amount of water it purchases is sustainable for springs and wetlands. Nestlé recently announced it was selling brands including Zephyrhills water, but the spokeswoman said the plant in High Springs “will continue the same as it did pre-closing.” (Source:

An excellent day trip for the entire family, Ginnie Springs has plenty of on-site facilities to ensure you have everything you need. Boasting a camp store, dive store and even a station to fill up your floatie, there’s also an on-site restaurant, heated bath houses and a playground for the kids. Those who want to soak up the sunshine can lounge on the sun decks and sturdy chairs at the springs, while covered pavilions and picnic tables with grills are also available. (Source: www.tripstodiscover.com)


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