Georgie Young Sheldon OR

Georgie Young Sheldon OR

Georgie Young Sheldon


Georgie Young Sheldon is an award-winning journalist, bestselling author and upbeat real-estate expert. She is a real-estate reporter for the Wall Street Journal and an Academy Award-nominated author of best-selling books related to her profession. She’s written The Bust and The Boom, a book about the 2007 housing market, and The Other Real Estate Book, and also writes regularly on Bloomberg Finance.

Young Sheldon

Veronica Duncan is a recurring character in the spin-off show Young Sheldon. She first appeared in the sixth episode Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan as a bad girl and one of the students Sheldon tutors, later in that episode she goes to Mary and begs to be saved by Jesus and decides to reform her ways. She is the current love interest of George Cooper Jr. in Young Sheldon. She does not make an appearance in The Big Bang Theory. She is portrayed by Isabel May.

www.cheatsheet.com)Young Sheldon is a series with a unique background. Because it serves as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, fans are already aware of what happens in the future, although they aren’t entirely sure how some characters get from point A to point B. Fans learned of Missy Cooper and Georgie Cooper’s adult lives during The Big Bang Theory, but they are just now learning how they got to their adult personas. That has led to more than a few theories. Fans even have a theory about Georgie’s romantic life now that they’ve seen more than a few seasons of Young Sheldon. Some viewers believe we have already met Georgie’s first wife. (Source:


She does not get along with her mother's boyfriend Clint due to him being an abusive, jerkish drunk who treats Veronica, her sister and their mother poorly because of his constant drinking. She fled to the Cooper house in A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross to escape from Clint and his abusive ways and bonded with the Coopers, while Georgie was particularly thrilled to have her stay over. After a few days, Clint showed up at the Coopers' door and demanded that Veronica return home with him, but she refused. George soon appeared at the door and asked Veronica what she wanted to do; when Clint attempted to force the issue (even hinting that he might take Veronica back by force if necessary) and tried to start a fight with George, the Cooper patriarch knocked him out with one punch, then had Mary call the police to deal with Clint while he went to ice down his knuckles.

While the names of Georgie’s wives were left out of The Big Bang Theory, fans of the original series learned a fair bit about Sheldon’s older brother during the show’s run. Georgie is a bit unique when compared to the rest of the Cooper family. While Missy, Mary Cooper, and Sheldon’s grandma all made appearances during the show’s earlier seasons, Georgie didn’t appear until later. He was still heavily discussed, though. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)


The George Sr. cliffhanger comes just one week after Young Sheldon confirmed that a childhood tragedy is on the not-so-far-off horizon. As the May 6 episode drew to a close, Adult Sheldon — voiced by Jim Parsons, who has narrated the Big Bang offshoot since Season 1 — acknowledged the untimely death of his father. (Watch the moment here.)

“Big Bang fans have heard Sheldon tell stories about his dad for years. We try to honor those stories but also like to find unexpected ways for them to play out. As we’ve learned in the first four seasons of Young Sheldon, these stories Adult Sheldon is telling us come from a new perspective — one he has gained after becoming a father himself. Sometimes life gets complicated, but we’re excited to explore these new chapters in the lives of the Coopers.” (Source: tvline.com)



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