Georgie Denbrough OR

Georgie Denbrough OR

Georgie Denbrough


The famous protagonist from Stephen King’s horror classic, IT, often forces the reader to confront death, loss, and tragedy. However, despite the power of some of the novel's disturbing moments, Georgie Denbrough is one character who refuses to take on the role of victim.


George Elmer Denbrough is a fictional character created by Stephen King from his 1986 horror novel It. Georgie is the younger brother of Bill Denbrough, and falls prey to Pennywise the Dancing Clown. He is used by Pennywise to taunt Bill throughout the novel. Georgie is portrayed by Tony Dakota in the 1990 miniseries adaptation and by Jackson Robert Scott in the 2017 re-adaptation and reprises his role in the 2019 sequel. Dakota also reprised his role for a short film titled Georgie which shows a "What If" scenario if Georgie had survived his encounter with Pennywise.

Georgie is first seen with his brother Bill as he is making a paper sailboat for him. He then sends it sailing along the street as it's raining. However, the boat goes into a storm drain, much to Georgie's dismay. A clown named Pennywise then appears in the drain holding Georgie's boat, and asks Georgie if he wants it back. Georgie replies with a simple "Yes, please." Pennywise then says that he looks like a nice boy and that he probably has a lot of friends. Georgie says that he has 3 friends, but his brother, Bill Denbrough, is his best friend. Pennywise asks where he is, and Georgie says that he is sick and that he is in bed. Pennywise says that he can cheer him up and that he might give him a balloon. He also asks Georgie if he wants a balloon too. Georgie says that he is not supposed to take stuff from strangers. Pennywise then introduces himself as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. He then says that him and Georgie are not strangers anymore. Just then, an old lady comes out of her door, only to find Georgie kneeling on the road, looking inside the sewer. Her pet cat is also witnessing everything too. Georgie then asks what Pennywise is doing in the sewer system, and Pennywise says that a storm blew him away, and it also blew the whole circus away. Pennywise asks Georgie if he can smell the circus, but Georgie doesn't notice that Pennywise was drooling at this time. Pennywise then talks about all the treats that are there, such as peanuts, cotton candy, and hot dogs. Pennywise then says, "And?", making Georgie try to guess the last treat he is talking about. He then guesses popcorn, and Pennywise repeats it, but in a more cheerful way. He asks Georgie if that is his favorite, and he says yes. Pennywise says that it is his favorite too, because they pop and pop and pop. He then repeats "pop" in a funny way, making Georgie laugh and repeat it too. Both of them are laughing hard, until Pennywise growls a bit, making Georgie feel uncomfortable. Georgie then says that he needs to go, but Pennywise then offers him his boat back, telling him that Bill will kill him if he doesn't take it. Georgie resists at first, but then Pennywise shouts at him, "TAKE IT, GEORGIE." Georgie finally tries to take the boat, and when he does, Pennywise grabs his arm and opens his mouth, growing razor sharp teeth, and then chomps down and bites his arm off. Georgie screamed, and the old lady's cat heard him. Georgie is crying and screaming and desperately trying to get away. Pennywise then sticks his hand out, grabs his leg, pulls him into the sewer and devours him. Georgie's last word was him screaming his brother's name, but nobody heard him. The old lady then comes out of her house, only to find Georgie missing and a pool of blood sloshing through the street. The cat was looking out the window too, finding the same sight. The old lady then looks worried and goes back inside. (Source: horror.fandom.com)



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