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Georgie Dallas OR

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Georgie Dallas is the founder and CEO of Dallas Innovative Consulting, LLC. He has been working in the B2B technology arena since 2002 and has specialized in the area of consulting since 2007.


Georgie by Curtis Stone, a partnership between the Australian celebrity chef and Dallas restaurateur Stephan Courseau (Up On Knox, Le Bilboquet), opened in late 2019, and quickly made an impression with its horseradish beet tartare and a sumptuous, throwback interior design. And soon, Stone (sans Georgie) will be impressing HBO Max subscribers while Facetiming with Selena Gomez (Dallas actually does get to claim the Grand Prairie native a bit!).

Rustam-Marc Mehta: We knew there was going to be a beautifully executed and active kitchen, but we were feeling like the super-exposed kitchen was too masculine, too showy, and, honestly, not that much of a new idea for any market, including Dallas. The word we used to describe what we landed on was proscenium—it has that kind of opera-house framing device of the gentle, flattened arch. Caning was a material we had recommended because we like how it provides semi-privacy and is a natural material. You can absolutely see people doing things, but it is not kitchen equals dining room. (Source: www.architecturaldigest.com)


At Stephan Courseau’s neo-French-brasserie-steakhouse, which he co-owns with Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone, you’ll find the highly-pedigreed Blackmore Australian wagyu. (Stone is the sole U.S. importer for Blackmore, and orders for Georgie go through Stone’s restaurants in L.A.) And if that isn’t enticement enough for serious carnivorous set, try the rotisserie chicken with rosemary jus or sides and ethereal velouté soups that prove that its opulence is understated and totally relevant. Georgie’s butcher shop peddles pedigree as well, with fresh cuts and charcuterie.

The kitchen teams are expected to introduce new, refreshed menus featuring fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. The menus at Georgie by Curtis Stone were developed by new Executive Chef Jason Rohan and Executive Pastry Chef, Alexis Rohan. The couple were previously the Executive Sous Chef and Pastry Chef at Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant and Maude, respectively. They join Curtis Stone’s Executive Chef Christian Dortch, who was part of the opening team at Georgie. (Source: www.peoplenewspapers.com)



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