Georgia Wma Map OR

Georgia Wma Map OR

Georgia Wma Map


Access the city maps and set up a hike at your new favorite campground. Georgia has many parks and public trails to choose from, so you're never too far away from beauty and nature.


For example, The Trout Streams of Georgia instance provides layers for DNR Land and National Forest, the Georgia Outdoor Map – Hunting just provides for DNR Lands. But the same two instances show different boundaries. Trout Streams show Smithgall Woods-Dukes Creek SP west of Alt-75 and south of Asbestos Rd, whereas DNR Locations shows Smithgall Woods-Dukes Creek SP east of Alt-75 and north of Asbestos Rd. This is important if you are planning to hunt Ash Mountain or Allison Ridge areas as the rules for Smithgall are far more restrictive than the Chattahoochie WMA.

The issue with Smithgall Woods and Chattahoochee WMA is somewhat complex, where the portion of Smithgall Woods west of Hwy 75 Alt. in question is owned by the state. For hunting purposes it is within Chattahoochee WMA, but for trout fishing it has the same regulations as the rest of Dukes Creek within the state park. We have made changes to the interactive trout map to show the state park only to the east of Hwy 75 Alt., but the special regulation stream extends throughout the state owned portion of Chattahoochee WMA. (Source: forum.gon.com)


I am personally visiting every WMA in the state of georgia, and correcting, and enhancing every Georgia WMA map. I am fixing incorrect road names, and also adding directions from major highways, and also adding in good places to eat like small ma and pop country food diners and small BBQ joints, to places near the Georgia WMA to camp and or rent cottages and cabins. The cool part is their FREE. Enjoy...

For those planning to hunt Georgia WMAs, you may have overlooked the new maps available on the Georgia DNR web site - http://georgiawildlife.dnr.state.ga.us/huntingmaps_maps.aspx There are the actual DNR WMA maps (line), topographic & aerial (CIR) maps. The aerials were made in 1999 but they were taken during the winter when the leaves are off the trees. The aerials on Google Earth, Live & others may have higher resolution & are more current but most were taken when the leaves are still on the trees. Use the available DNR maps in conjunction with other map resources. This is a huge step forward for Georgia. (Source: forum.gon.com)



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