Georgia Sea Grill OR

Georgia Sea Grill OR

Georgia Sea Grill


The first Georgia Sea Grill was started in 1994 on The Creek in Savannah, Georgia. From there, it blossomed and became wildly popular with Savannah's beachgoers by the end of the summer. We threw the opening celebration and saw the Georgia Sea Grill develop a loyal following which it continues to get today.


Georgia Sea Grill opened in April 1997 in the Island's Pier/Village area with seating for just 34. Though small, the restaurant quickly gained a big reputation for great seafood. Today, in a new setting with seating for nearly 150, we passionately pursue the experiences that have always delighted Georgia Sea Grill guests: sensational cuisine presented with warm, welcoming and attentive service. Join us for a great evening in our main dining room, wine bar, or regular bar.

St. Simons Island is a vacation destination that’s made up of a variety of intriguing features. From lighthouses to hiking trails, salt marshes to tree carvings, it seems there’s something made to captivate around every corner. The variety of activities, entertainment, and options for exploration is what often brings visitors back year after year. In equal measure, guests looking to explore their way across St. Simons Island through flavor will find more than they imagined possible. While it’s not difficult to find everything from local fare to restaurants that specialize in international infusion, there’s something special about the seafood sourced directly from the island’s waters. When you’re looking for a place to dine that combines and elegant atmosphere and the very best of savory seafood, look no further than Georgia Sea Grill. (Source: lilmarvacations.com)


Located just a few streets back from the oceanfront and from St. Simons Pier, the coastline is a natural place to head before or after your meal. The iconic T-shaped St. Simons Pier juts out into St. Simons Sound, providing cool ocean breezes and scenic views. Between December and March, keep your eyes open for whale spouts as North Atlantic right whales follow their migration route. Pods of dolphins can also often be spotted from here as they feed in the local waters. The pier is used by many for fishing purposes, and gear can be found in nearby bait & tackle shops for those who want to try their hand at landing their own fresh catch. For many though, the Saint Simons Pier is simply a place to enjoy the peaceful oceanfront life this area has to offer. With outdoor lighting lining the full length of the pier, it also offers a pleasant destination for a post-dinner stroll.

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