Georgia Pacific Locations OR

Georgia Pacific Locations OR

Georgia Pacific Locations


Georgia Pacific is not a large company, but is this company any less desirable? Some of their locations include the Pacific Northwest, Atlanta, the Midwest, the South, and more.


Maintaining a procurement office in Warrenton, Ga., Georgia-Pacific Corporation is one of the world s leading manufacturers and marketers of tissue, packaging, paper, building products and related chemicals. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company employs nearly 55,000 people at more than 300 locations in North America and Europe. Its consumer tissue brands include Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Brawny, Sparkle, Soft 'n Gentle, Mardi Gras, So-Dri and Vanity Fair, as well as the Dixie brand of disposable cups, plates and cutlery. Georgia-Pacific Corporation s building products manufacturing companies are among the United States leading suppliers of building products to lumber and building materials dealers, as well as to large do-it-yourself warehouse retailers.

She’s already planning ahead for her Capstone, the final course before she graduates from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in May 2018. Jessie would like to apply her Capstone to better understand natural resource management and the economics of sustainability as it relates to the unique characteristics of the Monticello property. Much of the land at the mill is untouched, filled with forestry, streams, wetlands, and wildlife. The location is certified as an official Wildlife at Work destination. This certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council demonstrates that Georgia-Pacific is protecting biodiversity on the land, conserving the flora and fauna near the facility, and serving as environmental stewards. For her Capstone, Jessie is contemplating new projects that will qualify Monticello for its Wildlife at Work recertification. Longer term, she plans to apply her Sustainable Management knowledge from her SMGT 740: Economics of Sustainability coursework to a natural capital evaluation of this land. (Source: sustain.wisconsin.edu)


The Monticello mill, housed on 2,200 acres of land, is a part of the paper-making process. Georgia-Pacific sources wood and fiber for their pulp, paper, and wood products operations in a responsible way, meaning loggers must adhere to forestry management best practices, such as the protection of endangered forests and conservation of forest diversity, before they can become suppliers. Once fully vetted, these suppliers deliver semi-truck loads of trees to the facility all day long and into the night.

Jessie is most proud of the mill’s waste, or more precisely, the lack of it. Leftovers from the pulping process—organic matter such as bark, leaves, and branches—have many beneficial uses. Much of the biomass gets converted into fuel that powers the mill’s generators. As a whole, Georgia-Pacific’s largest energy source is biomass, which supplies more than 50 percent of the entire operation’s energy. Other “leftover” organic matter goes into agricultural applications or even road construction. (Source: sustain.wisconsin.edu)



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