Georgia Career Institute OR

Georgia Career Institute OR

Georgia Career Institute


As a Georgia native, the importance of education is in my blood. A lot of my life ambitions and career choices have grown out of that idea. On the other hand, Mr. Inman is a kid from Kansas who by chance enrolled in my Content Marketing course at Georgia Career Institute.


Georgia Career Institute provides men and women the appropriate skills they need to enter and succeed in the industries of Beauty and Wellness. Our students graduate prepared to enter the workforce and meet the demands required of them ready to perform as complete professionals. In order to accomplish our Mission, our faculty, curricula, delivery methods, support resources and facilities are developed and maintained at a level of excellence that sets us apart from others in the marketplace.

Georgia Career Institute was established in 1975 as Artistic Beauty College with an original mission to provide women and men the best education in Cosmetology. Throughout its history, the Institute has provided outstanding vocational preparation for its graduates to enter the fields of Cosmetology and Nail Technology. Since 2001, the educational mission has been expanded to include comprehensive programs in Esthetics and Massage Therapy. (Source: www.gci.edu)


Today, students all over Georgia have access to training in the area of engineering, biomedicine, technology, logistics, robotics and many more of the skills needed to compete in the global market. These students are learning in environments that give them the skills to compete, and with 80 percent of jobs requiring some sort of post-secondary education, the College and Career Academies are working to fulfill that challenge. The College and Career Academies are bringing relevance to a high school student’s education and preparing them for college and their career.

Those who work in hair, beauty, and wellness know how to adapt. Afterall, those fields are dictated by the latest trends and styles. To stay current, the career training school Georgia Career Institute (GCI) in Conyers, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb, has continuously evolved its program offerings in wellness and beauty. Opening in 1975, GCI prepares students for careers in cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology and massage therapy. As attendance and demand grew, GCI responded in equal measure, expanding to two more campuses — in Murfreesboro and McMinnville, Tennessee. (Source: www.benq.com)



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