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The Georgia 811 waterproof message center is a call center operated by the Georgia Department of Transportation that seeks to provide 24-hour customer service for people and businesses in Georgia, regardless of where they are, who owns the business, or what time of day it is.


Georgia law mandates that, before beginning any mechanized digging or excavation work, you must contact Georgia 811 by using eRequest online or by calling 811 or 800-282-7411 at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days in advance to have utility lines marked. This notification system provides Georgia 811 members an opportunity to locate and identify any underground facilities they may have in an area where digging is planned.

Have a project that involves digging? Contacting Georgia 811 should be the first step. Making sure that utilities are marked before you dig can help you avoid a costly and/or dangerous mistake. Please note that the utility service providers in your area that are notified by Georgia 811 will only mark public utilities. It is likely that you have both public and private utilities on your property. So, how do you tell the difference between public and private utilities? Continue reading for more information on the difference between public and private utilities. (Source: waterga.com)


Georgia Power has a long history of working with Georgia 811, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to preventing damage to underground utilities and promoting public safety, to ensure that projects are safe and comply with the "Georgia Dig Law." The law requires contact with Georgia 811 before mechanized digging to have buried power, communications, gas, and water lines marked, typically with flags, spray paint or both, to help prevent injuries, unintended service disruptions, repair costs, and fines. Contacting 811 is also recommended for smaller, manual jobs, such as planting trees, installing fences or mailboxes, or other digging activity.

nextdoor.com)The Georgia Overhead Law requires anyone working within 10 feet of high voltage overhead electric lines (750 volts or higher) to notify Georgia 811 at least 72 hours before beginning work. (The 72 hours excludes weekends and holidays.) The person planning the work should notify Georgia 811 and the information will then be transmitted to the affected power utility company where they can make a determination on what type of overhead protection is needed. In determining the best course of action, power companies will typically contact the person doing the work to verify details and then move forward with de-energizing the lines, wrapping the lines with an insulator (orange sleeves shown in the picture), relocating the line, or installing protective barriers. While contacting 811 is free, utility companies do reserve the right to charge a fee for wrapping or de-energizing the line. (Source:


Georgia 811 is where you call before you dig to have your underground utilities located so you can avoid hitting any utilities lines when digging. It’s free because we are funded by the member utility companies, and certain types of digging that you may be doing in your yard may require contacting us before digging according to the Georgia Dig Law. So we’re here to share easy safety information with you and your neighbors!

Does all this safety mean that no damage will be done to a utility? No, because mistakes can happen. But, what it does show is that this contractor appears to have done everything possible to make sure the homeowners have a better experience by trying to keep them as safe as possible with as little disturbance as possible. (Source: nextdoor.com)



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