Geo News New Cover Blogs

Geo News New Cover Blogs


Geo News recently changed its cover to better showcase its content. Now it has three different sections: Reports, Blogs and Events. Each section is focused on a specific category, and you can select the topics you are interested in. Getting your news fix through geo news has never been easier. You can find the latest headlines and stories about global issues, as well as a range of other topics.


The Geo channel is a part of a conglomerate that has been subject to many allegations of political bias and slander. After a 2014 assassination attempt on a senior Geo news staffer, the channel's license was temporarily suspended. The family of the assassin accused the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI, of being behind the attack. Since then, the channel has been attempting to improve ties with India and Pakistan.

One of the most famous programs on Geo News is Meray Mutabiq. This show features famous analysts Hassan Nisar and targets the main issues of the day. The show also features Shahzeb Khanzada, who analyzes the top stories of the day and invites relevant guests to appear.

Geo News did not publicly blame the military for the blockage. However, a senior official of another television news network declined to cover the issue because of security concerns. Geo's blockage comes at a time when tension between the civilian and military government is increasing. While it may be premature to speculate on the motives behind the blockage, it is likely to affect the future of Pakistani media.


The geo news new cover blogs are a great way to get your message out in the public. They promote peace and friendship between Pakistan and India. They also cover different social issues, such as child labour and women's rights. They also organize telethons to help victims of disasters. They also give people a sense of political awareness and the freedom to speak their minds.


Geo News is a Pakistani television network with its headquarters in Karachi, Sindh. It launched in 2005 when the country's chief executive Pervez Musharraf gave permission to private electronic media to operate. The station was initially headquartered in Dubai, but after some controversy, the news channel relocated to Karachi. The station is run by Jang Media Group, a group of media owners. Its chief editor is Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman.

Geo Entertainment - Watch Live TV in Pakistan

live geo entertainment tv streaming

If you want to watch your favourite geo entertainment shows online, then you have come to the right place. Geo Entertainment offers a wide range of channels and you can also find a variety of news channels on this platform. This channel also has morning shows and sports highlights. If you are a sports enthusiast, then you can watch live sports events on the Geo Super channel. In addition, you can catch up on the latest news with the Geo News app.

Har Pal Geo

Har Pal Geo is one of the most popular television channels in Pakistan. It caters to both Pakistani and international viewers. Its content ranges from classical love stories to close-to-reality narratives of social issues. Currently, the channel streams full-length episodes of all its shows on a daily basis.

You can also watch Har Pal Geo on your Android device by downloading the Har Pal Geo official app. This app allows you to watch HD dramas on your smartphone. All the latest episodes of Har Pal Geo are available on this application. The app also has a feature that allows you to watch full episodes live 24 hours a day.

The Har Pal Geo app is available on Google Playstore and was developed by Interlink Multi Media, a Jang Media Group company. Once downloaded, you can open the application from the home screen of Memu Play. The application is lightweight and simple compared to Bluestacks. It is not a complete alternative to Bluestacks.

Geo TV is a Pakistani entertainment television channel. It features popular dramas as well as news shows. Geo's dramas are unique in the country because they are the only entertainment medium that does not contain violence or vulgar language. This makes them popular with viewers. Streaming these shows is an excellent way to keep up with the latest episodes of the most popular dramas on Geo TV.

Har Pal Geo is available on both Google Playstore and the iOS Appstore. It has over 1 million installations and is one of the top entertainment apps in the Google Playstore. Its average user aggregate rating is 4.1 stars. It is a great way to watch shows and movies on the go, and it's easy to use.

92 News

92 News live is a 24-hour live news channel, which is broadcast from Pakistan. The station has journalists based in more than 300 cities in Pakistan. It offers a wide variety of stories, including breaking news, sports, and entertainment. Moreover, it offers live news broadcasts in high definition.

The show has a variety of content, including political discussion. Each episode is hosted by a credible journalist. The anchors and political analysts on the show are able to help viewers see beyond their own perceptions. In addition to news, the channel has a variety of entertainment shows, including the popular Aik Din Geo K Sath.

Geo Entertainment TV is part of the Geo TV network, a leading Pakistani television network. Its most popular shows include dramas and reality shows. The Ramada transmission of Geo News is always rated highly. You can also watch popular Geo TV dramas and shows on Geo TV entertainment.

Al Wesal TV

If you are looking for a religious channel in your region, you may want to check out Al Wesal TV. It's one of the largest and most popular channels in Pakistan, offering a range of highly rated TV shows. It broadcasts in Arabic and Farsi, and serves a predominantly Shia audience. You can easily search for Al Wesal TV live streaming online to start watching the latest episodes of your favorite dramas!

Geo Entertainment

If you want to watch Geo entertainment live online free of cost, there are several ways to go about it. For one, you can look up links on MetroLagu. These websites allow you to download and listen to various MP3 files for free. You can also download Geo Entertainment live streaming. This is a great option if you are a sports fan.

Awards are a great way to reward people for their hard work and dedication. Especially in Pakistan, awards are effective ways to motivate people to work harder. Moreover, awarding people on television channels is an effective way to show appreciation. Geo tv live streaming is a good example of a channel that recognizes its team members both on screen and behind the scenes.

Geo Entertainment is an entertainment channel in Pakistan, which offers a variety of programs. The channel's programming includes music, dramas, and films. It is part of the Geo TV network, which is a leading television network in Pakistan. The channel was founded in 2002 by Mir Shakil ur Rehman and is owned by the Independent Media Corporation. Regular broadcasts began on 1 October 2002. The name Geo is derived from the word "live on."

Geo TV Channel Is Available Online

online geo tv channel

GEO TV channel is a great place to find the latest in Pakistani news and politics. Its programs are hosted by the best anchors in the country, such as Saleem Safi, Hamid Mir, and Sohail Warraich. It also offers entertainment programs such as Aik Din Geo K Sath.

Capital Talk

Geo News is a Pakistani pay television channel. It is owned by the Jang Media Group. It is one of the most popular channels in the country. Its format is news-based. It broadcasts daily from Pakistan, as well as world news. The channel is also available online.

Capital Talk is a talk show on Geo News, based in Pakistan. It is hosted by Hamid Mir, a well-known Pakistani journalist. The show is a daily feature on the channel and covers all the important issues that affect the country. Hamid Mir, a veteran journalist, hosts the show every Monday to Thursday at 8:05PM.

Geo TV has its headquarters in the UAE. Its uplink teleport station is operated by Samacom. The channel is aired on Paksat 1R. Hamid Mir was one of the first journalists to join Geo. He began his career as a sub-editor at the daily Jang. Over the years, Hamid Mir has broken a number of hard-hitting stories. In fact, Hamid Mir was once abducted and severely beaten because of a story. Hamir Mir's work has been recognized in multiple awards.

However, the Geo News online channel has been faced with a lot of criticism from the government and judiciary. The first incident was during the State of Emergency in 2007. The Musharraf government banned the channel. Moreover, the Dubai government halted the transmission of the channel on a request from the Pakistani government. In 2009, Geo News faced a new set of attacks as a result of promoting the 'Lawyer's Movement' and 'Long March'. Those attacks drastically changed the media landscape in Pakistan.

Geo News is a Karachi-based Pakistani news channel. It was launched on November 2005 and has millions of Urdu-speaking viewers all over the world. It features top-of-the-hour news broadcasts daily and several interactive infotainment programs for kids. It is also known for its political comedy series Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain.

HarPal Geo is a Pakistani entertainment television channel that is based in Karachi, Sindh. The channel offers a wide range of shows, including TV dramas, movies, music shows, cookery shows, and even live streaming. The channel also offers an app for mobile devices. Users can download the app to enjoy a wide variety of dramas on the go.

Dramas produced by Geo Entertainment are often realistic and are popular with Pakistan audiences. Some popular dramas include Aye Musht-e-Khaak, Inteqam, Badzaat, and Dil e-Momin. All of these popular shows have also made their way to streaming services like Amazon Prime Video.

Har Pal Geo is one of the most popular channels in Pakistan, catering to a variety of audiences. Their shows range from classic love stories to close-to-reality narratives about social issues. The channel's most popular show, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, has garnered nearly 2 billion views on YouTube.

Meray Mutabiq

If you're interested in live sports and news, Geo TV channel is a must-see. The channel's news programs are updated regularly and will give you a full view of the latest happenings. You can also watch talk shows and in-depth analyses. It has over 1 million fans on Facebook and Twitter.

One of Geo's most popular programs is Meray Mutabiq, hosted by famous analyst Hassan Nisar. This show targets the most crucial issues of the day. In addition, Shahzeb Khanzada hosts the show Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath. He analyzes the most significant stories of the day and invites relevant guests to the show.

Geo News has had its fair share of controversy. A few years ago, the media company was accused of peddling government propaganda and defaming people in Pakistan. Since then, it has had to reevaluate its business model. The owner has publicly stated that the channel is a business, but he has been summoned to court over the issue of non-payment of salaries to employees.

Geo TV also has an uplink station in the UAE and broadcast facilities in the country. The channel is currently aired on Paksat 1R. Its documentary on the scarcity of water in the Indus river delta received the Special Prize of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III. It was also awarded the International Broadcast Excellence Award.

Meray Mutabiq is a live political show hosted by the renowned columnist Hassan Nisar on the Geo TV channel. The show features the views of politicians and political analysts. The show airs Monday to Thursday at 11:05 PM.

Abdullah Sultan & Huma Amir Shah

Geo TV is a Pakistani television channel in Urdu that began broadcasting in May 2002. It is owned by Mir Shakil ur Rehman, founder of the Jang Group of newspapers. It was previously headed by Imran Aslam, who is now in charge of another upcoming channel. Among other things, Geo TV offers kids' shows, top of the hour news, current event programs, and interactive infotainment programs. According to Gallup, Geo TV is the third most-watched channel in Pakistan.

Huma Amir Shah is an anchor and host of the morning show on Geo Pakistan. She is a native of Lahore, and has appeared on TV since an early age. She has since worked as an anchorperson on various private TV channels. She currently co-hosts the morning show at Geo Pakistan with Abdullah Sultan.

Another popular show on Geo Pakistan is Geo News, a daily, two-hour news program hosted by Abdullah Sultan and Huma Amir Shah. This show covers the biggest stories in politics, showbiz, and sports. The two hosts also invite guests from diverse fields of life to discuss important issues. Geo News also features Score, the only sport show in the Geo News program archive. The show features Syed Yahya Hussaini, who talks about the issues involving sports players and the relevant boards.

Geo News Live TV Channel has a variety of shows, including live sports and news. It is available on television, cable and satellite channels, and even on mobile devices and tablets.

Sohail Warraich

Sohail Warraich is a Pakistani TV host. He rose to fame with the show Aik Din Geo Kay Saath. He is a graduate of political science and has been associated with Geo Television since the channel's inception. He helped redefine Pakistani television, and some of his catch phrases have become Urdu language jargons.

Sohail Warraich is a political analyst, anchor, and senior journalist in Pakistan. He is also the head of the Institute of International Relations and Media Research. His online geo TV channel is a popular platform for political talk shows and features interviews with prominent personalities. He is known for pointing out the contradictions in these guests' lives. Besides hosting the show, Warraich is also a writer and has written two books.

Geo News has come under severe scrutiny by the government and judiciary in Pakistan. In 2007, it was banned by the Musharraf government. Dubai banned two of its programs, Meray Mutabiq and Capital Talk. Then, in 2009, the Geo News channel was targeted by the government for promoting the 'Lawyer's Movement' and the 'Long March'. This recent controversy has changed the media landscape in Pakistan.

The Geo TV channel features compelling and powerful personalities. The show features news from a variety of genres, including sports, politics, and the nation. The channel's first 24-hour sports channel, Geo Super, is unavailable in many foreign countries, but its high ratings in Pakistan are an indication of its popularity. With its uncompromising approach, it hopes to foster vital analysis in the face of Asian challenges.

Geo News features many popular news anchors. Famous hosts include Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain, Najam Sethi, and Wajih Sani. In addition to news, Geo News also features entertainment programs and current affairs programs. Some of the most popular shows on Geo News include Capital Talk, Aapas Ki Baat, and Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain.

Geo TV Live Drama - Har Pal Geo

geo tv live drama

In the past, Geo TV was an exclusive news channel that brought a unique perspective to the world of news and entertainment. From news breaking in the United States to events in the Middle East, Geo TV had it all. The network also offered original and breaking dramas that were unique and different from anything else.

The channel hosts many popular drama serials in Urdu, which makes it one of the most popular channels in Pakistan. Moreover, the channel's live dramas are also very popular all over the world. The concept behind the Har Pal Geo is to provide more information and entertainment to its viewers. As a result, the channel has gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time.

The story of Har Pal Geo TV live drama revolves around the uniqueness of a young girl. She has a very unique perception of life and dreams of becoming a queen one day. She thinks that wealth and treasure are the secrets of happiness. But she must learn to deal with reality.

The awards show is also another great way to show appreciation for hard work and dedication. This practice is very popular in Pakistan and encourages people to work hard. By giving awards, the team behind the scenes and the actors on screen get the recognition they deserve. This way, the channel's viewers can get to know the individuals behind the scenes and appreciate their work.

The Geo TV network's Geo TV live broadcast is one of the most popular channels in Pakistan. This channel is famous for its dramas and reality shows. Its Ramada transmission is always rated high. The channel's programs are available to viewers at any time of the day. They are a great source of entertainment for viewers.

Geo News

This Geo TV live drama is about a princess who has a unique and mystical view of life. She has a secret fantasy world in her mind and waits for the king to come and save her. She believes that wealth and treasure are the secret of happiness. However, she must face reality to find happiness.

The channel has made its mark among entertainment lovers by providing a complete entertainment package. It is available all day and night and offers awesome programs and drama. So, if you are fond of drama, Geo TV is the right channel for you. You can watch this channel live without any hassle. You can also catch the latest episode of your favorite show on this channel.

If you are looking for something to watch, Geo TV has a lot of choices. You can watch a live drama or a movie. The channel is also known for its award ceremonies. Geo awards are held once a year. These awards celebrate the work of its employees and their dedication to the channel. The best actors and actresses in the channel are also recognized.

This channel has also gained immense popularity in Pakistan. It is the most trusted news channel in the country. It caters to viewers of all backgrounds. The channel has a talk show host named Hamid Mir. It is also popular among international audiences. The channel broadcasts news from different countries and has an unbiased stance.

Geo TV live drama has a large audience, and the channel's popularity is growing. In fact, Geo TV is one of the most popular cable channels. There are many series to watch, which are made for every taste.

Geo TV Entertainment

Geo TV Live Drama is one of the most popular TV programs in Pakistan. The plot of this show revolves around a girl who is unique and has her own ideas about her life. She thinks she is a queen and awaits the arrival of a king to make her happy. She also thinks that wealth and treasure are the secret to happiness. But her life does not work like this and she faces a lot of problems.

In this day and age, Geo TV has become an indispensable part of the entertainment industry. This channel is available 24 hours a day and presents great shows and programs. Whether you are looking for a romantic comedy, a hollywood movie, a reality show, or a dramatic serial, Geo TV is the channel to watch. With the high-quality content and unique shows, Geo TV Live Drama has become the preferred choice of many viewers.

This Pakistani television channel is a sister channel to Geo News. The channel's programming includes movies, TV dramas, music shows, and cookery shows. The channel also has live streaming of its episodes. In fact, you can watch Geo TV Live Drama online, and download the videos on the channel's official website.

Another popular feature of Geo TV Live is its news. The channels broadcast the latest news in Pakistan. It also hosts drama serials and morning shows. The news and weather sections are updated regularly. With the Geo TV Live Drama app, you can watch all the latest news from Pakistan. And, you can also watch live drama and morning shows.

Geo News is the premier news channel in Pakistan. It has become the face of the country and represents Pakistan on the international stage. Its news programs and forums have gained great popularity among local and foreign viewers alike.

Kavanaugh vs. Roberts

The confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Kavanaugh, who replaces the retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, is already viewed as a potential swing vote in the court. However, he is not the only potential swing vote. Roberts has expressed his concerns about the court being viewed as a political branch of government. He has also criticized the Republican Party's efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and the Texas execution of an intellectually disabled prisoner.

The nomination of Kavanaugh has sparked fears and hopes among conservatives and liberals alike. As a result, some conservatives have pressed their colleagues to fast-track the decision because they fear losing their majority. But the sudden public nature of the case has hindered Roberts' attempts to convince his colleagues. Roberts normally works privately, allowing the Supreme Court to determine its decisions without the public being aware of their deliberations.

Kavanaugh has a long record of voting against the interests of women and minorities. His vote on the Affordable Care Act has impacted millions of people. He also changed his vote on two parts of that case and engineered a compromise opinion that upheld the law. His willingness to compromise has also helped him win over conservatives in many high-profile cases.

The battle over the Supreme Court is far from over. Kavanaugh's nomination was controversial enough that it has led to protests outside Roberts' house. The two men are also close enough to each other that abortion rights protesters sometimes come to both homes on the same evening.

Barrett vs. Roberts

Barrett vs. Roberts is a high-stakes Supreme Court race that's sure to draw millions of viewers to the network. The first three episodes will air this fall, and the entire courtroom drama will be available for geo TV subscribers to watch live. This year, the candidates are both conservatives and liberals, and the outcome is sure to be a fascinating watch.

The Supreme Court is a hot topic in America right now. In recent years, the conservative majority has overturned Roe v. Wade and redefined the lines of church and state. The conservative majority that replaced Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a progressive icon who will die in 2020, has consolidated its hold on the Court. The new majority gives the conservatives a 6-3 advantage, putting them in the lead for the first time since the 1960s.

Geo TV Online - Watch Your Favorite Pakistani TV Shows and News

geo tv online

Geo TV online is a great way to watch all of your favorite Pakistani TV shows and news. This popular Pakistani television station is owned by Jang Media Group. You can watch a variety of shows and news from Pakistan, including Meray Mutabiq, Jirga, and Saleem Safi.

Meray Mutabiq

Meray Mutabiq is a Pakistani news show with a unique approach. Its main objective is to provide critical and realistic analysis of the country's current affairs. The show is hosted by Hassan Nisar, one of the country's leading intellectuals, journalists, and analysts. During the program, Nisar offers expert opinions on a variety of topics.

Hassan Nisar is a prominent columnist, analyst, and host of a talk show on Geo TV. He presents his shows in Urdu. His opinions and views are considered very insightful and controversial, which have earned him a dedicated following. He has also been criticized for commenting controversial issues, such as the Islamic history of Pakistan.

The media is under threat of censorship in Pakistan. Geo News's programs have received serious criticism from the government and the judiciary. The first incident was during the State of Emergency in 2007. The Musharraf government halted Geo News from broadcasting. The government of Dubai also banned Meray Mutabiq and Capital Talk. The channel was also targeted in 2009 due to its controversial portrayal of anti-government movements. This has caused a shift in the perception of Pakistani media.

Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath

Aaj Shahzeb Khanzade Kay Sath is a Pakistani talk show that airs on Geo News every Monday to Friday. It was previously hosted by investigative journalist Kamran Khan. The show is produced by Asmat Mallick and directed by Junaid Mumtaz.

This political talk show is aired on Geo TV every Monday to Friday and it has a huge fan base. It is a good watch if you are interested in current affairs and politics. The full cast and the OST can be watched online.

Geo News is one of the leading news channels in Pakistan. You can catch all the breaking news updates on Geo News, while also watching a variety of talk shows and forum discussions. It is the most trusted news channel in the country and has achieved a high rating among its audience.


Jirga is a talk show that airs on Geo TV every Saturday at 10:05 pm. It is presented by Saleem Safi, a leading journalist in Pakistan. He invites renowned personalities and public figures to the show, which aims to educate the audience about current affairs.

The program is presented by top anchors of the industry, such as Hamid Mir, Sohail Warraich, Najam Sethi, and Saleem Safi. It also has a wide selection of entertainment shows, including Aik Din Geo K Sath and News Room.

Geo News is the most popular news channel in Pakistan. Owned by the Jung Group, the channel focuses on news and current affairs. It is Pakistan's leading news channel, and features breaking news updates, forum discussions, and talk shows. Geo is a popular news channel in both Pakistan and abroad, and its programming is highly rated.

Saleem Safi

Saleem Safi is an accomplished Pakistani talk show host and journalist. He specializes in topics such as foreign policy, Afghanistan, terrorism, Kashmir and politics in Pakistan. He is associated with the Jang Media Group. His work has been syndicated on many television stations worldwide.

His work has reached many countries, including Afghanistan, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and the UK. He has also won awards for his coverage of current affairs on television. His knowledge and experience have made him an asset in the post-terrorist environment.

Saleem Safi's role on Geo TV is as a political analyst and talk show host. He has hosted several current affairs programmes, including the Pashto-language AVT Khyber. He is also the host of the popular talk show Jirga on Geo TV. He has also written several columns for the Daily Jang, which is considered one of the top newspapers in Pakistan.

Geo News has been under fire for its criticism of the Inter Services Intelligence. Its accusations against the Pakistani spy chief, Zaheer-ul-Islam, led to the suspension of its licensing by PEMRA for fifteen days. This is a clear indication that the channel is being targeted by hidden forces.

Saleem Safi, a veteran journalist, is known for his insightful analysis. He has worked for several national news agencies and holds a Master's degree in mass communication. He writes regularly for the print media. He has a great ability to raise important issues and ask edgy questions.

Muneeb Farooq

One of the best known anchorpersons on Geo TV is Muneeb Farooq. He appears in several prime time transmissions of Geo News and is the host of the popular talk show "Aapas Ki Baat". He is also the general secretary of the Pakistan Federation of Journalists (PFUJ). He is a graduate in mass communication and writes regularly for Pakistani print media. Other noteworthy anchorpersons on Geo TV include Shahzad Iqbal and Absa Komal.

During the State of Emergency in 2007, Geo News' broadcasting was restricted. The Musharraf government banned the channel's programs, including "Capital Talk" and "Meray Mutabiq". In 2009, Geo News was targeted for airing programs promoting the 'Lawyer's Movement' and the 'Long March'. These attacks drastically altered the image of Pakistani media.

In a recent interview with Geo TV, Muneeb Farooq defended the network against charges of promoting government propaganda. Geo TV has also been accused of defaming people in the country. However, the owner of the channel said that he is simply running a business. He is currently facing court summons over the issue of not paying employees' salaries.

Saleem Safi is a Pakistani journalist and host who specializes in Afghanistan and Khyber Pakhtunkha. Born in the district of Mardan, Safi began his career in journalism and eventually rose to the position of Bureau Chief of NNI. He has visited Afghanistan several times and has interviewed many of its current presidents. He also hosts the political show Jirga on Geo News. During the show, he invites celebrities to discuss national security issues.

Mazhar Abbas

Mazhar Abbas is a prominent advocate of press freedom in Pakistan. He has been a journalist for over two decades and has faced repeated threats because of his work. He is the deputy director of ARY One World Television, a 24-hour bilingual news channel in Pakistan. He is also the brother of Zaffar Abbas, the editor of the leading newspaper Dawn, and Azhar Abbas, the former managing director of Geo News.

Geo News features a variety of highly-rated news programs. Capital talk, hosted by the Pakistani anchor 'Hamid Mir', focuses on current affairs and has been airing since 2002. Hamid Mir's anti-establishment views have led to serious attacks against him, but he remains one of the most popular anchorpersons in the country.

Similarly, the Geo News prime time transmission features the talk show host Muneeb Farooq, who belongs to the Photohar region of Punjab. He has a master's degree in English literature and started his career in journalism in 1985. His shows include "Aik Din Geo Ke Sath," an interview-based talk show that visits celebrities' homes. His other work includes appearing as an analyst on political talk shows.

Another popular show on Geo News is Meray Mutabiq, hosted by Hassan Nisar. It focuses on the biggest issues of the day. Another show on Geo News, Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath, features an insightful analysis of the day's top stories. In both shows, he invites relevant guests to comment on the topics.

Live Geo News in Pakistan

live geo news

If you're looking for the latest news in Pakistan, there are many ways to watch live geo news. You can listen to journalists and political analysts discussing events happening around the country. These professionals help people see the situation from a different perspective and make informed decisions. The anchors on GEO news are some of the most acclaimed in the country. Some of them include Hamir Mir, Sohail Warraich, Najam Sethi, and Saleem Safi. GEO news also has its share of entertainment shows. For example, Aik Din Geo K Sath is a part of this network.

Hamir Mir is an experienced journalist

Hamir Mir is a seasoned journalist who has been covering live geo news for over twenty years. He is a frequent guest on Geo TV's Capital Talk show and recently condemned the attack on a journalist named Asad Toor. In response to the attack, Mir called for accountability for the attack on Toor, as well as other journalists and critics of the Pakistani military. Hamid Mir is a prominent face of Geo TV and has faced a number of attacks over the years.

Hamir Mir was the youngest editor of the national Urdu newspaper Daily Pakistan in Islamabad when he was just twenty-five years old. He resigned in 1997 and founded a new daily newspaper, the Daily Ausaf (Islamabad). Hamir Mir re-joined the Geo News team in October 2018. His work with the channel included hosting the Capital Talk program. He has also received numerous awards, including an APNS award for his work as a columnist.

In the aftermath of the attack, Geo's credibility was threatened. While it is official that the channel has resumed operation, Geo remains absent in many parts of the country, with cable operators refusing to air the network. Geo apologised for its emotional coverage of Mir. It also sent a defamation notice to the ISI, demanding an apology and evidence of anti-state activities.

The attack has prompted Hamid Mir's brother to accuse elements of the ISI of orchestrating the attack. Amir Mir, Hamid's brother, revealed that Hamid Mir told him two weeks ago that the ISI should be held accountable. He has spoken to friends, colleagues, the senior management of his channel, the government, and the Army to express his feelings.

Shahzeb Khanzada is a talk show host

Shahzeb Khanzada is renowned Pakistani TV anchor and talk show host. He started his media career in the Business Plus channel and then hosted a show on Express TV called To The Point. Born in Karachi, Khanzada is a graduate in Industrial Electronics Engineering and joined the media world in 2002. His talk show, Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath, is based on current affairs and airs on Geo News from Monday to Friday at 10 PM.

During an episode of his current affairs talk show, Shahzeb Khanzada called out a man who was acting sexist in front of a woman. His 10 second intervention could have made a big difference and set a good example for other men. Khanzada's show also features humor and political analysis.

Khanzada has been nominated for the Best Anchorperson award for his work in 2013. He has been a TV host for several years and has hosted many successful shows. His show, 'To The Point', has been widely viewed on television. He has also investigated the murder of Shahzeb Khan, which took place in 2013. Jatoi, the murderer of Shahzada, had fled to Dubai. But his family was not providing any details about him. Shahzada went to Dubai and interviewed his father, which led to Jatoi's arrest. Since then, Shahzada has been working for Geo.

Another show on live geo news is Meray Mutabiq. This show focuses on the most important issues of the day and is highly rated by viewers. It features renowned analysts and journalists and often has a number of popular guests.

Irshad Bhatti is a columnist

The latest news from Pakistan is that the Geo News office was attacked by nationalist Sindhi groups and protestors over Irshad Bhatti's comments. According to some reports, he called Sindhi people 'hungry and naked' earlier this month. He has not confirmed the claims, but he has clarified that he is on leave for three days and will return to his job on Monday.

Irshad Bhatti is a Pakistani journalist who works as a columnist and a commentator on Geo TV. He has over 540,000 followers on Twitter and has become a trusted source of information on Pakistani politics. It has been reported that Bhatti's wife had been suffering from a life-threatening illness for some time. The tragedy has left his family devastated.

Geo News is one of the most popular news channels in Pakistan. Irshad Bhatti will be hosting a new show on the channel starting January 21. He will be joined by Ali Mir, who will play an important role in the show. The show's promotion is already spectacular.

Hassan Nisar is a political analyst

Hassan Nisar is a columnist and political analyst who works for Geo News Tv. He has a large following in Pakistan. Born in 1951, Hassan Nisar is a native of Faisalabad. He speaks Urdu and speaks out on issues affecting Pakistan and Islam. His no-nonsense style has earned him a large fan base.

During a live broadcast of Report Card, Nisar's calmness was shaken by a remark he made during the show. Reema Omer, a fellow panelist, called him out on his misogynistic remarks. The comments were made during a discussion of the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan. Nisar then lost his cool and began yelling at Omer.

Hassan Nisar has been an active member of Pakistan's media scene since his early years. He has written several columns and a talk show for GEO TV. He has also worked as an editor for a number of newspapers. His political commentary often revolves around the political history of Islam.

Geo News' political coverage of Pakistan has been controversial. In January 2016, Geo News was fined PKR 10 million for insulting the country's spy chief. The next year, Geo News was banned for airing a segment called Capital Talk and Meray Mutabiq, which promotes anti-government movements. The attacks on Geo News have altered the image of the Pakistani media.

Babar Sattar is a lawyer

If you're interested in politics or legal issues, you've probably heard about Babar Sattar. He writes a weekly column for The News. Recently, Geo and the Jang Group shut down The News, claiming it was a "sensitive topic." But what exactly happened?

Geo News live is an Urdu-language Pakistani news channel with its headquarters in Karachi. It was first launched in 2005, when the country was granted permission for private electronic media to operate. Initially, the station's headquarters were in Dubai, but after a lot of controversy, the channel moved to Karachi. The channel is owned by the Jang Media Group and is run by Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman.

Geo News Live on YouTube

geo news live tv youtube

Geo News Live is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. With its satirical shows and a wide range of content, this channel has something for every viewer. You can follow the latest news on Pakistan and world events with the help of its talented presenters. Some of them are Hamir Mir, Hafeez Ullah Niazi, Sohail Warraich, and Irshad Bhatti.

Hafeez Ullah Niazi is a columnist

Hafeez Ullah Niaze is a well-known columnist and political analyst who appears on Geo News show Report Card. He also writes a column for the daily Jang newspaper, part of the Jang media group. His work is often critical of the current Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. He has a large following among Pakistani youth.

Hafeez Ullah Niazzi has worked in the media industry since 2001. He was the senior executive director of ARY Digital Network and host of "Views on News" on the network. In 2005, he was awarded a scholarship at CNN, where he covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2007, he joined Geo TV to host Meray Mutabaq.

Geo News live is an Urdu Pakistani news channel with headquarters in Karachi, Sindh. The channel launched in 2005, when Pakistani chief executive Pervez Musharraf gave permission to private electronic media in Pakistan. While initially located in Dubai, the company moved its headquarters to Karachi after a series of controversies. It is owned by the Jang Media Group and is led by Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman.

Hafeez Ullah Niazzi has a unique perspective on important issues in Pakistan. He is an analyst who is well versed in regional affairs, security issues, and Pak-Afghan affairs. He also frequently writes for the Pakistani press.

Sohail Warraich is a talk show host

Sohail Warraich is based in Pakistan and is a prominent journalist and TV host. He has been associated with Geo TV since it started broadcasting. He has a master's degree in English literature and started his career in journalism through the print media. Today, he is one of the most prominent television personalities in Pakistan and hosts the talk show Ek Din Geo Ke Sath on Geo News. He is also the author of two books and has been featured on several TV shows.

He has been hosting talk shows for many years on Geo News. His popular 'Aik din geo ke saath' interviews have garnered him national recognition. You can catch his show every weeknight at 10:05 PM on the channel. He also hosts his own talk show titled Aapas Ki Baat on the channel.

Sohail Warraich is renowned for his political commentary. He has a popular talk show on Geo News TV and interviews world leaders and celebrities. In his shows, he often highlights the contradictions in the lives of his guests. He has also been close to former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and has written his hagiography.

If you want to watch Geo News live TV online, then you can do so on hamariweb.com or Geo News live TV YouTube. These live streaming channels offer all the latest programs and you can watch Geo News without any hassle. Geo News Live TV has a wide audience and is broadcasting around the world. You can even stream Geo News on other channels as well.

Geo News live TV also features some of Pakistan's best known journalists. Sohail Warraich's show Report Card has guests who are experts in various fields. His guests range from lawyers and economists to politicians and businessmen. His show airs every Monday and Thursday at 11:05 PM.

Irshad Bhatti is a journalist

In the last few weeks, Irshad Bhatti has been the focus of controversy due to rumours of his removal from Geo News. He is currently on a three-day leave from the company. The journalist has been known as a supporter of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the PTI party. However, after the Supreme Court's ruling, rumors about his removal have become rampant.

He has also worked as a journalist for Geo News for a while and is now a regular presenter of the Jirga show on the Geo News live TV YouTube channel. In this show, he covers important issues in Pakistan and the region. He is a political analyst and has extensive knowledge of Pak-Afghan relations.

Another popular program on Geo News is Meray Mutabiq, hosted by Hassan Nisar. This show focuses on the main issues of the day and is one of the most watched programs on the channel. Shahzeb Khanzada is another prominent host of Geo News and he analyses the top stories of the day and invites relevant guests to his show.

Geo News live is a live news channel based in Karachi, Sindh. It was launched in 2005 after the former chief executive, Pervez Musharraf, gave permission for private electronic media to operate in Pakistan. Its headquarters were initially located in Dubai, but after controversy, it was moved to Karachi. The channel is owned by the Jang Media Group, with Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman as the chief editor.

Muneeb Ahmed is a sports journalist

The Geo News live TV channel has made great strides in the media industry. The network specializes in current affairs, entertainment, sports, music, and more. Several of the TV channels produced by the company include Geo News, Geo Kahani, and Geo Entertainment. These shows are informative and entertaining, and are watched by millions across the world.

Geo News is not just a news channel, it is the face of Pakistan and represents our nation in the world. It is regarded as the most credible news channel and the most trusted one in the country. Many Pakistanis prefer watching Geo News for breaking news and discussion. They trust its journalists and feel confident in the news they receive.

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