Future Stars Team 2

Future Stars Team 2

Future Stars Team 2


This is the second season of our monthly series, Future Stars. We'll be keeping a list of picks that have the potential to follow in the footsteps of the top girls. All of our picks will follow a “next level” format, so buckle your seat belts because 2018 is going to be very exciting.


The Future Stars Team 2 is out now in FIFA 21, Ultimate Team! After the last two huge promo events, Headliners and TOTY-click here to check out our other articles covering the TOTY promo—FIFA 21 has been pushing another content drop with its latest Future Stars promo. Future Stars celebrate the most promising up and coming young talents in all of world football. The premise of this promo is to bring young talented players to the forefront of the FUT 21 meta by significantly boosting their stats and, consequentially, their market values. This is in a bid to spice up FUT's competitive scene and make online squads more variable, as opposed to always seeing the same 20-30 meta players every time you hop on Ultimate Team. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best Future Stars players and evaluate what makes them so great in general.

Ansu Fati is the latest in a long line of young superstars to come out of Barcelona's world-renowned La Masia youth academy. As a graduate of La Masia academy, Fati is in the pristine company following in the footsteps of some of football's most gifted and accomplished professionals, including Andres Iniesta, Xavi, and Lionel Messi. Barcelona has been in a severe recession of late, especially in competing for the biggest European trophies. They suffered some truly cataclysmic defeats at the hands of other European giants, including one particularly memorable 8-2 loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League's Quarter Finals. The reason Barcelona has found itself in this dreadful state is undoubtedly multifaceted. However, the fundamental mistake at the heart of the club's downfall was renewing all the older players' contracts. Players like Pique, Jordi Alba, Busquet, and even arguably Messi should not have been tied down to substantial long-term contracts in the hopes that they wouldn't decline with age. Fortunately, it turns out Barcelona is blessed with an extensive lineup of young, promising new players. Players like Fati, Puig, Dest, and Trincao are the future of Barcelona, and the sooner they're incorporated into the first team, the sooner the rebuilding process can come to fruition. In terms of FUT 21, this Future Stars Fati card is easily one of the most sought-after cards in the entire game. The current FUT 21 market price for this card is sitting at around 2.3 Million Fifa coins on Fifa 21 Playstation, 1.8 on Xbox, and 2.47 on PC. So, is it worth the price? Well, probably none of these FUT cards should be worth as much as they are; however, since it is a new promotion and the market is pretty much always inflated, it makes sense. Additionally, this card is an absolute beast, and there's nothing the price can do to make that any less of a fact. Fati has all the statistical attributes that you would want from a striker: 98 rated pace—which is absurd—90 shooting, 88 passing, and 93 dribbling. (Source: www.gamechampions.com)


EA Sports launched their FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Future Stars promo last week, releasing a team of 11 bright, young players that have received extra juiced up cards to reflect their real-life future potential. Future Stars has become one of the most highly anticipated promos throughout the whole of Ultimate Team, so it has been great to see EA come to the table with some stellar content to go alongside the team itself.

A player that has featured in most of our teams at one point or another throughout FIFA 21, Ansu Fati is known for his blistering pace and agile dribbling. Before being struck down by injury in November, he was in a rich vein of form for Barcelona. In fact, his form was so good he was named as the La Liga Player Of The Month for September. If Fati were to receive a Future Stars card later this week, it is certainly not one that I would want to be playing against. (Source: storymodegaming.com)



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