Future Stars Soccer

Future Stars Soccer

Future Stars Soccer


Future Stars Soccer is a one man team that was born in a friend's living room. Today, they have a full-time staff and are looking to expand their brand in the best way possible. In the meantime, they will look back at their success story and see what the future holds.


My daughter loved Future Stars Soccer Academy. This was her first real soccer experience at 5 y.o. She loved the sport and was thrilled to improve her kick. She was goalie for the first time and loved that position. She would get very excited if she prevented balls from getting inside the goal. Her hardest part of the day was leaving. She is thrilled that she can return for a few more weeks this summer.

Future Stars soccer camp is a great experience for players of all ages. Unlike other camps I have attended this one has more one-on-one training versus huge groups. The trainers observe the weaknesses of the players and try to help them improve. At this camp you will learn a lot and have a lot of fun doing it. I highly recommend this camp to anybody who wants to improve their game and have fun. (Source: fssoccercamps.com)


We are the first Soccer Club located in South River, NJ. Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, quality soccer experience for all youth who desire to participate which will assist in the social and physical development for children of all skill levels. It is to develop all of our players to the best of their ability to become complete soccer players with love for the game and a greater chance at future success. To promote excellence in sportsmanship and conduct in all players, coaches, referees, and parents.

Over the past few years our club has evolved in a very positive manner. Not only have we grown to almost 300 members strong, but we have been successful in bringing children from various communities together as one. Through the efforts of some very dedicated volunteers, we continue to develop new ideas and programs to bring our club to the front of the soccer community. Our club has opened its doors to all children who have a love and desire for playing the game of soccer. (Source: www.risingstarssc.com)



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