Future Stars of Usd Baseball Camp

Future Stars of Usd Baseball Camp

Future Stars of Usd Baseball Camp

If your company is in the marketing, social media, lifestyle, or internet industries, this article is for you and your team. The Future Stars of Usd Baseball Camp is a paid camp for 14- and 15-year-olds who have enrolled into the EY CollegeFor Kids program. This article goes over the steps necessary to take to ensure a successful upcoming camp.


It was such a pleasure to meet you at your ID baseball camp yesterday. From a parent’s perspective, this was different than many other camps my son has attended. You’ve created an environment that felt less stressful than other camps. I think this is important for both you as a coach, and as well for the players. They want to play their best, and you want to see these kids at their best. The coach’s interaction with these players was amazing. You/they gave praise when they watched a player do well and of course instruction when needed. My son certainly enjoyed this camp. The feedback I usually hear from him is how he did well in one are or perhaps didn’t feel solid in another area, but not much about the environment. The feedback my son gave me after this camp, was how amazing it would be to play for you. You remind him of his travel coach, who brings out his confidence which really shows when he plays, and my son strives to please him. This is not a kiss butt moment, I assure you, but there are certain coaches who can bring out the best in players because their coaching style, and that makes these players want to succeed. I appreciated your openness, enthusiasm and candor. Also, Cody Decker used to use Jukebox Hero as his walk-up song when he played for the San Diego Padres.

Hello Coach Hill, The two day camp experience was very beneficial in my opinion and I had a great time. I learned an incredible amount about the mental side of the game through the five amazing guest speakers you presented us. My mindset has completely changed for the better and I want to thank you for that. As for the baseball aspect of the camp, playing on that masterpiece of a field is always such a great experience. I wish I could take BP on that nice of a yard every day. I had never done some of the drills in the outfield that we did, and I look forward to taking them back to school this season. I overall I want to thank you for putting together a fantastic few days, and I look forward to attending the more camps in the future and staying in contact with you. Go Toreros! (Source: info.collegebaseballcamps.com)


I had a very fun and amazing experience at USD’s Winter Prospect Camp. The two days were filled with tons of baseball and chances to showcase my skills. The games allowed me to show my potential on the mound and with the bat. In addition, the games were also well organized and put together so each player got an equal opportunity to play in front of the coaches and staff at USD. The coach pitch scrimmages between the games allowed me to get many reps with swings, flyballs, and ground balls in game situations. The 60 yard dash also allowed me to present my speed, in batting practice I was also able to exhibit my mechanics and swing to the USD coaches as well. As a whole, the camp was great and I had a fun time playing in front of the USD baseball coaches and being able to play on USD’s facility was incredible and I also left with much more knowledge and I learned a lot of new skills with fielding my position as a pitcher. I would like to thank Coach Hill and the rest of the Torero Coaching Staff for putting together this camp and experience for not just me but for all of the other players interested in playing at the Division 1 level and my interest in USD and becoming a Torero grew tremendously after attending this camp.

"Our coaching staff each year is extremely motivated to work with the youth and HS players at our camps. Campers will receive professional-level instruction from coaches that have played and taught at the college and professional levels. We stress the importance of team building, individual mental and physical development in our structured drills and competitive games. Our goal is to provide mental/physical cues the players can take back with them when they complete camp. Our camp base is the future of the game of baseball. They will complete camp with an understanding of the basic baseball fundamentals, what it takes to play at the next level, and grasp the importance of playing the game with energy and passion in a team environment." (Source: www.ussportscamps.com)


In all, I just want to say thank you for hosting an amazing camp. I am currently working on a program based on the drills that I learned to incorporate them onto the baseball field. I believe that if I continue to work on the drills that I have learned this past weekend, I can become the best infielder (and athlete) I can be. All of the coaches I met were extremely patient and very helpful to all of the kids there. You guys at USD definitely have one of the best coaching staffs I have ever been around.

I just wanted to say thank you for putting on such an awesome camp. Probably the most fun I’ve had at any kind of camp or showcase type event. Great environment, unbelievable field, fun coaches, and sound structure made for a fun camp. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you for the blunt talk with me after and I will continue to work even harder at my craft. I look forward to further communication with you. I’ll see you over the MLK weekend. Happy New Years. (Source: info.collegebaseballcamps.com)





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