Future Stars Of Tomorrow Softball

Future Stars Of Tomorrow Softball

future stars of tomorrow softball

By day, the bell-top that revealed a scarlet M for never lay dormant. But as the sun descended and the towering spires of concrete penetrated the sky, the red M became less bold and the logo became less sharp. In the dark, the M simply disappeared.


"For players that have previously been involved with the JWSX and are still of age but have not been selected to attend a regional training or will not be named in the 2021 squad, we are interested to see how these players respond. The door is not shut to future involvement with the JWSX. All going well, we have a pretty exciting calendar ahead. The Trans-Tasman bubble opening up this month is very encouraging in regard to our plans and looking ahead to next year, we are hoping to take a large squad to the USA. Touch wood. The priority for this off season once players have had a decent rest will be to prepare players for firstly the Quad Series in October and then subsequent tournaments on the Softball NZ calendar. This JWSX management team have become very good at planning, we would like to think, this time around, there will be no disruptions to our plans, and the JWSX will get to play a lot more ball in our build up for the first qualifying tournament, the Oceania Qualifier in 2023."

Haylie Wagner, Gwen Svekis and Victoria Hayward all ran into one another’s arms upon the final out of their softball season, on Sept. 28. Wagner was the starting pitcher, Svekis her catcher and Hayward the center fielder, and theirs was the standard embrace of teammates winning a championship game: exhaustion mixed with joy, streaked with happy tears. Except that this situation was not standard at all. Almost a year earlier, they had been the first three players to sign on with an upstart, experimental league; and while they were, for this moment, on the same squad, they’d separated and rejoined sporadically over the course of the six-week season, acting as teammates one week and opponents the next. Though they had just won the final game of the season together, they had not won a championship. In fact, no team title was awarded. Instead, players were ranked individually, using a unique scoring system, and the lone gold medal went to one of their teammates, the staff ace, who had not even pitched that day. (Source: www.si.com)


Now that we had our team selected, we had to get to work. Practice 6 days a week in order to settle players into positions and find our depth. During this time we still have our support system, Parents! We still needed sponsors to help out with offsetting some of the costs for some of the "extras" like new bags, helmets, practice jerseys, uniforms, and other team building events. We were able to have a Team Breakfast at the practice field put on by our concessions staff, it was delicious! We also had a Team BBQ/Potluck and was followed by a gift bag give-away. We also had some other fun along the way, like a water balloon fight after practice, oh what fun that was!

My name is Jason Vincent, I was the announcer with Continental Ranch Little League. I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed your 9-10 all-stars team. Your coaches and players were exactly how you would want a team to represent you in another district. Not only did they play well, but their sportsmanship, comradery, and respect for others is to be commended. I know that the championship loss was tough, and there are no word to console a true competitor, but my wife and I definitely hold your coaches and players in the highest regards and we know we will be seeing more GSLL in the future. Good job to your board and all coaches and managers, You are doing things right, and keep it up! (Source: www.leagueathletics.com)


Are we changing the game or not? That’s what pitcher Cat Osterman, a six-time NPF all-star, remembers thinking when she first heard about Athletes Unlimited. A self-described “sports purist,” she was intrigued by the new macro-structure, but she didn’t want to play any version of softball that fundamentally changed what happens between the lines. “Do we have the ability to change things about our game? Yes,” she says. “But we’re not changing the essential way we play.” Which is one of the deliberate features of Athletes Unlimited. For all the novelty of its greater structure, the softball league, which launched last August, still looks very much like the softball that the game’s staunchest supporters are used to.

Wichita State University fielded a football team for 90 years before it was cut in 1986 due to poor attendance, financial red ink, NCAA recruiting violations, and the state of disrepair of Cessna Stadium.This followed the Missouri Valley Conference ending its sponsorship of football in 1985, which left only Wichita and Tulsa remaining at the Division I-A level (now known as FBS), as the rest . It is always a fun time to teach the game, get to know the future stars of tomorrow, and work on my farmers tan! 7. What a great WCWS this year! The men's golf team has won 21 Missouri Valley Conference Championships: 1946, 1977–79, 1984, 1986, 1999–2001, 2003–2004, 2006, 2008–15, 2017. San Marcos, Texas Bobcat Softball Stadium. OSU Softball Updates Fall Season Schedule. (Source: sumarse.org.pa)




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