Future Stars Nursery School Randburg ORR

Future Stars Nursery School Randburg ORR

Future Stars Nursery School Randburg

Forget about the old children's education basics: everyone knows that music, dancing, pre-binding and outdoor play are key to a happy, healthy childhood. And with the cost of childcare spiraling out of control, parents are looking for ways to save a few extra quid a month, and one way is to find a fantastic nursery school near you. Let's help you find the school that's right for you!


Silver Stars Nursery School is a private Christian Nursery School for babies up to Gr RR. We have Afrikaans, English and dual medium classes. The owners are full time involved in managing the school. My name is Seugnet te Groen and I studied B Prim Ed at Stellenbosch University and have 2 children. We opened our doors in 2007 and is a well-established school on a beautiful 1-hectare plot. We are committed to keep this an environmentally well maintained and eco-friendly farm atmosphere with ducks, rabbits, chickens, and a diversity of bird life.

We have excellent security on the property which includes controlled electronic access and surveillance CCTV cameras. A variety of animals such as rabbits, ducks, chickens and guinea fowl roam the property freely. This unique place of care where children are able to run around on the manicured 8500 m² spacious property. We believe children should be children and we will strive to stimulate them towards becoming responsible adults. We offer extra-mural activities during school time such as horse-riding, computers, ballet, rugby, music, action ball, pottery and monkeynastics etc. We hope we may be afforded the privilege of looking after your child at Silver Stars. (Source: www.sachild.co.za)


My child is a SPARK scholar, and he is sure getting a world class education. Whilst others are dropping Maths standards SPARK are raising them. In Grade 6 they are doing the equivalent of Grade 8 and 9 Maths done at mainstream schools. It’s the best decision I made for my child’s future. Children are encouraged to do independent learning, and a university style of teaching is already introduced at a young age. I am doing my Masters Degree at University and I feel like my son is doing his 1st year too. Thank you SPARK Schools for the visionary leadership for our children. I could write until tomorrow about this school. We are at SPARK Lynedoch (Stellenbosch), and my daughter is joining next year as a Grade R scholar…I just can’t wait. Thank you!

My daughter is in grade 1 at SPARK Carlswald. She joined earlier this year after hearing such great things about SPARK. I think it was the best decision that my husband and I have made for our child's future. It was a little worrying at first wondering how my daughter would adapt into a new environment, but her teachers and classmates made her transition into SPARK quiet easy. She thoroughly enjoys singing the Sparks fly songs and feels proud to be apart of SPARK Schools. The core values that SPARK has instilled in my child shines through her...She is more confident now, socially and academically, and is very observant and aims to improve and better herself everyday by utilising one of the SPARK core values. SPARK's disciplinary /robotic colour system is superb and ensures that each of the learners is taught to be self disciplined at a very young age. (Source: sparkschools.co.za)




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