Future Stars Lasalle OOR

Future Stars Lasalle OOR

Future Stars Lasalle


Here are some of the students of Future Stars Lasalle, Chicago. Their work is on display in the window, with a projected future. The future will be different for them, but you will know the faces soon enough.


Petra Blazkova is managing director within LaSalle Investment Management’s European Research & Strategy based in London. She leads the development of tactical investment strategy and market tools across Europe. This includes developing forecasts, defining market targeting and fund strategies, identifying acquisition opportunities and bringing new sources of global capital to Europe. To this end, Petra works closely with several teams across London, Munich, Paris and elsewhere around the world.

As head of LaSalle’s Global Marketing and Communications, Nayda is focused on building the firm’s reputation, developing stronger client insight and relationships, innovating marketing approaches and ultimately fostering the growth of LaSalle. Nayda is responsible for LaSalle’s global brand positioning, client events, creative platform development, digital marketing and social media, public relations and internal communications. Nayda has held various leadership positions with BNY Mellon Investor Services, BlackRock and UBS Global Asset Management. (Source: www.lasalle.com)


Tim Kessler was the Global Head of Corporate Strategy and Development from 2017 to 2021 and is currently serving as the Global Chief Operating Officer. Tim is focused on identifying, evaluating and aligning resources to pursue organic and inorganic growth opportunities for LaSalle around the world. He works closely with LaSalle’s Global Management Committee to further develop LaSalle’s corporate strategy and to implement best practices and technology solutions across the platform to ensure the firm continues to provide industry-leading investment performance and service to its clients.

As head of LaSalle’s Global Creative Services, Alexandra is focused on the content services team, collaborating to define and evolve the brand vision, develop marketing strategy, define processes and systems, and develop/execute excite, empower, and engage initiatives; to steward the LaSalle’s brand voice and serve as lead designer on multiple projects; to lead the evolution of the LaSalle’s visual brand in partnership with design team; to manage a high-output team ensuring projects remain on schedule and are in line with project goals, budget and brand strategy. (Source: www.lasalle.com)



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