Future Stars Holiday Clubs

Future Stars Holiday Clubs

Future Stars Holiday Clubs


Don’t you hate holiday exhaustion? If you’re an entrepreneur, time has been even more of the pain because you’ve had to spend the holidays brainstorming, reading, and strategizing. Now, this is a bit of a thing in the back of my mind as we approach the holidays, so I want to share a few ideas I’ve had while recovering from one of my few days off during the year.



Have you got what it takes to be the next future star leader? Do you want to take on an exciting challenge and shine? This could be just for you! Choose a group from Little Stars (aged 4-6) , Rising Stars (aged 7-9) , Creative Stars (aged 10-13) or Sports Stars (aged 10-13) to train in. You will be assigned a mentor to work with you, build your skills and complete your personalised challenges to build your own portfolio. Complete a challenge each day and be rewarded for your progress. Completed the Bronze Star Awards? Why not come back for the next school holiday to pick up where you left off? Once you have achieved all requirements for you Bronze Stars, you will be able to progress onto the next.

After opening in April 2019, we are delighted to offer this new holiday club for young people within the community to provide fun, active and educational activities during the school holidays. As well as convenient for those parents and carers who may continue to work during school holidays, we also look to combat temptations of days spent on computer games or watching TV with fun, active and educational activities. Our primary focus for the children in our care is to provide a safe and stimulating environment to boost confidence, self-esteem and social skills (Source: activestarsholidayclub.co.uk)


After their snack the children can choose whether they want to go outside for multi sports activities or stay inside to continue with their quiet activities! All activities are based on the children’s interests and what they want to play with…if they love football there will be different football activities provided - mini tournaments, penalty shoot outs, and there is always the option to enjoy some free time and create their own games. On a Wednesday the children will have the opportunity to take part in some gardening activities and on a Friday there will be cooking - pizzas, rice crispy cakes, fruit kebabs!

Breakfast is served until 8.30am and the children have the option of toast, crumpets, cereals and orange/apple juice. Alongside the breakfast will be the opportunity for the children to get involved in either some team games - fun warm up games, football, parachute activities, or to sit quietly for some drawing, board games, Lego or to read a book. This gives the children time to prepare for the day ahead and have some fun with their friends before school starts. Children are dismissed from the hall and walk through the school to their classrooms. (Source: www.hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk)


For Wrap Around, children are brought to the hall by their teachers at the end of the school day. The children will have access to board games, drawing and books, whilst everyone is arriving, and then a register will be taken. After registration the children are given a healthy snack, with options of ham and cheese wraps, crackers, fruit and veg - and sometimes a yummy treat like popcorn!

When booking your child on for their first session it will ask you to provide all information about your child such as age, medical or dietary requirements, who will be collecting and a signing out password. These will then be saved for future bookings. Our coaches will have access to the information they need to safeguard your child and make sure any individual requirements are met. (Source: www.hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk)




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