Future Stars Futhead OR

Future Stars Futhead OR

Future Stars Futhead


It seems like every day a new sports app comes up to challenge the likes of Sport Butler, Football Tracker and FootBasket for the crown of best sports app for your phone. Let’s have a look at five of the most interesting upcoming apps.



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Zimmermann, Luke (16 July 2019). "Juventus is Piemonte Calcio: FIFA 20 won't have Juve's name, kit, badge". Futhead. Retrieved 31 July 2019. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



The player, nicknamed "Revvy", successfully tries out for the street football team "J10", named for and led by legendary street footballer, Jason "Jayzinho" Quezada. J10's dream to win the World Championship in Buenos Aires are dashed when Jayzinho suffers an injury that will sideline him for several months. While Revvy and Sydney "Syd" Ko decide to stay on the team, the others players see no chance of winning without Jayzinho and quit. Jayzinho plans to forfeit a tournament in Tokyo organized by fellow legend Kotaro Tokuda. Revvy convinces Jayzhino to have Kotaro find a replacement third player to meet the tournament's three player requirement.

In the Star Trek Online multiplayer game, Admiral Janeway is alive and well in the year 2409, and is one of the principal backers of scientific investigation into the supernova of 2387 that destroyed Romulus. When the player speaks to the Trill astronomer Damar Kahn aboard Starbase 114 during the episode titled "Heading Out", this information is revealed through Kahn's dialogue text. Janeway finally appeared in-game in January 2022 for the game's 12th anniversary, voiced by Kate Mulgrew, and appearing in old age much like her alternate timeline self in "Endgame". She replaces Commander Ethan Burgess as the point of contact for Starfleet characters in the Delta Rising expansion (which had been released in 2014) and is involved in the mission "Red Shift", set during a conflict with the Terran Empire. Janeway's mirror universe counterpart, known as "Marshal Janeway", also appears. The mirror Janeway appears to have Borg implants similar to those of Seven of Nine, as well as the ability to reanimate slain Starfleet officers as Borg drones. Leading a team to Jupiter Station to claim a "prize" for the Emperor, Janeway is betrayed by her team - the mirror counterparts of Sylvia Tilly, the Lukari captain Kuumaarke, and the player character - and forced to seek asylum, revealing to her prime universe counterpart the reason behind the raid. (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)


While these teams feature the players' likenesses, their official badges and kits are not licensed, and thus replaced by custom designs created by EA Sports. The three teams' stadiums, the Juventus Stadium, La Bombonera and El Monumental, are replaced in the game by generic stadiums as well. Bayern Munich is featured in the game with their licensed players and kits, but without their home stadium Allianz Arena, which also happens to be exclusively licensed to PES 2020.

EA SPORTS have confirmed via a new FUT loading screen that the FUT 21 Future Stars promo will start on Friday February 5 at 6pm GMT. The promo is likely to feature two teams released a week apart, with 14 players featuring in each team, which is what has happened in previous years. (Source: www.mirror.co.uk)


In a re-review of the game by the Bleacher Report, (it originally awarded the game a 7.5/10 rating), it was described as a 'defensive borefest', going on to criticise the game as frustrating and unbalanced; citing server issues, frustrating game mechanics such as the slow communication between players and the overpowering of AI defending mechanic (a criticism shared by various players online), as well as a general lack of 'fun challenges and rewards' in the popular 'Ultimate Team' mode. Bleacher Report then gave an updated score of 6/10. This view was shared by former world No. 1 FIFA player 'Fnatic Tekzz', who said at a pro event, "Nobody enjoys playing it."

Numerous actresses have claimed that they were or have been reported in the media as having been considered for the role of Janeway, most notably Susan Gibney (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion (p. 299); A Vision of the Future - Star Trek: Voyager, p. 267; Star Trek - Where No One Has Gone Before, paperback ed., p. 214), and veteran science fiction television actress Erin Gray. Others considered include Karen Austin (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)


Later that year, she and the rest of the crew found out that Seska, a member of the Maquis crew, was really a Cardassian spy altered to look Bajoran, and that she had been giving Federation technology to the Kazon-Nistrim. Seska berated the captain for having destroyed their last chance to get home and thought her to be a fool for continuing to hold on to what Seska believed to be useless Starfleet principles at the expense of her crew. Janeway tried to explain to her that sharing even minor technology might have dire consequences for the balance of power in that part of space, but Seska, blinded by vindication, could not be convinced. She left Voyager and joined Maje Culluh of the Kazon-Nistrim. Throughout the year, she and Culluh plotted ever newer ways to get to Voyager and capture it. (VOY: "State of Flux")

Their hopes of returning home were renewed when Voyager came upon a micro-wormhole that ended in the Alpha Quadrant. Janeway made contact with a Romulan ship captained by Telek R'Mor. They successfully transported R'Mor through the wormhole onto Voyager and to the Delta Quadrant, only to find out that that version of R'Mor was from twenty years in the past. Heartbroken, Janeway asked R'Mor to at least transmit the crews' messages, twenty years later, to their loved ones. When R'Mor was beamed back to 2351, Tuvok informed the captain that he had, in fact, died in 2367 and that it was unlikely that he could relay the messages. (VOY: "Eye of the Needle") (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)











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