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Future Stars Futbol Instagram OR

Future Stars Futbol Instagram


Two sisters and their best friend have been playing as a soccer team for years. Even after one sister moved to the United States for college, the team continued to dominate their league with its hard-fought play and unyielding spirit. Then, in the summer of 2017, a new family member joined the squad, and the team’s run of success came to an abrupt halt.



FSFC achieves these objectives via our motto that ?If we believe we can, then we will? and by focusing on our 5 critical pillars of success: Practice, Teamwork, Discipline, Focus and Respect. Each clinic begins and culminates with an interactive discussion of these pillars in open-ended conversations with the participants, and how the pillars apply to life and the skills taught that day. FSFC?s success is contingent upon the energy of the 30-40 person volunteer force composed of committed citizens, military members, coaches, high school athletes, and guest speakers, including collegiate and professional level athletes that interact with the youth. Transcending sport, FSFC utilizes football as the canvas to unite the community to mentor our youth, painting a future for confident individuals who believe their community is invested in them to achieve success on the field as athletes, and in life as responsible, committed citizens.

Future Stars Football Clinic serves the Fort Walton Beach and surrounding communities as a tool to develop youths ages 6-13 via the powerful sport of football. The ultimate objective of the structured 9-week clinic, which balances fun, rigorous training and mentorship to produce a positive learning environment, is to instill in the participants self-confidence via the mastery of football safety and fundamentals. Further still, we create an environment in which children integrate together as a team through sport, but more importantly as a community via community service events, taking ownership of our society whose legacy will one-day rest in their hands. (Source: www.fwbchamber.org)



At MLCFC we teach the FUNdamentals of soccer in a FUN way that children can understand. During the practice players will spend an allotted time at stations having FUN, developing specific skills and qualities before moving on to the next station. Learning ABCs of movement: Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, and speed. By using station work we create an environment where players can work at their own rate to learn proper movement and technique allowing them to feel success and build their confidence.

Soccer’s a pretty popular sport. Almost all the people who love soccer are passionate about the game and that’s for good reason. Soccer is a game that is playable by most people, regardless of gender, age, or any other factor. Moreover, it is a game most people can play at any time, regardless of where they are in the world. It is also a game with fierce competition since only the best players are invited to participate in the World Cup tournament. It’s nice to be a fan of soccer, the most popular sport. (Source: whatcaption.com)


Red Star SC offers the High School program for boys and girls to provide the greatest opportunity and exposure for players to compete at an elite level. We offer a high level of training and a curriculum led by experienced professional coaches with a focus on player and team development. Our focus on player development is an ideal preparation not only for HIGH SCHOOL, but also COLLEGE. Red Star SC provides outstanding team development, which results in teams competing at state, regional, and national competitions. Interested players must participate in a tryout process that occurs in June of each year.

Our All Sports Camp is designed to introduce young athletes to a variety of sports in one setting. All-Sports campers participate in multiple sports daily while developing skills, game strategies, and techniques. Campers are grouped co-ed by age while learning and playing with a focus on fun and fitness. Campers of all skill levels and abilities will enjoy this high-energy, high-excitement program. Some examples of the sports played during the summer may include: Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Tennis, Team Handball, Volleyball, and more. In addition to the sports played, campers will participate in Future Stars Swimming Program. (Source: www.futurestarscamps.com)




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