Future Stars Fifa 19 Cb

Future Stars Fifa 19 Cb

Future Stars Fifa 19 Cb

It’s the most popular football simulation game, but even with its huge popularity, few players are as recognisable as the World Cup victor, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s slick hairstyles, his penchant for white shirts, his telepathic skills and his utter ruthlessness with the ball are legendary.


That loan deal has been made permanent on FIFA 19’s Career Mode, as Shakhtar only appear on the ‘Rest of World’ section on the game. That means you can sign Dodo straight away for around £7 million, with wages of £3,000 a week. With a 71 overall rising to an 84 potential, you should make a move for the youngster who hold abilities of 91 acceleration, 90 agility and 89 sprint speed.

The ratings of these cards are based on the potential future ratings they may reach while on the top form of their professional careers. Inspired by the FIFA Database each FUT Future Stars’ rating is based on what a player could become if they live up their hype and fulfill their potential in the future. No other FUT card features a so high upgrade as the FIFA 19 Future Stars cards do. Compared to their NIF items, the ratings may increase up to 20 points (!). Contrary to dynamic cards, these item do not change after being released. They are released in packs,d SBCs and Objectives with their unique ratings. (Source: fifauteam.com)


The FIFA 19 Future Stars cards are assigned to a very limited selection of 21 players and will be available in packs from Friday, January 18 (6pm UK time) to January 25, 2019. During this week, they replace the corresponding regular card. In other words, in the week a player gets his ‘FlashForward’ cards in packs, it is impossible to find his NIF card there. Throughout the event 6 more Future Stars will be available through SBCs and Objectives. The final Future Star will be decided by you, the FUT community. Fan’s logging into FUT between 6PM UK Saturday 19th January & 6PM UK 21st January will get to decide who should become the Fan’s Future Star by casting their vote in a special Player Pick.

As you may well have guessed, Kylian Mbappé is the best young player in FIFA 19, and at only 19 years old, he’s got a ton of room for improvement with a guaranteed high potential rating. Brazilian-born superstar Malcom has seen a huge improvement this year, so we’re predicting big things for the coming season and have high hopes that he will grow significantly over the years thanks to high potential. (Source: www.usgamer.net)



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