Future Stars Dance Competition 2019

Future Stars Dance Competition 2019

Future Stars Dance Competition 2019

Our dance competition is an annual event for dancers ages 8-17. This year is our second annual competition! Check out that sweet trophy and see the 2019 schedule for our upcoming events!


You have a beautiful family and you all work very well together – we have been to many many competitions over the years and I can say that this was one of the best. Our kids were at the studio tonight and could not stop talking about how much fun they had! We are sincerely honoured to have won the Valerie Copeland Memorial Award and we can’t thank you enough for having such a wonderful event (the Dance-off) for the kids to participate in and experience.

I cannot applaud you enough on this! We are a new, and small studio from Barrie, but felt very comfortable in the environment that you created! Thank you for that! I think that the dance-off / showcase, is a great tribute. I commend the strength of you and your family for dedicating such an award. I will certainly recommend your competition to others! I hope that you were able to enjoy your time organizing the event! (Source: northernstarsdance.com)


“Hi there. Thank you for a great weekend! I hope that you and your staff are finding time to rest! I loved the family atmosphere at Northern Stars! You guys did a fabulous job! I hope that you are proud of all that you accomplished in your first year! Congratulations! I was thoroughly impressed with the organization of this competition! The staff was all very knowledgeable and extremely courteous and willing to help!

This is an excellent program for the children. My granddaughter has been a part of this program practically from its beginning. I’ve watched her skills and personally flourish in this program. Rising stars has one of the most dedicated directors that I have seen and also a very experienced and dedicated staff. I must say this has been a great experience for my grand daughter as well as myself and I’m so excited to see what is to follow. (Source: www.rsacheer-dance.com)


anniversary of “Dance Chicago,” which debuted in 1994 and has been an integral part of Chicago’s dynamic dance scene ever since, both for fostering new, emerging talent as well as honoring more established Chicago companies and choreographers. Since it’s inception, the festival, founded by John Schmitz and Fred Solari, has created over 600 shows, showcased more than 15,000 acts with over 150,000 artists taking part. This year alone boasts 250 troupes with over 2500 artists filling the bill, showcasing every conceivable style of dance.

Our Brand Ambassadors are stars on and off the mat! They maintain honor roll in school and give every effort of excellence at practice and on the mat! They Leadership skills are beyond exceptional. We honor those performing in HIGH EXCELLENCE WITH REWARDS IN HIGH REGARD with our new Brand Ambassador program. (Source: www.rsacheer-dance.com)



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