Future Stars Baseball Academy Barquisimeto OR

Future Stars Baseball Academy Barquisimeto OR

Future Stars Baseball Academy Barquisimeto


Future Stars Baseball Academy is a baseball academy with a vision that is to become the best baseball academy in the world. The vision includes producing productive, competitive players and a quality teaching staff.


Hernandez Jr. has good contact skills, with a smooth swing. He makes consistent contact, has good discipline at home plate and knows the strike zone well. His bat has a chance to be special in the future. Hernandez Jr. has a grade 50 arm, with sure hands. He will most likely move from shortstop to second base in the future as he looms to fit in better there. He has a high baseball IQ and is mature for his age.

Izturis a stick with his left hand that is currently a contact shooter with some pop, who has great awareness of the barrel and is able to know well the areas in the hit area. In defense, he shows soft hands and is developing arm strength with a chance of being an above-average midfielder in the future. Victor is the grandson of former MLB players Cesar and Maicer Izturis. (Source: exbulletin.com)


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the international signing period started on July 2, but now starts on January 15 of each season. An international player is eligible to sign with a Major League team between January 15 and December 15, 2022. He must be 16 years old before signing. In practical terms, this means that players born after September 1, 2005, have the right to sign.

Chourio is an off-field player who hits the key, a dynamic athlete with many tools who should be able to stay in the center of the field. Chourio projects to be an above average runner and has a plus arm. It is too early to project him as a shooter, but like many prospects of his age, he is working on his plate discipline and field knowledge. Chourio’s older brother, Jackson, a short one, signed with the Brewers during the previous international signing period. (Source: exbulletin.com)



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