Future Stars Baseball Academy;

Future Stars Baseball Academy;

Future Stars Baseball Academy


So we gathered our troops and came up with a plan. We decided to build a sports academy that carries on the history of American baseball and Cuban baseball. We believe the sport in America is dying and we want to touch the youth of today in a very different way.


Our 6 academies: Broomall, Cherry Hill, Conshohocken, Downingtown, Warminster, and West Chester combine for a total of 120,000 square feet in training area. Each location has batting cages, throwing tunnels, and open/field space. All-Star performs over 50,000 baseball/softball lessons and coaches 80+ travel teams at our academies combined each year. Additionally, each location offers group programs, college recruiting opportunities, and rentals.

Our mission is to train young baseball players through the development of fundamental skills and the instruction of critical baseball tactics and techiques that combine to support the physical and mental growth of our committed athletes. Additionally, apply our experience at the highest levels of professional baseball, our passion for seeing kids succeed, and knowledge of the sport to ensure the safe, fun, and guided improvement of the players who will dominate the diamond in the future. (Source: baseballconnected.com)


Besides benefits to health and fitness, there is a lot to be gained from sports. Children learn the value of practicing to improve-- a lesson that translates well into other areas of life (including school work). Sports ability is also an avenue for many kids to develop an identity and self confidence. Confidence achieved through sports, even at an early age, contributes to confidence in other areas, helping to make kids successful in everything they do.

We are very positive that this year we will play more baseball than in 2020. Future Star is always looking for opportunities to play the sport we love. The European Draft Series came to life since we also want foreign player to experience playing baseball international and meet foreign ball players more often. (Source: www.futurestar-baseball.com)



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